Manish Chaudhary`s knee injury stagnated Trip To Bhangarh`s shoot

Manish Chaudhary`s knee injury stagnated Trip To Bhangarh`s shoot
The ‘Trip To Bhangarh‘ lead Manish Chaudhary almost gave a heart attack to the cast and crew, performing a fight sequence.

We don`t need to say about what a star goes through while shooting for a film. The extent they go just to provide a few minutes of thrills for their audiences is beyond words. They sometimes even injure themselves in the process. The Amitabh Bachchan Coolie injury is a perfect epitome. Strikingly similar is Manish Chaudhary`s injury. The young actor injured his knee while shooting a high octane fight scene.

The debutante had to perform a fight scene in the movie using cables. Fighting four people, the action sequence required the actor to throw punches to the opponents. But, during the shoot, one of them accidentally kicked him on the knee cap and the actor went down, unable to balance himself. The crew rushed for him to find the actor groaning in pain. So excruciating the pain was that, the shoot had to be stalled for a good few hours.
The doctor informed that Manish had injured his Patellar Tendon and slightly the anterior crutiate ligament. Generally, such an injury requires surgery to regain full functioning of the knee. But, the actor was lucky to have escaped with minor injuries.
Manish was advised to a week of bed rest as any pressure to the knee could result in a long term injury. Nursing his swollen knee, the actor was back to the following week to resume the fight sequence. He was more cautious this time around.
Director Jitender Pawar was so upset with the incident that he wanted to drop the entire sequence, but on the actor’s demand he changed his mind. He even included the particular injury scene in the movie for its intensity and immersiveness. 
Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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