Mother’s Day is Home Fragrances.

As 11th May 2014 is celebrated as Mother’s Day and most of us are wondering which gift to choose for that special person in our lives. One of the finest gift that one could  gift their mother this Mother’s Day is Home Fragrances.


Home fragrances can not only satiate the special lady’s love for fragrance but also her desire to makes her abode a special one. Apart from spreading aroma, fragrances have a powerful effect on our moods, they can raise to the heights of Elysium, they can energise and rejuvenate us. One of the leading brands that provide home fragrance products is Ripple Fragrances (NR Group).


Ripple Fragrances have a wide array of Home Fragrance products under the brand IRIS. Iris harnesses the power of Aromacology and strives to create sensory delight in the daily lives of consumers through fragrance and form design. IRIS has an extensive aroma collection not found elsewhere in the country. They can from the regular flowery scents to the distinctive fragrances like green apple, chocolate, amla, orange kiwi, shikakai and so on. Not just that, at IRIS they have a wide array of fragrance dispensers and accessories  that are made in stone, ceramic, glass and wood. The dispensers  are aesthetically designed decorative pieces in a variety of textures and colours.


They offer handcrafted aromatic candles, potpourri, reed diffusers, fragrant stones, pillow misters, amphora, fragrant sachets and vapourisers with tea light candles and essential oils and even garden incense sticks. Some of the products that are in demand this Mother’s Day are-



Reed diffusers                          Aroma Candles                                  Amphora                 Flower Diffusers

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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