Moiz & Dipti recreate the cult Marlyn Monroe look

Moiz & Dipti recreate the cult Marlyn Monroe look


Director Tanushree Basu of Purani Jeans pinned her hopes on Moiz & Dipti for a special scene in the movie. She wanted to recreate the Marlyn Monroe look for one of the characters and the challenge for the duo was to achieve it over night.


Apparently, the friend of the leading lady in the movie is a foreigner. The director wanted her first look to be all jazzy for the guys to go gaga on her. For the same Costume Designer Moiz Kapadia and Dipti Mhatre not only designed the cult look of Marlyn Monroe but also got the outfit ready in time for the shoot which was remarkable.


The Director and the cast loved the outfit and appreciated the duo designers for the same. Moiz and Dipti were equally excited on creating the dress to the tee for the scene.

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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