I can win BIG BOSS this season………future predictor ATLANTA KAASHHYAP.

I can win BIG BOSS this season………future predictor ATLANTA KAASHHYAP.

Is it possible that a 21year old model Atlanta Kaashhyap is a future predictor? Hard to believe but yes it is true if she says something, it always comes true. Now she is challenging to the makers of Big Boss, that if she gets a chance to participate in this season, she will hit the jackpot…..

When we had an opportunity to meet this beautiful and gorgeous future predictor her living style and appearance was totally different from others. We met Atlanta at her residence she seemed to be living in fairy tale world, her eyes seems to speak a lot. Regarding her journey from model to future predictor, she says that when she was in age of 13, her friends used to tease her by calling her ‘kali zaban’ which means black tongue as whatever she used to say it used to come true, and because of this she lost many good friends as they were scared as if she says something bad that also would come out as true, which resulted in her going into a lot of depression.

She herself was so much surprised as she was unaware of this god gifted talent of future prediction. To come out of her depression she started meeting many religious people saints, sanyasi & mahagurus to find out the reason behind her kundali secret? In this process she learnt many things specially about the importance of Kundali in a person’s life. She says that till now she is learning a lot, according to her there are a lot of unknown facts & mysteries of human life which she is still trying to learn.

When asked about her prediction on world cup 20-20 which came perfectly true as the situation of the match during that time was very tough and unflexible, she says whatever is bound to happen she says that, further she confesses that she is only the medium of god, because it is a popular phrase ‘wahi hota hai jo manzure khuda hota hai’, if you believe in god with pure heart, one day you can win this whole world she adds.

Atlanta says that since childhood she had a soft corner for poor people and she was into donating things like her pocket money, clothes, chocolates and other things, nowadays she is inspired by Salman Khan who is known for his sympathy towards needy people, many people criticize him by saying that he does it for publicity sake, so why not people should know about Salman’s good work and nature, why one should criticize him instead of praising?

When asked that what is the reason behind her prediction coming true? She replies that she don’t know, many astrologers also have made predictions on her reading as she keep on getting mails from all over the world, recently she got so many mails from famous astrologers who predicted her sign, name, kundli and want to meet her.

What is her latest future prediction? Atlanta replied “I will say about myself because I don’t want to target anybody, so I want to say only one thing that if I get an opportunity to enter in this season of Big Boss, it is my challenge that I will surely win, this is my future prediction about myself and the full money that I will get will be donated to poor people”.

Atlanta says that she doesn’t want to force any one, but people should know about their astrologic issues.

Pro Wasim Siddique


Aziz Zee’s Film “Fattu Saala” Towards Completion.

Banner: – M.A.D Man Movies in Association with Sugar Candy Productions Present Psychotic brother

Directed By Aziz Zee, Produced By Dharmesh, D.O.P/Editor/VFX-Mohamed Jaffer, Story/Dialogues/Screenplay- Aziz Zee, Mohamed Jaffer, Wasim Khan

The Film stars Aziz Zee, Shawar Ali, Mummaith Khan, Dj Akbar Sami, Ishq Bector, Shakir Shaikh, Nimti Vaishvan, Amrita Dubey, Dev Aich, Sarfaraz, Shabir Khan.

Media Consultant:-Parul Chawla (Picture N Kraft)


Dr Akshay Batra sworn in as President of The Trichological Society, London

-The first Indian and non-UK doctor to preside over an international body in the UK

-The prestigious “President’s Day” Ceremony held outside of the UK for the first time

-His book on hair launched

Mumbai, 6 Sep 2012: Dr Akshay Batra, Managing Director, Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic Pvt. Ltd, was today sworn in as the President of The Trichological Society of London, becoming the first Indian ever to preside over the worldwide Society. This is the first time an Indian and non-British has been elected to the highest post in the Society. Dr Barry Stevens, Trichologist and Hair Scientist; and Founder, The Trichological Society felicitated Dr Akshay Batra at a glittering ceremony at Nehru Centre in Mumbai where the book titled, “Hair: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know”, written by Dr Akshay Batra – the third generation homeopath, was also launched.

Said Dr Akshay Batra, who was anointed as the President of the Society for 2012-14 and also bestowed upon the Official Chain of Society, “I am deeply honoured. It is a matter of great pride for me to have been elected as the President of The Trichological Society of London. The science of Trichology in India will get a boost. Many more doctors in India will get a deep understanding of the science of hair.”

Speaking on the event, Dr Akshay Batra said, “Hair has a significant medical connect. By looking at hair, one can diagnose many diseases, which may otherwise go unnoticed, such as heart disease, PCOD, diabetes, thyroid and anaemia. Diabetes can be found out in a hair test before it can be found out in a blood test. Hair also has a social aspect. Healthy hair denotes confidence, while hair loss is associated with inferiority complex, low self-esteem, depression, loss of job and divorce or break-up in a relationship.”

Dr Akshay Batra added, “We conducted a survey among 4000 people at Dr Batra’s to find out how they feel about hair. The results illustrate the importance people bestow to their hair and also how far they would go to retain and take care of it.

1. A whopping 81% of women and 76% of men prefer alternative medicine for their hair loss as opposed to conventional medicine.

2. Over 70% of respondents believe bald men look 5-10 years older than their age.

3. As high as 70% of women understand that hair loss is a medical problem — and, correctly so!

4. As high as 85% of all respondents believe that hair is the most important aspect of their appearance and over 80% feel that baldness would affect their self-esteem.

5. Interestingly, men spend a higher amount of money, every month, looking after their hair than women – some as high as Rs.10, 000!”

The Trichological Society has presence in 20 countries. For the past 13 years, it was run by doctors from the UK. The Society is advisor to BBC Watchdog, The Guinness Book of World Records, The Hair Cosmetics Industry and Who Wants to be a Millionaire (US). Also, imminent members of the Society are expert witnesses in courts of law in the UK, in civil and criminal matters; and are called to depose as expert witnesses to solve crime and civil suits by examining hair!

Dr Barry Stevens, who founded the Trichological Society in London in 1999, said, “Trichology as a branch of medicine is at a nascent stage in India and Asia. With Dr Akshay Batra’s leadership, the Trichological Society will become more focused on Asia and develop this scientific study in this part of the world. People suffering from hair problems here will benefit amply from developments in this field. Dr Akshay Batra’s immense contributions to the scientific study of hair and scalp have helped establish him as one of the world’s leading Trichologist. Through his new book, “Hair: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know”, he has offered his in-depth knowledge and understanding about hair to the people.”

“Hair: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know” (pp 228; Price: Rs 250) is published by Embassy Books. This book Hair is intended as a one-stop-guide to making informed decisions about hair. Packed with easy everyday do’s and don’ts to follow, grooming and styling tips to practice, and the most reliable remedies for hair problems including hair loss and premature balding, Hair is an invaluable resource.

Writing with a maturity that belies his young years, and a simple courage that characterizes them, Dr Akshay Batra through a balance of research-based and experiential information, provides practical solutions and responsible advice for common and not so common hair ailments. His observations are clear and crisp as well as free of technical or medical jargon.




Mumbai, 5th September 2012: Acclaimed director Karan Johar along with debut actors Varun Dhawan, Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt from his upcoming and highly anticipated film ‘Student of the Year’, celebrated Teachers Day with 92.7 Big FM, India’s No. 1 FM Radio Station and Broadcaster of the Year at the Golden Mikes. The cast and crew were seen reminiscing their childhood school memories as well as sharing some interesting experiences while they were shooting for the film.

Having received rave reviews from audiences and critics alike for all the films Karan Johar has directed so far, his latest offering is a much anticipated one as the industry looks forward to his latest discoveries. Interestingly King Khan, who has been the protagonist in most of Karan’s movies, has played a big role in the direction of ‘Student of the Year’. A light romantic comedy, the film stars three young newcomers to the film industry Varun Dhawan, Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt.

During the press interaction at the 92.7 BIG FM studios, RJ Yamini interacted with the director and star cast as they spoke about the film, what audiences can expect from it, the exciting times they had shooting for it and more. In keeping with the sentiment of Teacher’s Day, they also talked about their school and college days, and shared interesting anecdotes about their teachers who made a difference in their lives while expressing their gratitude for them. 92.7 BIG FM will be playing all of the songs from the film as a prelude to the film’s launch which is scheduled for 19th October this year.

About Reliance Broadcast Network Ltd.

Reliance Broadcast Network Limited is a multi-media entertainment conglomerate with play across radio, television, intellectual properties, television production and out of home. It is part of the Reliance Group and specializes in creating and executing integrated media solutions for brands. It houses the following verticals: 92.7 BIG FM – India’s largest FM Network with 45 stations, reaching over 4 crore Indians each week; BIG CBS Networks – A joint venture with CBS Studios International offering 3 English Entertainment Channels – Prime, Love, Spark and a regional general entertainment Channel for the PCHP region – Spark Punjabi; BIG MAGIC – a regional general entertainment channel for the Hindi heartland; BIG PRODUCTIONS – the television content production division, catering to the creative needs of the Indian television landscape and BIG STREET – which acquires and markets long term premium out of home inventory. The Company also distributes Bloomberg UTV, India’s premier business news channel as part of its television bouquet. For more information log on to: www.reliancebroadcast.com

For further Information:

Richie Mehta I 9920020730 I richie.mehta@reliancebroadcast.com


Poonam Pandey: Will she ever strip?

The bold and bodylicious starlet Poonam Pandey carved a niche for herself in 2011 with the promise to strip if India won the World Cup. Well that promise did not see the light of day, but the self-confessed patriot – Ms Pandey, definitely became a national celebrity overnight!

This week on zoOm’s hit show All Most Famous, Poonam has a candid discussion with Simi Chandoke on where she disappeared to post her nationally televised claim to reveal all. She also talks about her eagerness to update her fans with her sizzling photos and videos. From her obsession with sharing her bedroom and bathroom secrets to her foot-in-mouth statements, Poonam bares all… pun intended!

Catch Poonam Pandey at her talkative best on All Most Famous on 11th September, Tuesday, 7.30 p.m only on zoOm- India’s No.1 Bollywood Channel.

Best Regards,


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T +91 22 3025 3536

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The Phoenix Complex B wing

4th Floor Senapati Bapat Marg

Lower Parel Mumbai -13 India



Veena in finland to support women’s rights

First time Bollywood Starlets Veena Malik shows her love interest in art and she went to Finland to collaborate with Finland best known visual artist Vesa Kivinen. Together they will create five varied art pieces that focus into finding common ground and beauty over the usually promoted differences between the East and the West. It is first collaborating painting of Vesa Kevinen and Veena which will be never repeat in future by anyone.

Veena Said, “I feel very glad that Finland well known visual artist Vesa Kivinen called me to work with him. I didn’t come here just for the art love but the main motive behind this is to support women rights.”

Veena and Vesa collaborating art profits will go towards a charitable organization promoting women’s rights in Pakistan. Veena always came forward to support different charitable trust including WHO. Vesa Kivinen is best known in Finland for his collaboration with Leif Segerstam’s “Völvan” symphony, and his charity project with Miss Finland Noora Hautakangas.

Media Contacts:
Scribes INC- The PR Company

Satish Reddy
Mobile : 09167115564
Email : sateshreddey@yahoo.com

Abhishek Dubey
Mobile : 09699384240
Email : abhiscribesinc@gmail.com

Nilofer Ansari
Mobile : 07303854885
Email : niloferscribes@gmail.com


Madhushree’s new devotional album – SIDDHIVINAYAK, based on songs to Lord Ganesha released at Siddhivinayak temple

Madhushree Bhattacharya, Bollywood’s leading playback singer lends her honeyed voice to the new album, named SIDDHIVINAYAKA, which is a tribute to Lord Ganesha, on the auspicious festival of Ganapati. The co-artists in the album are Anup Jalota, Sumit Tappo, Jayant Pingulkar, Gaura Srivastava, Tushar Joshi, Sumit Saretha, Robby Badal and Vivek Badal. Robby Badal, Tushar Joshi and Vivek Badal have done the arrangement. The tracks in the album are Gaiye Ganpati, Jay Dev, Vakratunda, Om Gang Ganpatye and Jay Ganesh.

Madhushree who was recently nominated for her Tamil song ‘Un Pere Theriyathu’ at the 59th Filmfare Awards South for Best Singer (2012), is also gearing up to release her latest set of unique solo singles. This will be the first time she has experimented and given a new twist to her songs. Madhushree experiments with a new unique concept for these songs. There will be one song which she will sing in 3 languages, namely Hindi, Bengali and Tamil. Each language will have 3 versions to it. There will be the original, the remixed version and the unplugged version. The songs will have a romantic melodious theme to it, which is quintessentially her style. She is also working on 3 videos of the songs, which should release shortly.

The singer, who became widely known after working with Oscar winner A. R. Rahman was awarded best playback singer by The Hub in 2009. She has also won many awards for her performances, including the Stardust award of Best Female Playback Singing Sensation (2005) for the song ‘Kabhi Neem Neem’ from the movie ‘Yuva’, and Best Singer award at AV Max (2006). In 2007, she accompanied her mentor A. R. Rahman on a world tour, where she enthralled international audiences in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai. Her most remarkable performance was at the prestigious Hollywood Ball (2006) in L.A., where she sang alongside A.R. Rahman.

In a short time, the singer who has sung songs such as, ‘Sharminda Hoon’, ‘Tum Bin Bataye’, ‘Yar Mila Tha’ and ‘Mahi Ve’, has become one of the most sought after playback singers in Bollywood. She has lent her melodious honeyed voice to most of the A-list actresses, ranging from Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Rani Mukherjee, Katrina Kaif, Preity Zinta and so on. She has sung along side with renowned singers such as A. R. Rahman, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsale, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and others. She became known across the industry for her extensive vocal range. She sang in many movies ranging from Bollywood movies to south Indian movies. She currently sings in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali.

Some of her more famous Bollywood compositions are: ‘Sharminda Hoon – Ek Deewana Tha’, ‘Tum Bin Bataye – Rang De Basanti’, ‘In Lamhon Ke – Jodha Akbar’, ‘Ek Meetha Marz Dede – Welcome to Sajjanpur’, ‘Sau Janam – What’s your Raashee?’, ‘Baazi Lagaa – Guru’, ‘Mahi Ve – Kal Ho Na Ho’, ‘Yar Mila Tha – Blue’ and so on. Her Tamil hits include songs such as: ‘Marudhani’, ‘Naan Kanuvugal’, ‘Ragasiya Kanuvugal’, ‘Ithukkuthana’,’Vaaji Vaaji’, ‘Piddikum’, Mavilirage’, ‘Vaigasi Nilave’, ‘Sanda Kodi Kodi’, ‘Ding Dong’, ‘Thai Sonna’, and many others. She has also already released independent albums. They are ‘Vande Mataram – Meri Awaz Suno’, ‘Kuch Pal… Romantic Moments With Madhushree’and ‘Lagi Lagan’. Lagi Lagan, released by A. R. Rahman became a huge success. She has definitely become a name to reckon with in the playback music.
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Madhushree-2.jpeg Madhushree-2.jpeg
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Mamta_sharma__Robby_Badal_madhushree___nana_Patekar.JPG Mamta_sharma__Robby_Badal_madhushree___nana_Patekar.JPG
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Madhushree__Nana_Patekar__mamta_Sharma__president_Women_Welfare_Association__Robby_Badal___Nirma_samant_Prabhavalkar__former_mayor_.JPG Madhushree__Nana_Patekar__mamta_Sharma__president_Women_Welfare_Association__Robby_Badal___Nirma_samant_Prabhavalkar__former_mayor_.JPG
409K View Download
Madhushree__Nana_Patekar__mamta_Sharma__president_Women_Welfare_Association__Robby_Badal___Nirma_samant_Prabhavalkar__former_mayor_1.JPG Madhushree__Nana_Patekar__mamta_Sharma__president_Women_Welfare_Association__Robby_Badal___Nirma_samant_Prabhavalkar__former_mayor_1.JPG
367K View Download
Mamta_sharma__Robby_badal__madhushree__nana_Patekar__Nirmala_samant_Prabhavalkar.JPG Mamta_sharma__Robby_badal__madhushree__nana_Patekar__Nirmala_samant_Prabhavalkar.JPG
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Nana_Patekar___Madhushee1.JPG Nana_Patekar___Madhushee1.JPG
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Nana_Patekar___Madhushree.JPG Nana_Patekar___Madhushree.JPG
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Nana_patekar__singer_Madhushree___Music_dir_Robby_Badal.JPG Nana_patekar__singer_Madhushree___Music_dir_Robby_Badal.JPG
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Oscar associates with Emraan Hashmi starrer
Raaz 3

As part of the annual innovations strategy, Oscar stylised inners have chosen to associate with the upcoming movie Raaz 3 which stars their current product endorser Emraan hashmi in the lead opposite gorgeous BipashaBasu and the young starletEsha Gupta. Directed by Vikram Bhatt and released by Fox Star Studios’ this third movie in the horror series Raaz 3 is keenly awaited by the audiences and is due for release on 7th September.

Oscar garments a well-known brand for their men’s innerwear and range of vests collection, is expanding their product portfolio by launching a youth wear collection under a new brand name called Oscar Jeans. Oscar has had a long term association with Emraan hashmi to promote their innerwear range and now they are looking at newer avenues like movies & entertainment to target the youth which forms their core consumer segment for their upcoming range of products.

Adds Mr. Suresh Jhawar M.D. Network Industries Pvt. Ltd. “we are happy to be associated with Raaz3 and feel the film has a very mass appeal and caters to a very wide target segment which is also the consumer base for our range of products”

Latika Chindarkar
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This Love story begins where most love stories End

Sony Entertainment Television Presents

Your browser may not support display of this image.

Kyunki inki kahaani yahaan khatam nahi….balki yahaan se shuru hoti hai

~ Starting September 10, 2012 on Sony Entertainment Television ~

Mumbai, Wednesday, September 5th 2012: Girl meets boy, boy meets girl, they fall in love, they get married, then begins a romantic journey but somewhere in the twists and turns of life things start falling apart and they are driven apart almost to a point of no return, but destiny has something else in store for them as this story does not end here but starts from here. Hongey Judaa Na Hum….the latest offering from Sony Entertainment Television is all set to mesmerize audiences with a heart-warming romantic saga. Starring actor Aamna Sharif who makes her comeback on television with this show paired opposite noted actor Raqesh Vashisht, Sony presents its viewers with uninterrupted moments filled with powerful drama, unpredictable twists and much more with the invigorating story of Hongey Judaa Na Hum that premieres on September 10, 2012 every Monday to Thursday at 9:00 p.m.

Hongey Judaa Na Hum Produced by Shri Adhikari Brothers, vividly traces the journey of this young couple Rohan (played by Raqesh) and Muskaan (Played by Aamna) and their tryst with destiny. It is a passionate story of loving, losing and rediscovering love. It is a volatile narrative which teaches us that someone can be erased from your mind but getting them out of your heart is another story altogether. The show explores the story of a young married couple who are diametrically opposite individuals, who think and behave differently and hail from different socio-economic backgrounds. They don’t agree on much, in fact they rarely agree on everything. They fight all the time and challenge each other almost every day, but despite their differences they have one thing in common, they are crazy about each other.

Announcing the show, Ms Sneha Rajani, Senior EVP and Business Head, Sony Entertainment Television said, “Sony has never shied away from pushing the envelope as far as content goes, it has always been our endeavor, to entertain and engage our viewers through unique concepts, with differentiated slice of life content and compelling programming. Fiction programming is the foundation for any GEC and we are committed to work with some of the finest creative minds and talent in the industry to bring alive the fiction genre. Hongey Judaa Na Hum is another attempt in this direction and we are happy to partner with Sri Adhikari Brothers to present this brilliant show to our audiences.”

Adding to this, said, “Vivek Bahl, Chief Creative Director, Sony Entertainment Television, “In a world that’s getting faster & more practical every day, Hongey Judaa Na Hum is a show that refreshingly begs you to ignore your mind… & follow your heart…! Today, audiences thrive for a good family entertainer, one that they can sit and watch together. We hope to deliver that promise with this compelling love story on SET. We are confident that Hongey Judaa Na Hum will additionally strengthen and spruce up our weekday fiction programming with its unique storyline.”

Talking about the show, Ravi Adhikari Producer & Paritosh Painter Producer said, “Hongey Judaa Na Hum, is a unique love story. And it’s all about destiny. If you are destined to meet someone or be with someone than nobody or no power can change that. All of us sometime in life must have played the game ‘Joining the dots’. First the dots don’t make any sense but then as you start joining them you realize it develops into a beautiful image. Hongey Judaa Na hum is an intense love story where the couple Muskaan & Rakesh have a life full of dots making no sense at all, but as they start connecting those dots suddenly they begin to realize that the dots will somehow connect in their future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. And our guts say that the audiences are going to love the show, the characters and the story” –

Hongey Judaa Na Hum includes a stellar star cast that comprises of the charming and gracious Aamna Sharif along with noted actors like Raqesh Vashisht, Aamir Ali, Ayub Khan, Dipshikha Nagpal, Suhasini Mullay along with others.

Tune in to Sony Entertainment Television as a myriad of emotions and situations come alive on Hongey Judaa Na Hum every Monday to Thursday starting September 10, 2012 at 09:00 p.m.

About Sony Entertainment Television:

Sony Pictures Television (SPT) backs Multi Screen Media Private Limited, which is India’s leading television network. It comprises of Sony Entertainment Television (SET), one of India’s leading Hindi general entertainment channels; MAX, India’s premium Hindi movies and special events channel, SAB; a family comedy entertainment channel; SIX, a premier sports entertainment channel, PIX, the English movie channel and MIX a refreshing Hindi music channel. Since its launch in October 1995, SET has created a unique space for itself in the Indian Television industry. Pioneering new waves in television programming, with blockbuster movie premieres, big format non – fiction shows and an impressive array of fiction shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati, Entertainment ke liye Kuch Bhi Karega, Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Kuch to Log Kahenge, Parvarrish, CID and Crime Patrol. Sony Entertainment Television has been providing strong platforms for over 700 brands to reach over 50 million households in India. In addition, Sony Entertainment Television is also available in US, UK, Africa, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives, Malaysia, Indonesia, Fiji Islands and Seychelles. In total, SET influences over 300 million viewers in the Indian sub-continent, and the South Asian Diaspora worldwide. Sony Entertainment Television is a part of the network of channels distributed by The One Alliance – a joint venture between Multi Screen Media Pvt. Ltd. and Discovery Communications India. Other channels in the One Alliance network include Sony HD, MAX, SAB, MIX, PIX, SIX, SIX HD, AXN, Animax, Aath, Discovery Channel, Discovery Channel Tamil, Animal Planet, TLC, Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo Discovery Kids and Discovery HD World, it also distributes the leading News network in the country – the TV Today Network channels – Headlines Today, Aaj Tak and Tez and the premium Sports’ channels – Neo Prime & Neo Sports.

For Further Information, please contact:
Sony Entertainment Television

Geetanjali Lahiri


+91 9819929411
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Controversial Model/Actress Gehana Vasisth, who is famous for the nude
photography and controversies, now completed shoot in indo-western
with one of the ace Fashion Photographer Shaan Banerjee,

Gehana Said, it was a lovely experience while shooting with shaan
photography, and will not do any type of controversial shoots further,
she also said as an actor role she have to be a part of many shoots,
but people in india has a narrow mind they place it in controversial
that I was not even part of that, so this time, I come up with some
different shoots, shoot held recently by one of my best friend and
talented photographer shaan banerjee.

On Asking why she has done a shoot which hampers our India’s Proud,
wearing Indian flag as a bikini. or who has given such a idea to do
shoot, which is against any people of india,

She remains quite for this answer and walks out from shooting set.

Shaan Banerjee Said, Gehana is one of the most cutest and sexiest
model, so he wants to shoot again with her, in a different way but not
controversial, shaan photography is famous for india’s largest
viewership of lesbian shoot, shoot by him 6 months back, shaan also
said he would like to do shoot with the two favorites models Yasmeen
Khan & Gehana Vasisht, Shaan Photography is coming up with most
glamorous shoot with Yasmeen Khan Ahead, shoot theme will be related
to Life in Kabul.


Yeh T20 hai boss… Na tameez se khela jaata hai… Na tameez se dekha jaata hai!

Pepsi, one of the global sponsors of ICC World Twenty20, 2012 Sri Lanka celebrates the way fans watch & enjoy T20 cricket


Ranbir Kapoor & M S Dhoni team up for the first time for the new campaign
Also starring: Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina and the Indian cricket fans


Link to the high res making video: Pepsi Na Tameez Campaign_Making of TVC_Aug 2012
Link to the high res TVC: Pepsi Na Tameez Campaign_Main TVC_Aug 2012

August 2012: After celebrating the unorthodox and immensely popular face of modern cricket last year; Pepsi is all set to change the way the sport is viewed by millions of cricket crazy fans in India. Being one of the global sponsors of the ICC World Twenty20 2012 Sri Lanka, Pepsi with its latest campaign aims to celebrate the nation’s zeal for the sport and more so the format. The new commercial for the biggest Twenty20 cricket extravaganza brings Bollywood superstar, Ranbir Kapoor and skipper, Mahendra Singh Dhoni together on-screen for the very first time. The campaign revolves around the passionate spirit of the young Indian Twenty20 cricket fans who enjoy watching the exciting format with the same irrepressible & unorthodox fervour reflected in the cricketers’ game on-field. A cricket fan himself, Ranbir shows the cricketers, including Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Suresh Raina the ‘Na Tameez’ the irreverent & zany side of T20 fans.

From the pure technical form of the game, cricket today has become entertaining, glamourous & action packed… and the Twenty20 fans today are not just cricket fans, they are ‘action fans’ lapping up this high-adrenaline, roller-coaster format. From unorthodox shots to bizarre field placing, Twenty20 is not played by the rules; it’s a No holds barred form of the game… and when it comes to the action-loving fans it’s a no-holds barred form of watching & celebrating the game. After all, Yeh T20 hai boss… na tameez se khela jaata hai… na tameez se dekha jaata hai!

Speaking about the new campaign Homi Battiwalla, Senior Director – Marketing (Colas, Juices & Hydration), PepsiCo India said, “Pepsi is strongly associated with cricket in India and we are delighted to be one of the global sponsors of ICC World Twenty20 2012 Sri Lanka – the biggest international cricket tournament this year. Our Change the Game campaign last year celebrated everything unorthodox about the way the sport is played; this year, we take forward the same philosophy and extend it to the millions of cricket fans in our country. In true Pepsi style, the campaign is irreverent and the Indian cricket fans, led by Ranbir Kapoor show how they Change the Game off-field”.

Ranbir Kapoor said, “Cricket as a sport has evolved over the years and the Twenty20 format is a testimony of that – its short, exciting and more over it’s changed the entertainment quotient associated with the sport. The latest Pepsi campaign reiterates that and brings forth the nation’s love for the sport in a refreshing twist. I am really excited about the ad film as it gave me an opportunity to work with one of the most celebrated captains of the Indian Cricket team, MS Dhoni for the first time.”

Adding further, Indian skipper, MS Dhoni said, “Fast paced and thrilling in its format, Twenty20 Cricket has changed the game on-field. Last year with Pepsi, we celebrated the new and innovative sporting moves and this year we take forward the concept to its fans. Just like we enjoy playing the sport and forget about everything else, fans too love the exciting format and watch it with complete fanaticism. It was a great experience shooting the commercial with Ranbir Kapoor, our celebrated cricketers and more importantly the fans of the sport.”

The ad film opens with the shot of a bus taking the cricketers breaking down in a busy neighbourhood. Suddenly, Ranbir Kapoor appears from top of the bus and starts interacting with the cricketers. They are taken by surprise when other fans in the area also join Ranbir to demonstrate their fun response to the cricketers’ playing format and some of their favourite shots. Witnessing the absolute craziness of the fans around, Dhoni finally asks Ranbir – “yaar yeh kya tameez hai?” to which the young actor responds in a quirky manner, ‘Yeh T20 hai boss, na tameez se khela jaata hai and then he’s joined by the fans who say, ‘na tameez se dekha jaata hai’.

“Our latest commercial for Pepsi focuses on the excitement and thrill with which the sport is viewed by millions of its fans in India and celebrates their passion in a never seen before manner. Just the way the Twenty20 format has bent the traditional rules; Indian cricket fans have bent the rules to watch the sport in their own irreverent style. Ranbir and Dhoni for the first time together is the added bonus and if I may add… their chemistry is sizzling” added, Surjo Dutt, Executive Creative Director – JWT India.

Pepsi will create a unique ‘Na Tameez’ experience for lucky Twenty20 cricket fans during the India matches. The brand is launching a contest for its fans on Facebook wherein they will be asked to answer two simple questions to be eligible to win passes for the ICC World Twenty20, scheduled to take place in Sri Lanka from September 18. 39 lucky winners will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch the India matches live. They will not watch the matches like regular ticket-holders but will get the best seats in the stadium in specially designed Pepsi dug-outs.

The excitement continues on Pepsi’s digital platforms by building around the hype, madness, unconventional incidents and crazy moments that are created off-field because of the action on-field, in a fun and quirky manner. Its initiatives on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Mobile etc are being launched with an aim to change the way the consumers watch, cheer and listen to the sport. In addition, Pepsi had also launched a first of its kind branded smart phone application in India.

For more details and excitement, join Pepsi’s Facebook community (https://www.facebook.com/PepsiIndia) and follow on Twitter (@PepsiIndia).

TVC details:

Creative Agency: JWT
Executive Creative Director: Surjo Dutt
Copywriters: Romit Nair, Megha Dutta, Chandni Kapur and Surjo Dutt
Executive Business Director: Saurabh Saksena
VP & Client Services Director: Kundan Joshee
TVC Director: Shujaat Saudagar
Producer: Ashit Gehlani
Music Director: Clinton Cerejo
TVC duration: 45sec
Language: Hindi / other regional
Media Planning: Mindshare

About PepsiCo India:

PepsiCo entered India in 1989 and has grown to become one of the largest food and beverage businesses in India. With an investment of over $1 billion, PepsiCo India has built an expansive beverage and snack food business supported by 38 beverage bottling plants and 3 food plants. PepsiCo India’s extensive portfolio includes iconic brands like Pepsi, Lay’s, Kurkure, Tropicana 100%, Gatorade, Quaker, and fast growing brands i.e. Nimbooz and Aliva.

PepsiCo India is driven by its global commitment to sustainable growth, Performance with Purpose, which works on four planks of replenishing water, partnering with farmers, waste to wealth and healthy kids. In 2009, PepsiCo India achieved a significant milestone, by becoming the first business to achieve ‘Positive Water Balance’ in the beverage world. In 2011, PepsiCo India gave back 8.3 billion liters more water than what it consumed, a fact verified by Deloitte Touché Tohmatsu India Pvt. Ltd. For more information, please visit www.pepsicoindia.co.in

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