Manjunath’s brother, Raghavendran Shanmugham has written an open letter voicing out his parent’s reaction towards the film.

TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN              DT 14.05.2014


9 years – and it’s still shocking to remember that day when we got the news that my brother was killed like as if it was yesterday.


My brother was everything to my family. The eldest son, my mummy’s pet, my lovable friend. I remember his constant advice to me whenever I ran into trouble, “Don’t worry, I am there with you.” Close to a decade after his death, I still feel his presence. Today, I am known as Manjunath’s brother. Not just Raghavendran.


He was killed revealing a scam that affected the poorest.


My parents continue to cope with his absence and the pain each day. He was sure to have foreseen the suffering of our parents. Why did Manjunath risk his future, his life?


In spite of the fact that, even today the scam still continues, what has changed? People like Manju anna die every day, fighting for the truth, fighting for everyone. Why do they fight? Do we really care?


Adulteration and corruption is something that affects every one of us. He chose public service over his own family and his life. But 6 bullets were pumped into his body and 9 years later he is forgotten. Like the many others who have died.


Then Mr. Sandeep Varma decided to bring my brother alive again on the big screen with limited budget and whatever best he could do, to tell his story. As an inspiration.


We saw Manjunath come alive in front of our eyes last weekend in the theatres near to you.

Only a few people had come forward to honour his memory. Why? Was he useless? Did what he do not matter to anyone? Would you react the same way if your loved one is brutally killed for just doing his duty?


Yes – It is quite obvious because it’s not the movie with an item song or love story or the one which audience normally expect. It’s poignant, isn’t it… an ordinary man from a middle class family is fighting against corruption and getting brutally killed.


I only wish and hope that more people should know of his real story, what he did, why, what he stood for, and get inspired by him. Let’s all start dreaming about a corrupt free country. Don’t we have the right to at least start dreaming and thinking in that direction?


Last but not the least – Kya Manjunath “ IDIOT THA SAALA” ………..



Manjunath brother


Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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