India’s Biggest Martial Arts Festival concludes at Lavasa

India’s Biggest Martial Arts Festival concludes at Lavasa


India’s Biggest Arts Festival organised by Chitah Yajnesh Shetty -President of Chitah JKD Global Sports Federation & Empty Hand Combat India and Hill City Lavasa, has concluded successfully. Organised between 18th to 20th April 2014, the event attracted international exponents of various martial art forms, including Mr Cosmo Zimik – Director of Empty Hand Warrior – Juveniles Mentor Program, USA; Mr. Daniel Chris Docto – Myua Thai Mission Krabi, Thailand; Mr. Sameer Ali Khan – Mixed Martial Art Master from Afghanistan; and Mr Saru Veerji ,Shaolin Kung fu Scholar from Nepal. Participants came from 6 nations and 12 Indian states.


The festivel began with flying dragon parade, similar to the ones held in China. It was a hit among the participants. Participants and visitors witnessed seminar’s workshops, tournaments, exhibitions etc.Scot Wrighton, City Manager for Lavasa Corp, opened the exhibition, which displayed the begnings of the arts to even popular cinema with martial arts theme.


Lavasa also announced “Cheetah JKD LAVASA – Advance Module Academy.” Mr. Nathan Andrews, President Lavasa, said “Martial arts can be made as a career now. People can have a healthy lifestyle and India can also produce outstanding martial artists in future.”


Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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