“Jayanta Bhai is a gangster with a heart” – Vivek Oberoi

“Jayanta Bhai is a gangster with a heart” – Vivek Oberoi

After playing infamous gangster characters like Chandu Nagre (Company) and Maya Dolas (Shootout At Lokhandwala) ,Vivek Oberoi returns to familiar territory, this time around, essaying the role with a twist in Ramesh Taurani’s Jayanta Bhai Ki Luv Story.

Talking about what makes this “Bhai” different from the rest reveals Vivek Oberoi, “Jayanta is basically the wrong bhai at the right place. While he fancies himself as a serious bhai and is pretty good at whatever he does, Jayanta is also a fun-loving, good-natured guy. He’s naive and this creates problems for him” Adding that, “I wanted to surprise myself, the audience, with all that you can do with a ‘bhai’ character. Jayanta is very vulnerable and emotional. He’s very real, that’s what makes him endearing and entertaining.”

Interestingly Kiran Kotrial, who scripted the Kumar Taurani production ,calls Jayanta’s character a mix of what happens when Company’s Chandu meets Aditya of Saathiya.

Says Kiran, “The kind of character Jayanta is and the way he speaks, only someone born and bred in Mumbai can enact perfectly. Vivek’s character is like Company’s Chandu meets Aditya of Saathiya. We’ve seen both aspects of Vivek as an actor. When you merge the two, you get an interesting combination,”

Kumar Taurani’s Jayanta Bhai Ki Luv Story starring Vivek Oberoi and Neha Sharma comes to a theater near you 15th February 2013.


Bollywood horror film super natural create waves internationally

Bollywood and Hollywood have seen varieties of ghost and horror movie and in the history of 100 year cinema. We have witness different kind of movies which scared the audience but now producer Satish Reddy and Director Haroon Rashid is bringing a “Super Natural Horror movie” which is shot in just 2 hours and 20 minute-long, in one take without a single cut with a crew of 17 peoples. They are on big way to scare audience through the movie “Super Natural” which is subject of laws of nature, or more figuratively, that which is said to exist above and beyond nature. After this movie the whole thinking will change from haunted mansion with chirking doors to Natural Power.

Haroon Rashid Said, “Its great feeling to break many records in Bollywood as well as Hollywood. We had shot a full-length film with songs, dance, real-time action and chase scenes spread across seven kilometers at the actual locations. It’s a supernatural thriller without any VFX. Even if one thing goes wrong you have to do it all over again. We rehearsed for almost five months before shooting the film and we got it right in the seventh or eighth final take. It’s just beginning we will mark a history in world cinema. It’s great to have such a fabulous artist team with all over country.”

The movie has already got rave review in international film festivals like Sundance Film Festival, Venice Film Festival and Shanghai International film festival. The movie had listed in The Limca Book of Records and will soon listed in Guinness Book of World Records.

Producer Satish Reddy said, “I am well aware of the fact that it isn’t always easy to scare the audience. I personally feel that when audiences step in for a horror film, they challenge a director that ‘chal, mujhe dara ke dikha’.”

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New Delhi, February 4th 2013: The wrenching dichotomy between the right of schools to formulate their criteria for nursery admissions and the Right to Education Act has set up a cliffhanger for parents. And while the Delhi high court has sought a clarification from the Centre on whether the law is applicable to children seeking nursery admissions, Union minister Shashi Tharoor made a startling claim that RTE doesn’t apply at the nursery level.

Speaking to a gathering of schoolchildren, academicians and teachers at Headlines Today’s Right to Be Heard programme, he said, “The RTE doesn’t apply to nursery admissions as the law specifies 8 years of compulsory schooling from the age of 6 to 14. And nursery kids are younger than that. As a social mechanism, a school’s admission policy has to take into account the enormous pressure of applications. The ministry can only help in encouraging a certain policy. But when children get into the 6-14 age-group, I assure nobody will be left out. Nursery admissions are a little more complicated and the ministry cannot decide.”

And while a debate raged whether admissions should be conducted on the points system or by a draw of lots, an anxious parent recounted how government notifications are discriminatory as alumni and sibling criteria carve out a big slice of nursery admissions. Tharoor said, “As a parent, I have been through the same ordeal of admitting my twin sons in the same school. The sibling criteria can help a school take a decision. In our system, ministers do not pre-empt or pre-judge court decisions. We will have to wait for the judges to decide.”

While RTE prohibits screening of children, the minister admitted “it’s a preposterous idea to interview 3-year-old kids”. But he preferred to wriggle out of the nursery admission tangle, saying “this happens because some schools are trying to find a proper way to make selections. I am not sure what the ministry can do about it. These are essentially school policies. Schools don’t have a simple way of making a choice.”

Grilled by Vasant Valley School director Arun Kapoor on the ministry’s abject failure to raise the quality of education in government schools, Tharoor accepted there should be a paradigm shift in education policy, but put the onus on state governments. “Our focus had been on inclusion and promoting equity as literacy was low. And we have frankly left behind quality. This is the new emphasis. We are preparing a national curriculum framework that will help our children compete globally. But education is in the concurrent list and states have a task cut out for themselves.”

When a NGO member displayed pictures of cattle sheds at an Agra school and the dilapidated infrastructure of government schools despite citizens paying education cess, the minister said, “Funds are being allocated in the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan to build classrooms, toilets and funding of midday meals. But state governments need to do more. They have a responsibility to monitor how the money is spent.”

But quality education cannot be provided without dedicated teachers. “I have gone to schools and asked how many students want to be teachers. Very few raise their hands. This is a shame for a country which had a culture of respect for teachers. Part of the problem is because the profession is not well rewarded and lacks a glamour quotient. But the recent pay revision has changed all that. Now, a DU professor makes more money than a minister,” he said.

Tharoor also promised to crack down on capitation fee in private colleges and root out fake universities. “There’s a legislation pending in Parliament, Unfair Practices Bill, which will outlaw donations and capitation fee with severe criminal penalties. But again, this is a Bill that needs to pass. We will also make accreditation mandatory for universities. We will tell them that if they don’t make the cut, then shut down. We will start taking tough measures.”

Is there a lack of political will to pass pending education Bills? Is education low on the government’s priority? “We have 11 Bills on higher education pending either in the standing committee or have been introduced, but yet to be voted. Parliament has been dysfunctional for the last couple of years. In the last session, the government listed 25 Bills, but only three were passed,” the minister of state for HRD said.

Tharoor also pitched for FDI in higher education, but said reputed universities are still waiting for the passage of the Foreign Education Providers (Regulation) Bill in parliament. “Yale was willing to come to India, but they went to Singapore. Our students are going to Qatar and Doha to study in foreign universities. And they go to Australia, where some were even beaten up. Why do they do that? This is because there’s not enough capacity in India. Harvard takes about 10-11% of those who apply, but IITs admit only 0.01% because that’s all the room they have. We are looking at a country with enormous pressure in education, but not enough institutions to cope with the demand.”

The minister, however, ended on a hopeful note, saying India today is much better than what it was a few years ago.

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Kangana Ranaut – Bollywood’s most Stylish Vegetarian

Making “going green” look ever so fashionable, Kangana Ranaut ,having shifted base to Mumbai has now turned vegan , a decision that was quite a challenge for the style icon ,especially since she was raised as a non-vegetarian, born and brought up like anyone from the sub-degreed Himachal region.

The actress who was always spiritually inclined and has taken upto yoga in a big way, has turned into a staunch vegetarian ,inspired and more aware of its benefits….Apart from its positive effects on her health and fitness ,Kangana also finds it to have a calming effect on her ,especially since her schedule is packed with films and brand commitments –

Reveals a source, “Kangana has always been a spiritual person and has taken upto yoga and vegetarianism in a huge way – Now that she is in Mumbai she is more aware of what’s happening in and around and strongly feels that vegetarianism has a calming and de-stressing effect on her”.

Says Kangana “I think being a Vegan has done wonders for my lifestyle apart from keeping me healthy and more active it has also calmed me as a person….I hope to set an example for all my fans”.


Sherlyn presents the trophy at ‘McDowell Signature Premier Indian Derby’

Mumbai, 3rd February 2013 – Sexy Sherlyn Chopra added the glamour quotient at Dr. Vijay Mallya’s ‘McDowell Signature Premier Indian Derby’, as she stepped out in style at the Mahalaxmi Race Course in Mumbai. Sherlyn looked like a diva from head toe; her black and white Bebe dress defined her beautiful curves. Style comes at a cost, and Sherlyn sure knows that as she dared to wear the sexy Ruthie Davis Peep toe platforms with killer heels. Sherlyn accessorized her perfect look with ‘Bottega Veneta’ knot clutch and flaunted her Chanel shades.

After handing over the ‘The McDowell No 1 Platinum Trophy’ to the winning jockey and the trainer, Sherlyn addressed thousands gathered at the biggest Derby event of the year, “I am very happy to be here, I would like to thank Dr. Mallya for inviting me to be in the company of sexy horses and hot jockeys”.

Sherlyn has recently developed a love for stallions, as she is training to play a princess in her forthcoming movie ‘Kamasutra 3D’, and horse riding is one of the skills she has to acquire.
Sherlyn attended the derby for the first time, and she had fun hooting for the horses and hanging out in the elite company. Now she sure can be called the ‘Queen of good times’.

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SpeakGoa survey finds 30 per cent ill-trained dentists practicing in Goa

Saturday, February 02, 2013; Panjim, Goa: A comprehensive survey conducted by social forum SpeakGoa across the length and breadth of Goa has found several dentists and dental clinics with inadequately and ill-trained dentists offering advanced dental services in Goa and charging clients at their own whims and fancy. The survey was conducted among the beach areas of North and South Goa, particularly Candolim, Calangute, Baga and included the cities of Panaji, Margao, Ponda and Vasco. About 150 dentists were interviewed by SpeakGoa and it was found that several dentists who have a basic bacherlor’s or BDS qualification practice and offer implants and claim to be experts in implantology when they are not qualified to do so.

Most dentists interviewed by SpeakGoa preferred to speak off-record, however, a very senior dentist who has a doctorate in the subject, besides being a researcher and has been a faculty at the Goa Dental College said, “A dentist who is a BDS and took 8 years to complete her BDS (after failing 4 times) is now offering implants in the Candolim area at her clinic. A BDS is not trained to offer or do implants unless he or she does a comprehensive course or a post graduation in dentistry.” He came down heavily on “businessmen” running dental clinics in the beach belt of North Goa and even counseling patients. A senior official from the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry when informed by SpeakGoa about the situation which is also affecting tourists who are “conned” as the failure rate of implants increases greatly, said there was a meeting of senior doctors and dentists at the GCCI recently and they took up this issue of “ill-trained doctors, dentists and so-called cosmetic experts”. This is earning Goa a bad name abroad and Dental Tourism has come to a virtual standstill due to the problem of quacks and ill-trained doctors, he said.

In its survey and report on Medical Tourism in Goa, SpeakGoa found that Beauty Salons, Spas, Hair-Cutting Salons and others including GPs offering Botox services and other cosmetic surgery-related services in several parts of Goa when they are not qualified to do so. About 30 per cent of dentists in Goa are technically not qualified to offer or do implants but are still doing so, the SpeakGoa report claims. Director General of GCCI R S Kamat concurred that some salons are offering Botox treatment or even bust implants. “We have appealed to the government to formulate a regulation with respect to dental implants, Botox treatments etc and to lay down guidelines on what are the minimum qualifications for a professional required to offer services like dental implants or Botox treatments in the state. Says Prof. (Dr.) Aquaviva S. Fernandes, “Yes it is true that several dentists who are ill-trained and ill-qualified offering implants and other services. A dentist with a BDS – who may have taken years to pass his or her BDS starts practice and offers advanced treatment. Many of them are financed by businessmen who set up and finance clinics in the beach belt.”

Several dentists who spoke to SpeakGoa concurred with this trend which is growing particularly in the beach belts of Goa. Another senior dentist with about 20 years of practice in Goa said, “Besides ill-qualified dentists, there is the problem of quacks who come from other states and set up shop for a few peak months of the tourist season. The clinics are operated by business men and each year there is a new dentist practicing at the clinic.” The senior dentists called for a dedicated association to look into the matter and both self-regulation by the industry as well as government regulation on a war footing.

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Sherlyn goes vegan, takes on a 30-day challenge

Mumbai, 4th February 2013 – She is known for doing the craziest things, and once again Sherlyn took us by surprise, as she declared that she is going vegan. Sherlyn launched ‘The Vegan Kitchen: Hollywood Style!’ by Anuradha Sawhney along with designer Anita Dongre and actor Gulshan Grover. At the event, she narrated her beautiful story, “When I received a call from Anu mam inviting me for the event, I was not sure if I would be ‘worthy’, as I am a hardcore non-vegetarian. I then, decided to take on the challenge of going vegan”.

Sherlyn along with her Publicist Kommal D Seth of Kreative Access Media came up with a unique idea of going vegan for 30 days; every day Sherlyn will try one of the ‘celebrity recipes’, and post her feedback on the micro-blogging site twitter. Sherlyn is so ecstatic about her going vegan that she further added, “If I like the vegan way then, I will make it part of my lifestyle.” Sherlyn feels positive that her determination will help her sail through the big challenge of following a diet which is free of meat and dairy, and Miss Chopra sure seemed excited as she expressed, “Bring it on, I am ready for the ’30 Day Vegan Challenge’”.

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