Maati launches new exclusive designer bag collections

Maati launches new exclusive designer bag collections


Inspired on the lotus flower and tiles of ancient India

Mumbai, 21st August 2014 : Maati, a California born brand today launches exclusive quality and unique design of  bag collections, completely devoted to creating their own designs and prints. Maati like any other designer brand works their collection around themes and bring genuine unique products to the global marketplace.


This time their collection theme is vibrant prints inspired by the lotus flower and tiles of ancient India, though Maati signature collection strongly is the vintage haathrikshaw image from Kolkata.They revolutionizes the designing of clutches and Bags by creating placement print for each clutch making the collection unique and highly innovative


Maati is a tribute to quintessential Indian sensibilities, blended perfectly with contemporary interpretations in design, material and craftsmanship. Expect to see vintage India in the most unique and contemporary form like never before in the form of rich colours, prints and embroidery using only premium and luxury raw materials in the way of Silks, Cottons, Handlooms and Vegan Leather.

The collections are available on their personal website


Both Fatima and Namita, the founders being part of today’s modern world and coming from a compassionate background, wish to work towards eliminating cruelty to animals by honestly believing that Vegan Leather is the way of the future and will be accepted by today’s consumer as an ethical alternative in time. They visualize all Luxury Brands will adapt these ethical manufacturing standards in the future.


Maati is also focusing on Home Décor and Fashion Accessories. Home Décor includes Cushion Covers, Trivets, Coasters, Placemats, Lap Desks, Digital Paintings and Wall Art. The Fashion Accessory line includes Scarves, Clutches, Tote Bags, Headbands, iPad Sleeves and Laptop Covers. The blend of digital prints and colourful ethnic Indian embroidery all created and designed in-house for all these products individually created provides for a large choice and selection.They have also ventured into the market of Corporate Gifts and Wedding Gifts where they customize the products to the client’s unique design and production requirements.







 About Maati:

The first Trunk Show happened in the heart of Fashion District, downtown Los Angeles, California on 23rd of November 2013 marking it as the birth of Maati. Within a month it was launched in Mumbai, India on 22nd December 2013 along with the launch of the Maati website The Brand “Maati” is derived from the partners names N-amita and F-atima, where the common letters A , M , I , T ,A  , were reshuffled to form “MAATI” which means “Soil” in Hindi, and accordingly signifies Creation and Growth. Maati wants to establish itself as a brand globally in the premium category with its presence in selected premium boutiques and portals across the globe.



·         Detachable Flap 3 in 1 Style Yellow Lotus Clutch

Not only the print , but also the pattern of this clutch is innovatively designed. This clutch has 3 ways of using it , 1) wear it with the flap 2) take the flap off , and use the yellow side 3) flip it and use the grey side. Take away 3 clutch in one for this summer !!

Price – INR 3250



Pleated Raw silk clutch with rim and flap made of 2 way velvet leather and hand embroidered with chain and intricate zardozi. Every piece of embellishment is hand sewn and not glued hence giving a sturdy long lasting finish.

Zardozi is the magnificent embellishment of India – dates back to the ancient times. The country , from very early times , was known for the use of gold embroidery on a variety of objects including furnishings , trappings , parasols , and equestrian

Price- INR 3500


·         Dawn and Dusk Box Clutch

Interestingly created chevron patterns with the Floor Art of Ancient India, and further enhanced with red lotus and the box frame, this clutch is definitely a headturner!!!

Price- INR 2600

·         Tile Print Safari Clutch


A perfect Geometrical pattern created by inspiration drawn from the ancient tile and floor art of India, bringing life to the black and white with the beautiful shade of burgandy, all put together this clutch is a piece of art in itself.

Price- INR 2600


·         Psychedelic Grey Lotus Hand Clutch

A beautiful wristlet with elegant lotus and tile art inspired print, further stylized with box pleats and contrast leather loop, a hard to miss summer pick!!!

Price- INR 1650


·         Pop Lotus Envelope Clutch

Main Fabric -Cotton Satin Lining – Black polyester cotton Magnetic snap closure zipper on the back, inner pocket

Price- INR 2150


·         Folded Haathrickhsaw Clutch

A classic silhouette of a clutch combined with a vintage print and a textured brown leather, adding fun with the pop orange zip for closure. The image has a collage of haathrickshaw pullers. Haath Rickshaw use to be the most common form of transport in Calcutta, India.

Price- INR 2150

·         Folded Hunter Green Print Clutch

Interestingly created chevron patterns with the Floor Art of Ancient India, and further enhanced with lotus and the dip dye look, this clutch is definitely a headturner!!!

Price- INR 2250


  •  Green Lagoon Kisslock Clutch

A soothing combination in this kisslock clutch shows elegant grey lotus flowers over an interesting geometrical print derived from the Ancient Floor Artwork of India.

Price- INR 2600

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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