Jagat Singh gets into the character of Devdutt in Spice Studio`s and Zee TV’s Buddha

Jagat Singh gets into the character of Devdutt in Spice Studio`s and Zee TV’s Buddha

Jagat Singh, who plays the character of Devdutt in Dr. BK Modi’s Buddha was recently required to enact a scenewhere he has to appear intoxicated while chasing a courtesan. The actor who was recently seen in Prakash Jha’s Satyagraha, took to sipping wine throughout the shoot so he would be in the right mood to play the scene and justify the character as well as to add authenticity to his performance. Jagat’s efforts were awarded when the remaining castand crew were left impressed by his dedication and one-shot performance on the set. The shows writer Prakash Kapadia, compared his performance to that of Shah Rukh Khan during Devdas, which in fact was also his inspirationwhile building the character of Devdutt.

The scene was shot at the Rang Mahal, which is a lavish and expensive set spread over 12000 sq. ft. The scene showscourtesans dressed in rich and colourful attires wearing exquisite and expensive jewelry. The makers of the show have shown meticulous care and every little detail was given attention, so much so that the 30 courtesans shown in the scene selected after a series of auditions, even though they are mere background characters.

Coincidentally, the screenplay of Devdas was written by Kapadia himself and SRK himself used to drink on the sets of the movie to get into the character of the ill-fated lover. Additionally, the location used for Rang Mahal for the show, used to be also the set where Devdas was shot as well.

Buddha is produced by Dr. BK Modi’s Spice Studios and is aired on Zee TV and Doordarshan on Sundays at 11.00am. The show’s 9th episode is set to air on Sunday, October 27th.

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