Mika Singh’s Heroic Act

Mika Singh’s Heroic Act

We must have known so many cases were celebs and high society people being involved in case of rash driving, misbehavior and drunken driving. But few days back Mika Singh saved two families from some 4- 5 drunken lads at around at 2 am while going for a show.

Actually, what happen was that, recently Mika was going for a show in Morpheus resort, Manali. While he was driving his car, he saw 4-5young lads, who were totally drunk, were rash driving their car on the risky roads of the hill station. Mika at first thought that these guys must have recognized him and they were trying to impress or challenge the singer for car race, the usual stuff these type of mindless youngsters do these days. Anyway, Mika cornered his car, thinking, these guys will pass by and no one will be hurt and those lads did zoomed away.

After a while the singer continued driving and at a distance he saw that those drunken lads were blocking the way of two other cars in which ladies and children were onboard. Mika went up those lads and gave them a good trashing, he told them what they are doing out of adventurous act can turn out to be a deadly act, not only for those families in the car, but also for them too. Those boys sensed that they are in big trouble as Mika was standing there strong. So somehow they managed to flee.

After they left, Mika made sure that those families are okay. Those families were humbled too on seeing how Mika tackled the whole situation. They warmly thanked Mika for his gesture and heroic act. Mika later said, ‘I know adventure is required but there is a thin line between what’s right or wrong when one do such adventurous act; we should all have self control on us and should not disturb others privacy as well as their safety. What I did there was just…what every human should do in situations like this.’

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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