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Talents galore at Artists’ Centre Annual Exhibition

It was the first leg of the 13th annual exhibition of the Artists’ Centre, the historic art gallery formed by Ara, Bakre, Gade, Husain, Raza and Souza and given the rise later by Gaitonde, Padamsee, Benre, Samant, Tyeb Mehta, Krishan Khanna, Hebbar and the ilk.

Naturally, Artists’ Centre was thronged by art lovers as it wore a festive look as the walls colourfully reflected the glory of the historic venue.

Brinda Miller, Sarayu Doshi, Jyoti Karmalkar, Amisha Mehta, Ami Patel, Madhusudan Kumar, Rekha Rana, Varsha Vyas, Prakash Bal Joshi, Mamta Vora, Devyani Parikh, Neeta Pathare, Maya Dornal, Pratyashaa Bole, Arti Jatar and Jaeda Harmon beamed as chief guest Sabyasachi Mukherjee lit the lamp.

Said Brinda Miller, “this is the first leg where abstracts by members are being displayed. Next week, we will see realistic works from our other artists. We get so many entries that it is very difficult to choose the best works. Each one puts his best effort and it is very heartening to see such young talented artists who will keep the flame of Artists’ Centre burning for decades to come..”


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Harsh Rajput

After playing one of the leads in the forthcoming musical Aalaap, 24 years old young actor Harsh Rajput has evolved as a better actor. In a candid chat with Devyani P Korgaonkar, Harsh reveals about his experiences at the set of Aalaap and his future ventures.

Let us about your character in the movie.

Harsh Rajput: I am playing one of the lead characters called Brijesh, an upper middle class boy from Chhattisgarh. He is an aimless boy having company two other boys who are also spoilt, alcoholic like him. Then they come across a good guy Rahul, played by Amit Purohit and their lives got transformed.

How was the experience while shooting?

Harsh Rajput: It was indeed a wonderful experience. I visited Chhattisgarh for the first time. Away from Mumbai, the hustle and bustle of daily life, I enjoyed the greenery and beauty of nature while shooting there. We were there for 55 days, we shot some sequences at Kanha Tiger Reserve. This area is very near to the Naxal-villages. Later, we came know from the local villagers that few Naxalites had come to see us in disguise. I was little afraid in the beginning. But the producers made such wonderful arrangements that we hardly could feel the danger while shooting.

What will you say about Manish Manikpuri?

Harsh Rajput: Manish is a very good director, you can hardly make out that Aalaap is his first movie. He is never confused; he just knows what he wants. He has very clear about things around him.

What is the compatibility with co-stars?

Harsh Rajput: It was great. We were like friends working together. And there are veterans as well like Abhimanyu Singh, Murali Sharma, Vijay Raaz and Rituparna Sengupta. You see, when you are work with such senior artists, you evolve as a better actor as you are already going through a learning period. A little creative input from them beatifies the scene. It has been a big learning process for me.

What about the music? Which is your own favourite?

Harsh Rajput: The music given by Agnee is great. My personal favourite is Pa Pa Ra Pa. Apart that Chadti Jawani enchants you with its Chhattisgarhi flavour. The combination of traditional and modern music is a deadly one.

Is it your first movie? Let us know about your acting background.

Harsh Rajput: No, this is my second movie. I started with Mehul Kumar’s Krantiveer – The Revolution, a sequel to Nana Patekar’s Krantiveer. My next film after Aalaap is Shovana Seven Nights, directed by Sudipto Chattapadhya, also produced by Abhishek Mishra.

However, I started my career with modelling and had acted in lots of ad films. I actually started with television. I played important roles in Prithvi Raj Chauhan on STAR PLUS and in Dharam-Veer on NDTV Imagine. Later, I started my journey to Bollywood.

For further information contact:

Noel Singh Dias



Manish Manikpri

The debutant director Manish Manikpuri is very optimist about his first Bollywood venture – the musical movie AALAAP. Devyani P Korgaokar had a candid conversation with the eccentric young director about his film and dreams.


Q. First of all, let us know about your film and starcast.

MM: The movie is based on Naxalism in the state of Chhattisgarh; it is on the youth of Chhattisgarh. The film is addressing the biggest problem the state is facing for years and also offering a solution to this. The people there have suffered a lot and we just tried to address the issue through this film in a positive manner.

The cast includes Amit Purohit, Pitobash Tripathy, Abhimanyu Singh, Murali Sharma, Vijay Raaz, Rituparna Sengupta, Gamya Wijayadasa, Raghubeer Yadav, Onkardas Manikpuri, Ruhi Chaturvedi, Harsh Rajput and Aabid Shamim. The story of Aalaap revolves around three aimless youngsters, Subhash, Prashant and Brijesh, who share one common passion, music. They chance upon meeting Rahul and they form a rock band together. They gradually become famous, and they get awarded. They realise that there are greater problems that need to be tackled in Chattisgarh that is infested by Naxalism. The film also sees Abhimanyu Singh as the fearless cop out to destroy the weeds of Naxalism, while Murali Shrama shines in an exciting role as well.

Q. Being a debutant director, what made you choose such a serious subject?

MM: As because I am a debutant, I don’t think, I should go for a ‘love story’ or a ‘comedy’. I wouldn’t like to execute the subjects for which I don’t have a feel.

See, I am born and brought up in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. I know very well what is happening in the state, why it is happening and what could be the probable solution. I can relate myself to the subject of the film.

Q. Who has conceptualised the movie?

MM: I have conceptualised and written the story. The screenplay and dialogue is written by Dilip Shukla ji.

Q. Why did you titled your movie as ‘AALAAP’?

MM: My father is a known musician in Chhattisgarh. I am born and brought up in a musical environment since childhood. I used to wake up with the sweet musical notes my father used to practice every early morning. It’s he who told me that Aalaap (a musical note with or without any lyrics sung at the very outset rendering recognition to a Raaga in accordance with the Indian Classical music) is sung at the start of a classical song. In our movie, we have shown ‘music’ as a weapon to bring down Naxalism, bringing a change – an initiation indeed. And hence, the title Aalaap appeared quite logically in my mind as it projects itself as a ‘beginning’.

Q. What has been your experience with your actors while shooting?

MM: Rahul, the male protagonist of the movie is played by actor Amit Purohit. He is only one movie old and when I met him for the first time, I couldn’t relate him with the character. I had doubts whether he would be able to justify the role of a simple guy who is a poet, singer, and wants to spread peace and harmony in the society. But to my surprise, Amit experimented himself too hard, went deep in the character and brought the best out as per my satisfaction. The other leads Pitobash Tripathy, Harsh Rajput, Abid Shamim have worked very well. Actually I wanted to have new faces for this very different movie so that people can relate to the characters. And above all Abhimanyu Singh has played role of Head Anti Naxal squad in the movie, without whom I couldn’t have completed my movie. I had fun working with them.

Has the locals also worked I the movie?

MM: Yes, I wanted the locals to work in my movie. See, there are lots of talents in Chhattisgarh, there are around 10 to 12 theatre groups, but the artists don’t get a proper platform to flourish. When I have a project like Aalaap, I thought I should utilise those talents properly. I sent my casting director Krishna Srivastava to Bhilai before two months of the shoot who chose quite few artists from there through audition. All of them are from theatre groups. Besides the lead and character actors, the rest are all local artists in my movie.

Did you assist anyone before directing this movie?

MM: No, without assisting, without any experience, this is my first venture. However, I did make some documentaries, ad films in Chhattisgarh, wanted to make it big and hence reached Mumbai. I wanted to assist, I went door to door but no one supported me. Once I was shown the door in Ramuji’s office, I couldn’t even meet him. Later I got chance to do editing work in a reality show named ‘Is Jangal Se Mujhe Bachao’ in 2009 and survived myself in Mumbai. After one and half years I realised it’s the saturation point and I have to move further. I left editing and the television industry. My friends also inspired me to come to direction, my real goal. I wrote the story of Aalaap long back. I coincidentally met Nishant Tripathy, who is also from my state. He liked my script and rest is history. I hope the film is liked by everyone.

What do you think of the commercial success of the movie?

See, I made a genuine film. And my producers didn’t create any pressure on me rather they wanted me to make my movie the way I want. I only had creative input. The commercial part is seen by the producers.

I am really hopeful that people will appreciate the movie and the producers should get their profits.

For further information contact:
Noel Singh Dias


Lakmé Fashion Week Ushers New Talent and Initiatives at Winter/Festive 2012

· 86 designers and 10 sponsors participating in Winter/Festive 2012

· Kallol Datta and Pankaj & Nidhi – Lakmé Grand Finale Designers

· LFW continues its endeavor to celebrate Indian weaves and crafts

Mumbai, Tuesday, July 10, 2012: This season Lakmé Fashion Week (LFW) is all set to bring new energy to the runway and maintain its leadership in promoting the Business of Fashion. Today, Lakmé Fashion Week, which has placed Mumbai on the global fashion map, announced its 86 participating designers & 10 sponsors for Winter/Festive 2012. In its thirteenth year, Lakmé Fashion Week continues to be the leader in recognizing creative excellence, creating opportunities for new talent and providing the most commercially relevant platform for sponsor collaborations.

Through the years, LFW has played a pivotal role in nurturing talent and grown in numbers, season on season. The upcoming season brings together an exciting line up of 86 designers from across the country to showcase their collections. As thought leaders and pioneers in promoting the business of fashion in India, LFW has set new trends, created best practices and taken the lead on digital for the industry to follow.

Highlights of Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012:

¡ Indian Weaves & Crafts: In a continued endeavor to support and pay tribute to Indian textiles, LFW this season will be taking Indian textile day to newer heights. This season, LFW brings together industry veterans Jaya Jaitly, Darshan Shah, Maximiliano Modesti, Rta Kapur Chishti and Wendell Rodricks for workshops, demonstrations and panel discussions while Krishna Mehta returns as a curator for the day. All designers participating on this day will showcase Indian weaves and crafts to extend their support to this unique initiative and help bring the dominance of Indian textiles and crafts to the fore. Winter/Festive 2012 will also see LFW presenting an award for the designer who best incorporates Indian weaves and craftsmanship in their collection

¡ Lakmé Grand Finale: The Lakmé Grand Finale for the first time will see fashion visionaries Kallol Datta and Pankaj & Nidhi as the grand finale designers. They will interpret the ‘Lakmé Absolute’ collection for the Lakmé Grand Finale

¡ Gen Next Celebrates its 7th Anniversary: The Gen Next program, which completes 7 years this season, has encouraged debutantes and nurtured some of the leading names in the industry today. Renowned Designer and Stylist Aki Narula will continue to mentor the Gen Next program. This season, 7 extraordinary designers from across the country will showcase their debut collections

¡ Talent Box: Preview Shows at ‘The Source’: Celebrating its one year anniversary, the international concept of mini preview shows at the ‘Talent Box’ will witness 18 designers participating this season

¡ Industry Stalwarts in Attendance: Winter/Festive 2012 will bring industry doyen Pallavi Jaikishan for the first time on the LFW runway alongside other industry stalwarts like Wendell Rodricks, Neeta Lulla, Anita Dongre, Krishna Mehta and Ritu Beri

¡ Installation Art: This season fashion week will be “celebrating the incidental magic of monsoon” through artistic installations across popular venues all over the city as well as onsite at “The Source” and in and around the venue. These LFW installations will transmit the fashion fervor and celebration of talent across Mumbai

¡ INIFD Presents Lakmé Fashion Week’s Fashion Workshop Series – Edition VIII: The 8th Edition of the Fashion Workshop Series (FWS) will focus on the business of fashion and understanding the needs of a buyer. The session titled “The Business of Fashion from a Buyer’s Eye” will bring together two key stakeholders on one platform – buyers and designers to share key insights into running a successful business. The session will be moderated by Sujata Assomull, Launch Editor Harpers Bazaar India

¡ Live on LFW TV: LFW TV will continue to live stream shows from LFW Winter/Festive 2012, allowing potential buyers, sponsors and fashion enthusiasts, to gain real time access to shows, behind the scenes action, exclusive interviews, and parties and much more into India’s premier fashion trade platform. Tune in on

Each season, LFW focuses on meeting the ever-changing demands of the Indian fashion industry while engaging all our stakeholders – designers, buyers, sponsors, media and talent. Taking this prestigious event ahead and making it even more enterprising is LFW’s strong line-up of committed partners that have played a significant role in making this event a grand success.

§ Continuing as the Associate Sponsor for the fifth season, is one of India’s leading Mobile Services providers – Aircel

§ As LFW’s longest running partner, DHL continues its support as the Official Logistics Partner of Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012

§ Rejoining as Co-sponsor is Official Natural Mineral Water Partner, Himalayan

§ Joining the family as Co-Sponsors are Official Car Partner Volvo Auto India and Official Real Estate Partner Sankpal Realty

§ Blender’s Pride continues to be one of our Co-Sponsors this season, along with Forever Jewellery, the Official Jewellery Partner

§ INIFD – Official Knowledge Partner and Presenting Sponsor for the Fashion Workshop Series; Kingfisher – Official Good Times Partner continues their support and Grand Hyatt, Mumbai remains the Official Hotel

Present at the occasion, Purnima Lamba, Head-Innovations Lakmé said, “Lakmé’s finale designers are hand-picked for being fashion visionaries – a reflection of our commitment to forecast the future of fashion. The beauty business works hand in hand with trends in fashion and Lakmé Fashion Week showcases the creative flourish of established and emerging designers. The Lakmé grand finale is the pinnacle fashion statement of the season and we work closely with the designers to inspire a collection for fashion-conscious women across India. I am very excited to see the re-interpretation of the Lakmé Absolute collection – with a fresh creative perspective by Kallol and Pankaj-Nidhi.”

Sharing her views, Anjana Sharma, Director – Fashion, IMG Reliance said, “I consider it an honor and my proud privilege to be able to present yet another path-breaking season of Lakmé Fashion Week. Buoyed by extremely positive industry feedback and overwhelming business conducted at LFW Summer/Resort 2012, we are now resolved to make the upcoming season even more successful with a formidable mix of relevant designers. Our endeavor as been to demonstrate intent on taking the fashion industry forward on the path of growth. As we bolster our efforts to integrate India into global fashion, we would like to thank all our partners for their support and valued insights that make Lakmé Fashion Week what it is today and promise to deliver growth and positively impact the ecosystem around the fashion industry.”

Designers for Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012

Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012 Designers

Aartivijay Gupta

Pallavi Jaikishan

Aastha Bahl

Pankaj & Nidhi

Abhi Singh

Payal Kapoor

Abhishek Dutta

Payal Khandwala

Amrita Thakur

Payal Singhal

Anita Dongre

Pernia Qureshi

Anushka Khanna

Pia Pauro

Archana Kochhar

Pooja Kapoor

Atithi Gupta

Pranav Mishra & Shyma Shetty

Babita Malkani

Prashant Chauhan

Bhairavi Jaikishan

Priyadarshini Rao

Debarun Mukherjee

Rajat Tangri

Deepika Govind

Ritika Bharwani

Drashta Sarvaiya

Ritu Beri

Gaurang Shah

Roma Narsinghani

Isabelle Mittal

Ruchika Sachdeva

Isha Dangwar & Priyanka Rai

Sailex Ngairangbam

Isha Kedia & Deepak Goswami

Sanchita Ajjampur

Jatin Varma

Sandhya Garg

Kallol Datta

Sapna Bhavnani & Sukriti Grover

Kapil & Mmonika Arora

Shivan & Narresh

Karishma Shahani -Khan

Shradha Murarka

Ken Ferns

Shruti Sancheti

Khushboo Agarwal & Prem Kumar

Shyamal & Bhumika Shodhan

Komal Sood

Siddharth Arya

Krishna Mehta

Sonaakshi Raaj

Mayank Anand & Shraddha Nigam

Sougat Paul

Meera and Rohit Aggarwal

Surya Sarkar

Nandita Thirani

Swapnil Shinde

Neeta Lulla

Swati Jain

Nikhil Thampi

Tanya Sharma

Nimish Shah

Vaishali Shadangule

Nishka Lulla

Wendell Rodricks

Nupur Kanoi

Yogesh Chaudhary

Accessory Designers

Felix Bendish

Nivedita Mukherjee & Swarup

Jyoti Kant

Rohan Arora

Kaabia and Sasha Grewal

Sannam Chopra

Mehak Gupta

Sourabh Kant Shrivastava

Neha Sharma

Vasundhara Mantri

Nitya Arora

Gen Next Designers

Aniket Satam

Mehak Pruthi,Kanika Seth and Ankit Sharma

Asa Kazingmei

Richa Aggarwal

Astha Sethi and Sidharth Arora

Sneha Arora

Kavita Sharma

About Lakmé Fashion Week:

Lakmé Fashion Week (LFW) is jointly organized by Lakmé, the No.1 cosmetics and beauty services brand in India and IMG Reliance, the global leader in fashion weeks and event production. LFW has been conceived and created with a vision to “Redefine the future of fashion and Integrate India into the global fashion world”. LFW is organized twice every year. LFW Winter/Festive 2012 will be held from August 3 to August 7’ 2012 at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Mumbai. For further information log on to

About Lakmé:

Contemporary Indian beauty expert Lakmé continuously innovates to offer a wide range of, high performance and world class color cosmetics, skincare products, and beauty salons. In addition to leveraging Unilever’s worldwide expertise, Lakmé also partners with the leading cosmetic house Milan-based Intercos Italia, Schwann Stabilo Germany and Paris-based Fiabila. Combining international cosmetic technology with an in-depth understanding of the Indian woman’s needs, Lakmé also offers its consumers a comprehensive beauty experience through its products and services at the Lakmé Salons and Studios. For further information log on to www.lakmé

About IMG Reliance:

In 2010 Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), India’s largest and most recognized private sector company, and IMG Worldwide (IMG), the world’s leading sports marketing and management company, announced the formation of an equal joint venture to develop, market and manage sports and entertainment in India. The joint venture company, IMG Reliance Pvt. Ltd., will create and operate major sports and entertainment assets in the country. In its first initiative, IMG Reliance entered into an agreement with the Basketball Federation of India (BFI) to create a new professional basketball league and manage all aspects of the commercial rights to the game in India. IMG Reliance signed a 15-year agreement with the AIFF, to improve, popularize and promote the game of football throughout India, from the grassroots to the professional level. IMG Reliance has also created a scholarship program to identify and train talented young Indians from sports including – basketball, soccer and tennis–at IMG’s world-class sports training facilities at IMG Academies in Bradenton, Florida.

About IMG Fashion:

IMG Fashion is dedicated to facilitating a gateway to the fashion world – from creation to consumer. We offer solutions that seamlessly connect and associate fashion’s key constituents and corporate brands using IMG’s global resources, influence and expertise. Within the fashion industry IMG represents the world’s top models, leading designers and the most influential photographers, art directors and stylists. The division produces the leading fashion events around the globe and represents many of the industry’s top organizations and federations as well as works with various local and national governments, creating regional and international fashion platforms. For more information on IMG and its business visit

For further information, please contact:

Radhika Mehta/Neha Khetan

Genesis-Burson Marsteller

M: 961920011/9820249045


Best Regards,

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Gitanjali Group opens its first Multi-Brand flagship showroom – Gitanjali Jewels at Meena Bazaar, Dubai amidst glitz and glamour

Former Miss World and renowned Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra inaugurated the showroom

Gitanjali Group – a $2.5b global conglomerate, listed on the NSE and the BSE, opened its first multi-brand store in Meena Bazaar, Dubai accompanied by a glamorous event at Mina Al Salam. The highlight of the event was the presence of Priyanka Chopra, former Miss World and top Bollywood actress. Priyanka – also the brand ambassador of Asmi by Gitanjali Jewels – inaugurated the group’s showroom earlier. The event was attended by a large number of press members and the who’s who of the Asian community residing in Dubai.

The store’s interiors were innovatively designed with gleaming glass cases and brands on display. With elegant design elements, the store has key attributes of Gitanjali stores around the world. It will offer an extraordinary range of jewellery keeping in with the preferences of international clientele visiting Dubai. The 2,000 square feet store is poised perfectly to attract Asians with an impressive array of renowned jewellery brands such as Asmi, Nakshatra, Nizam, Gili & Adler & Roth. The store houses an exquisite and glamorous range of diamond jewellery as well as 22k gold jewellery adorned with precious and semi-precious stones and lustrous polki uncut diamonds, thus offering a piece for every occasion.

Mehul Choksi – Chairman and Managing Director of Gitanjali Group, said: “We are happy to open the first Gitanjali Jewels store in Meena Bazaar which is a shopping paradise for the Asian community. This store will usher in a new and enriching brand experience in the city’s retail environment. We are proud to present renowned Indian Jewellery Brands endorsed by top of the line celebrities under the one roof.”

Ajay Pandey, CEO Gitanjali International Brands Business, said: “The Gitanjali Group today is recognized as a design icon across the globe and has become one of the world’s premier jewellery houses. It is one of the most respected names among Indian jewelers. Each magnificent piece is designed by our brilliant designers and masterfully crafted by our jewellery craftsmen. Our jewellery embodies opulence and grandeur. The exceptional quality of our offerings and innovative designs will make for an enchanting experience for our clients.

Priyanka Chopra, former Miss World and Asmi’s brand ambassador, added: “I’m extremely pleased to be part of Gitanjali Jewels’ flagship store opening in Dubai. I feel part of the family as I endorse one of their most spirited brands – Asmi which means ‘I Am’ in Sanskrit . The brand represents the new age Indian woman, celebrating her economic and social independence. The brand aims to fulfill every woman’s innate need for self expression while lauding her inner fire. Thus I love it as it has a contemporary and feminine look that is distinctly evocative of strength and grace.”

The press conference was followed by an impressive fashion show where the group presented its leading brands and the latest design trends showcased by 11 beautiful models. Blue lights – a colour associated with Asmi adorned the interiors. There was a spectacular end to the show with Priyanka Chopra unveiling the new line of jewellery by Asmi.

About Gitanjali Group:

The Gitanjali Group is one of world’s largest integrated conglomerates. Established in 1966, today its activities span the entire value chain from being a DTC sight holder and processing rough diamonds to manufacturing, branding, retailing and distributing gold and diamond jewellery. Gitanjali Gems Ltd., which was listed on the Indian stock exchanges in 2007, is the flagship company of the Gitanjali Group. Today the Group owns and distributes four out of the top five jewellery brands in India including Gili, Nakshatra, Asmi and D’Damas and boasts of a 4000 + point of sale distribution network. Gitanjali is also a recognized name in the Global branded jewellery business, with a presence in the important jewellery markets of the world. It owns a large retail chain in the US, Samuels Jewelers Inc, the fifth largest fine jewelry retailer; and has recently acquired a number of premium Italian brands such as Stefan Hafner, Valente, IOSI, Porrati and Nouvelle Bague. It has a rapidly growing presence in the Middle East as well as in other new markets. Some of the famous Gitanjali Brands are endorsed by renowned celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu and Anushka Sharma to name a few. Some of the best known names in the fashion industry also endorse Gitanjali’s brands. Gitanjali is today not only a jewellery company but an important player in the luxury-lifestyle space.

Best Regards,

Rakhee Jain

Sr. Management Associate


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Navin Batra wants to see Kristen Stewart in Veena malik

Navin Batra is in no mood to take a chance for his upcoming directorial movie “Supermodel” that’s why he is not leaving any stone un turn. Navin Batra was seen Kristen movies and gets inspired by her acting and went California to get some acting tips for Veena Malik in Supermodel.

Batra Said, “After watching Kristen movie “The Twilight Saga” and “The Snow White” I get to know about her acting. Veena is a good actress she has ability to adapt any kind of acting. It’s my dream to see Kristen Stewart in Veena Malik”.

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Scribes INC- The PR Company

Satish Reddy
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Paan Singh Tomar

On Sunday 15th July 2012

1:00 PM & 9:00 PM Only on MAX

Mumbai, July 9, 2012: This Sunday promises not to be a drab one for couch potatoes and movie buffs alike as MAX, the premium Hindi movies and special events channel premieres yet another Bollywood blockbuster ‘Paan Singh Tomar’, this Sunday 15th July 2012 at 1:00 p.m and 9:00 p.m.

‘Paan Singh Tomar’ is a biopic based on a true life story of Subedar Paan Singh Tomar an athlete and an army official hailing from a small town in Madhya Pradesh. He ruled the steeplechase event at the Indian National Games for seven years in a row, whose record stood unbeaten for a decade. However, due to unpleasant circumstances he went on and gave up on his talent to become a notorious dacoit.

Tune in to watch ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ a true epic journey of a talented sportsman who turned rebel, this Sunday 15th July 2012 at 1 p.m. and 9 p.m. only on MAX.

About MAX:

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Delhi Belly Beauty Unveils Her PETA Ad Asking Fans to Kick the Meat Habit

9th July 2012, Mumbai – Today, the award-winning actor Poorna Jagannathan appeared in a brand-new ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India looking ravishing as always and posing next to the words “I Am Poorna Jagannathan, and I Am a Vegetarian”,. Poorna Jagannathan also sported a PETA T-shirt that reads, “Eat No”, followed by a sketch of a cow. The stunning ad was shot by leading photographer Gaurav Sawn. Styling was done by Chandni Bahri, and Jagannathan’s make-up and hair were been done by Sandhya Shekar. Jagannathan filmed an exclusive interview for PETA, which can be found here.


Rozlyn Khan glitters at Mr & Miss Perfect beauty pageant!

Bollywood’s new scandal princess Rozlyn Khan, who shot to fame recently with her nude breast-cancer awareness pictures and strip-tease sessions for her cricket heroes, indulged in a high of a different kind.

In a stark contrast from her bold and dare-bare image, Rozlyn attended the Mr & Miss Perfect 2012 contest in Delhi as a guest of honour this week.

And though she shimmered in a stunning black backless gown, that’s all we saw of her skin-show this time. Instead, Rozlyn impressed one and all with her inspiring and motivating words for the contestants.

What’s more! She also got to crown the winner, the Miss Perfect at the event, while Mr Perfect was awarded by Chirag S. Bagaria, manager, marketing and operations at Gitanjali Gems and Jewellery Limited.

What can we say, but that this girl manages to continue to amaze us, even when she seems not to try at all! Chic indeed!


Somesh Mathur

With the widening of horizons of music, both in the East and the West, unconventional forms of music are fast gaining popularity. These explorations are bringing in new sounds in their wake and with each successive innovation, raise a few geniuses whose creativity shines out from amongst the masses. Somesh Mathur {fondly called Panditji} is one of those gems who devoted his life to the discovery of new vistas in the field of music. Once at a Party (Late) Shri. Jagjit Singh Ji while talking about Somesh Mathur Said: “Yeh toh bahut ooper jaayega, commercial singer hai”. An explorer by nature, Somesh has experimented with different genres, creating a few moments of magic in his quest to enlarge the boundaries of conventional music. In a talk with Senior Editor Devyani Korgaonkar, Somesh spoke about his musical life.

Let us know, how and when did you start your musical journey?

Music is in my blood, it is inherited. I started learning music when I was not even 3 years old from my mother, the Violin Virtuoso, Sudha Mathur, and gave my first ever recital at the age of 4 years. It was a Chhota Khayal (a Hindustani Classical Vocal with faster rhythm) on Raga Durga, in front of 1000 audiences. I am told that I had worn a pair of red socks while keeping the rhythm with my toes. (laughs)

In the later years, I started learning from my father, Pandit Sarvesh Chandra Mathur, a doyen of Agra Gharana.

What has been the definition of ‘music’ to you?

Music is ‘divine’. It is the shortest path of salvation and the easiest way to be with ‘HIM ‘, The Supreme Sovereign. It leads us to goodness, thereby paving a way for a destination, when we transit from this 3 D World into The Real World. Your Saadhna (practice with devotion) may even lead you to Moksha (salvation)”.

Who has been your inspiration?

My inspiration has been ‘my gurus’; my mother Sudha Mathur and my father Pandit Sarvesh Chandra Mathur, my spiritual guru, Shri. KB Mann. Apart from them I am also moved by Pandit D.V. Paluskar; Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan; Ustad Amir Khan; Ustad Vilayat Khan; Mehdi Hassan; Jagjit Singh;

Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, CCR, John Mayer, Beegees, James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Sade, Larry Carlton, Steve Gadd, Eric Johnson and Mozart – all these international megastars of music have been my inspiration.

Who is your favourite musician?

My favourites vary according to my mood and state of mind……

Coming from a classical singing background, why did you venture into ghazals and sufi singing?

My love for Urdu poetry and a record played to me by my father of Mehdi Hassan Sahab, drew me to sing ghazals & sufi kalaam..

Now, I am in the process of recording & releasing 2,500 ghazals (sufi & roohani); 3,000 dohas and 2,500 English Songs & hymns, written by KB Mann Sahab.

I am hoping to compose the music for the epic the Mahabharata, also written by Shri. KB Mann. This poetic content of the epic has been written in the English is inimitable. I hope, this create a sensation.

Don’t you think, the new-age technology has reduced the credibility of a singer?

It’s an individualistic thought. If one is honest with oneself, advancement in technology can’t prevent him from excelling. And ‘excellence’ definitely has an impact on the common listener and on the world.

Don’t you think basic training is a must for a singer?

Training is essential for any singer to excel as it leads to further creativity and an inner realisation. It is the foundation of refinement and honing any skill, given in the form of an in-born gift by God.

What is your advice to the younger generation who wants to take up music as their profession?

I would advise the youngsters to do a lot of practice, to have perseverance, patience and above all, humility which are the keys to success…..

As you have done more than two thousand concerts worldwide, let us know few memorable incidents.

There are several anecdotes.

During one of the concerts in Freemont, San Francisco (California, USA), the Show was going really well and every one was having a good time. Suddenly an earthquake hit us and needless to say, there was a lot of chaos all around. My musicians as well as the audiences started running here and there all over the place.

By God’s grace, people in that part of the world are quite used to such tremors, so once the jerk was over, things settled down very fast and we resumed the show.

10. Let us know about your future projects. Are you doing any Bollywood project at the moment?

My recently released album has got a phenomenal response on digital platform. It is a compilation of seven songs, self-composed taken from my live concerts.

I am on the verge of finishing another album named ‘UTTH BIRAADAR’, songs written by KB Maan

Apart from the above two, I am also composing the music for Ketan Anand’s upcoming Bollywood venture. We have already recorded two songs for this Film.

Share your favourite creation with us.

‘Dil e Naadaan ‘ from my ‘GHALIB’ album, ‘ Achcha Hai ‘ from ‘ACHCHA HAI’ as the composition of UTTH BIRAADAR, as well are my favourites.

What ultimate goal do you want to achieve in life?

To record and release as many musical contents possible written by my guru KB. That is my ‘calling ‘. Also, I want to be a purer and compassionate noble soul who spreads love and goodness all over…

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Bollywood actor Kajal Agarwal felicitates underprivileged student toppers

At a Rotary Club of Bombay function

Mumbai, 9 July 2012: “Education is the most important thing” said Bollywood actor Kajal Agarwal as she addressed under privileged students of the Bhavishya Yaan program run by the Rotary Club of Bombay at the Colaba Municipal school today, Monday, 09 July 2012.

At a function organized to felicitate successful students who had achieved very high grades in the recently announced SSC results, Kajal said that every person should follow their heart and passion, after building a basic foundation on good education.

Shri. V. Ranganathan former Municipal Commissioner and Chief Secretary Govt. of Maharashtra said he was very happy with the way the Bhavishay Yaan program had shaped up and congratulated the Rotary Club of Bombay for this laudable initiative which is now running in 7 Municipal schools.

Mr. Nowroze Vazifdar, President, Rotary Club of Bombay said he was pleased to announce that the Bhavishya Yaan initiative would be spread to even more Municipal schools this year.

Bhavishya Yaan is a skills enhancement program that teaches English, Computer skills, life skills and soft skills free of charge to under privileged students in municipal schools. It also organizes art camps, dance camps, yoga camps and interactions with diverse personalities to ensure a holistic education to its children.

The academic partner in this award winning program is VIDYA, an NGO committed to education.

For queries, please contact:

Suchitra – [Paradigm Shift PR] – 9930206236


Life begins at 50

For Viveck Vaswani, it was half a century and still making his mark on the batting pitch as his friends Devang Dholakia and Zeeba Khan of Vogue Creations and his protégé Amaan Khan, threw a special bash for him at Tote on The Turf, Mahalakshmi.

Naturally, Amaan Khan was the first to arrive with directors Shawn Arranha, Devang Dholakia and Zeeba Khan. Interestingly, the young lad Amaan bears a striking resemblance to SRK, who is also Viveck’s protégé.Bollywood made a beeline for the bash though it was a brunch. From Jackie Shroff to Sudhir Mishra to Ashutosh Gowariker to Kabir Bedi to Hemendra Aran and Gitanjali Sinha, Pallavi Joshi, Vivek Agnihotri, Sudhir Mishra, Rajeev Paul, Premal Goragandhi, Vaishali Desai, Pitobash, Rajshree, Ashmith Kunder, Atul Kasbekar, Lalit Pandit, Praveen Dusanj, Mahesh Shetty, Mohit Chadda, Sharon PRabhakar, Jyti Goel, Milap Zaverri, Sunjiv Puri, Joe Rajan, Ram Michandani, Deven Khote, Gautam and Krishna Ghanasingh among others, the list seemed practially endless. Cake cutting, khana and of course cocktails and mocktails made for the fun and joy as Vivek turned a year younger, cutting colourful cakes.

Said he, “The surprise bash, it seems, was Amaan’s idea and Devang and Zeeba were sweet to decide they would throw it with him. Between the three of them, they made my day very special. I was so touched to see that most of my friends were there, I am feeling good I turned 50 actually.”


Talents galore at Artists’ Centre Annual Exhibition

It was the first leg of the 13th annual exhibition of the Artists’ Centre, the historic art gallery formed by Ara, Bakre, Gade, Husain, Raza and Souza and given the rise later by Gaitonde, Padamsee, Benre, Samant, Tyeb Mehta, Krishan Khanna, Hebbar and the ilk.

Naturally, Artists’ Centre was thronged by art lovers as it wore a festive look as the walls colourfully reflected the glory of the historic venue.

Brinda Miller, Sarayu Doshi, Jyoti Karmalkar, Amisha Mehta, Ami Patel, Madhusudan Kumar, Rekha Rana, Varsha Vyas, Prakash Bal Joshi, Mamta Vora, Devyani Parikh, Neeta Pathare, Maya Dornal, Pratyashaa Bole, Arti Jatar and Jaeda Harmon beamed as chief guest Sabyasachi Mukherjee lit the lamp.

Said Brinda Miller, “this is the first leg where abstracts by members are being displayed. Next week, we will see realistic works from our other artists. We get so many entries that it is very difficult to choose the best works. Each one puts his best effort and it is very heartening to see such young talented artists who will keep the flame of Artists’ Centre burning for decades to come..”

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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