Monsoon Tips from Designer Amy Billimoria:

Monsoon Tips from Designer Amy Billimoria:

Come the rains and it is very important to follow special care instructions for all heavy ensembles in your wardrobe.

v  Never leave the outfits in plastic bags, whether new or if dry leaned as they will leave damp water marks on the fabrics which will be impossible to remove.

v  Always open saris especially ones with Zari and embroidery as it’s important to allow the fabrics to breathe in order to avoid the peculiar damp smell which is very common this season.

v  Also after opening it is important to cover the outfits in sheer mulmul fabric or old cotton dupattas. This will ensure that the embroidery is not damaged and will increase the life of the garment.

v  Never put items like clove or other articles to reduce the damp odour in clothes as they will only leave stains and yellow brown spots on the fabrics and will be hard to remove.

v  Tie Dye saris, shaded fabrics or dark shades that run color should be kept in single covers away from other outfits as they may stain easily.

v  And lastly if any damage caused due to weather conditions don’t discard the beautiful embroideries as transferring these could renew the ensembles and help save fashion waste.

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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