‘Masti ka Caravan’ airs the blockbuster movie – ‘Jigri Dost’

‘Masti ka Caravan’ airs the blockbuster movie – ‘Jigri Dost’

Starring Jeetendra in a double role along with actresses Mumtaz and Komal, the movie airs this

Saturday, August 9 at 8 pm only on Zee Classic

‘Jigri Dost’, a 1969 hit Hindi movie starring Jeetendra, Mumtaz and Komal, is a romantic comedy with

Jeetendra in a double role (as Advocate Anand and Gopi).

The story starts in a humble household of rural India where Advocate Narayan Das (Agha) is living a

comfortable life with his wife Annapurna (Nirupa Roy) daughter, Shobha (Mumtaz). Since Shobha is of

a marriageable age, Advocate Narayan arranges for her to get married to a young ambitious advocate

named Anand (Jeetendra). Anand displays all the qualities of an ideal man. Eventually, both Anand and

Shobha soon fall in love and decide to get married since they already have the blessings of her parents.

However, this is only the beginning. One day, while at a picnic, Anand excuses himself from Shobha’s

company saying that he wants to meet a friend. Shobha secretly follows him and is shocked to see him

in the arms of another woman, Indu (Komal) who is the only daughter of wealthy Chairman Neelkanth.

Soon the situations go out of control as confusion ensues and Anand is confronted by Shobha about the

information she possesses against him.

To catch all the comedy, romance, fun and betrayal, stay tuned to Jigri Dost this Saturday, August 9 at

8pm only on Zee Classic

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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