Lingerie ‘MUST HAVES’ for every jet setter woman- Back to the basics with Enamor

Lingerie ‘MUST HAVES’ for every jet setter woman- Back to the basics with Enamor


Every woman loves her lacey and colourful lingerie,  it makes you feel beautiful, stylish delicate and feminine. Having said that, these racy and lacey pieces also leave you feeling flustered when you have to wear an all white dress,  or a light coloured pair of pants, even a light coloured kurta. We generally face this inner wear dilemma most when we are travelling and our options are limited. Lingerie is the foundation to a women’s wardrobe and here is a list of 10 essentials that every lingerie wardrobe and jetsetter must have –


1. Strapless: The ever so helpful strapless bra is a wardrobe staple. Opt for a nude colour this not only works well with your dark coloured clothes but also camouflages perfectly  under your whites and light colours.

2. Sports Bra: A good sports bra is a must have for any woman. Select a piece that gives you good support and allows your body to breathe when you work out, look for mesh detailing that allows easy cooling.

3. Nude Bra: A nude bra is a key piece that works well with white and light hued clothes in your wardrobe.

4. A convertible bra:  This works really well as it can be easily switched from a regular to strapless to T-back in seconds.

5. Deep neck bras: A balcony bra works really well for a wider and slightly lower neckline. This allows you to feel comfortable without worrying about your bra showing in your ensemble.

6. Seamless thong: A seamless tong works wonders when you are wearing a tight skirt or snug pants.

7. Push up bra: A push up enhances a woman’s natural shape and makes your waist appear slimmer by lifting the bust.

8. Tee-shirt bra: A tee shirt bra is very important to give you a smooth effect, after all who like sot wear a tight tee and with the seams of your bra cup showing ?

9. Flesh toned seamless panty: A seamless panty in a flesh tone works really well and allows you the comfort of a panty but without the seams showing.

  1. Backless bra : A backless bra with side support is a key piece to make you look like a style diva in your ensemble.
Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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