Kapil Sharma Joins the Bech De Revolution The New OLX Ad tells the life story of unused goods in their own words


Kapil Sharma Joins the Bech De Revolution

The New OLX Ad tells the life story of unused goods in their own words


Mumbai, July 31st, 2014: OLX.in, India’s number one online classifieds, today unveiled a new TVC that uses humour to illustrate the most relatable reasons for selling used goods, while breaking the underlying mental barriers Indians have against selling. The Ad features ace comedian Kapil Sharma in a never-seen-before avatar, showcasing him as an unused/under-used product. The quirky TVC uses the much loved Kapil’s style of humour to tell the life story of unused products, which want to be sold on OLX in order to find owners who do have use for them.


As the largest consumer-to-consumer (C2C) business in India, OLX has revolutionalised the idea of selling in the last three years.  People are at the heart of what OLX does. The new Ad touches upon the quintessential habit of stocking goods that are not being used. The Ad shows that every unused product has a value but is merely lying with the wrong owner.


“As a brand we have always used humour to drive pertinent messages around aspirations, consumption, stocking, and selling. Kapil Sharma personifies humour in India, and that resonates strongly with OLX’s style of messaging. The brand association between OLX and Kapil Sharma for this TVC was seamless as both have risen recently to become strong brand names that are loved by people, and have become a part of their daily lives,” said Amarjit Batra, CEO, OLX.in.


Naspers backed OLX.in pioneered the concept of online C2C classifieds in India. OLX launched its first TVC three-years-ago in 2011, and since then it has witnessed a meteoric rise to become the number one marketplace in India for used goods commanding 75% market share in the online C2C classifieds segment.


“OLX was among the first brands to bring to India the socio-economic system that has globally come to be known as people-to-people economy or sharing economy. This system thrives on sharing of resources between people. Traditionally there have been few avenues for selling of used goods in India. Indians have been brought up to preserve resources. But in the last few years growing aspirations of people have led them to buy more frequently, leading to an increase in household clutter. Through this TVC we are trying to highlight the most useful and practical reasons for selling used goods in a fun way,” added Amarjit Batra.


Conceived by advertising agency Lowe Lintas, the TVC portrays Kapil Sharma as a juicer in the kitchen of a woman who has not used the juicer in years. Kapil as the juicer urges the woman to either use him or sell him off on OLX. On being tagged as “useless” by the owner, Kapil (as the juicer) retorts that in his current state he is “used-less” and not “useless”. The Ad ends with Kapil the juicer elated on meeting his new owner after being sold on OLX, reiterating that there is an abundance of buyers out there as long as there is a willing seller. The deeper message of the TVC is that a product that is useless for one person will be useful for another person.


“Since Kapil Sharma is hugely popular, our challenge was to ensure that he looks and sounds different in this TVC while retaining his core essence. So, we came up with the idea of Kapil as a product. The struggle was to pitch it correctly in execution. The balance between Kapil Sharma the person, and Kapil Sharma, the product was critical,” said Shayondeep Pal, Group Creative Director, Lowe Lintas.


About OLX:

OLX.inis India’s number one marketplace. It offers a free, fast & hyper-local way for Indians to sell and buy used goods and services. Every month, millions of people in India buy and sell a wide range of products including household items, furniture, consumer durables, musical instruments, cars & motorcycles, electronics & mobiles, property and local services on OLX.in.

OLX.in has recently won prestigious industry awards and accolades such as Pitch Top 50 Brands in India, #2 ecommerce website in India by Surewaves Buzziest Brands 2014, and India’s second most searched shopping website by Google.


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TVC Credits:

Gaurav Mehta, Director, Marketing, OLX.in

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Farah Bashir- Associate Vice President, Planning, Delhi

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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