MAGNUM OPUS The Sacred Scriptures of Monikut by Kalpana Patowary.

MAGNUM OPUS The Sacred Scriptures of Monikut by Kalpana Patowary.

Kalpana Patowary, the GANDI BAAT fame singer with Mika Singh (Film R..Rajkumar) is all set to release her Magnum Opus musical  documented album “The Sacred Scriptures of Monikut” – Brajavali Hymns (Times Music) in the 3rd edition of the Sankaradeva Movement in NCPA Mumbai organised by Trend MMS. The album is about the reformer, wandering philosopher, saint and poet, Mahapurush Srimanta Shankardeva and his disciple Mahapurush Srimanta Madhavdeva from Assam in collaboration for the first time with Trilok Gurtu(Germany) – master of Indian percussion and Western drumming who plays a unique hybrid East-West drum set up @Guru Rewben Mashangva – Father of Naga folk blues @PAPON Angarag Mahanta and Zubeen Garg.

She was also the featured artist in the 3rd season of Coke Studio @ MTV with PAPON Angarag Mahanta potraying Rajasthani & Assamese folk.

Music barons in India were left gaping when Kalpana Patowary, a singer of Indian folk music, was signed on by British recording company Virgin EMI Records in April 2013. They were all the more surprised to see the soaring international demand for her Bhojpuri music album with songs about migration.

Kalpana Patowary an Assamese by birth, a stalwart in the annals of India’s cultural heritage brings a revolutionary twist in the Bhojpuri music scenario. It’s unbelievable right? But yes it’s true, she hails from Assam, she and her forefathers do not have any connections to UP – Bihar. Yet today, when one thinks of Bhojpuri music world, be it film music or traditional non-film one, you have to take Kalpana Patowary’s name.

“The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur” which got her International acclaim was a historical – memorable and a proud moment in her musical journey is the latest proof that she expels. Released by His Excellency, Prime Minister of Mauritius Mr Anil Kumar BACHOO  along with Minister of Arts & Culture – Mr. Mookhesswur CHOONEE at the Prime Minister’s Office, Port Louis, Mauritius was never explored in long 100 years’ time – Nor even the native artists ever think of it.

Kalpana Patowary the disciple of legendary Ustad Gulam Mustafa Khan and influenced by Dr Bhupen Hazarika, the ‘Bard of Brahmaputra’ geographically hails from Assam.

Her first language is Assamese but she sings in 26 other languages with around 12000 songs to her credit. She has already playblacked in more than 100 Hindi feature films like NO  PROBLEM,  AAKROSH, KHATTA MEETHA, WELCOME, DE DANA DAN,BILLU BARBER, NO PROBLEM etc.

Kalpana Patowary played her first headlining show at Blue Frog, Mumbai, last year. If you attended the Bacardi NH7 Weekender festival in Pune, you might have recognized the Bhojpuri Queen as the flamboyant front woman of the Trilok Gurtu’s band where she got an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience and the crew alike – both for Indo – Africa groovy music and for her body language in traditional Naga attire.

Her first International release was MASSICAL from BIRDjam Label Germany with Trilok Gurtu which had blends of traditional Assam’s Goalporia Lok Geet, Bihu, Bhojpuri folk with electronica sounds.

Lately she will be on a 10 days tour for concerts in six Latin American countries presented by The Ministry of Cultural Affairs on the auspicious occasion of Indian Arrival Day, commemorating the arrival of people(Girmitias) from the Indian subcontinent to  Caribbean and the island nation of Mauritius presenting songs on migration.

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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