Ignitee, India’s premier digital agency unveils its 2nd campaign for ASKME.

: Ignitee, India’s premier digital agency unveils its 2nd campaign for ASKME.

After the stupendous success of it’s “askme anything” campaign, Ignitee is very proud to roll

out the path breaking askmebazaar campaign with Shopping queen Kangana Ranaut.

askmebazaar.com, the SME marketplace business of ASKME, has signed up Bollywood celebrity

Kangana Ranaut as the “Shopping Queen” and launched a 360 degree advertising campaign on

TV and digital platforms

askmebazaar.com is a unique digital (online & mobile) marketplace that enables merchants

to reach out to markets & consumers beyond traditional offline models. While doing so,

askmebazaar.com takes away the issues associated with delivery and payments thus ensuring

that SMEs focus on their core business thereby creating value proposition for online consumer

in providing widest choices at best prices on askmebazaar.com which otherwise are out of their


Entire story and tenor of the Campaign and creative treatment is fun and tightly knitted around

the aforementioned thesis.

Similarly, our choice in Narayan Sri as director and his shop was guided by his experiences in

creating larger than life work and yet tie it with common man on the street.

Entire campaign resonates tenets of askmebazaar as a platform: wide range of products, best

deals n prices, ease of use in transacting, experience across payments n delivery of SKUs.

Kangana is seen as the Shopping Queen in the campaign, having fun in shopping the wide range

of products/brands and is seen availing herself of best deals available on askmebazaar.com.

Sporting a Fashion Tiara as the Shopping Queen ,she is seen interacting with an interesting

character in “Narad Muni” while she shops endlessly on askmebazaar.com across web, mobile

and an India wide number in 04444444444 (0-ten times 4).

Kangana communicates unambiguously the core offering from askmebazaar.com in

destinations viz. Fashion Kiosk, DealGuru and EasyBuy or just call

For execution of this campaign, we chose Maxus (GroupM) on the basis of their demonstrated

strength and understanding of new economy businesses and their experience in positioning

brands in respective TG across media environment that’s fill of clutter n noise.

This campaign will further build on the currently running “askme anything ” campaign which is

creating a huge buzz in the market.

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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