Huma is a huge fan of Saif Ali Khan

Huma is a huge fan of Saif Ali Khan

The young actor has grown up on his films and has seen most of them over the years

She in fact has a collection of his films and has watched them over and over again.

Huma really likes the way Saif has experimented with his roles… He has worked in commercial films like Dil Chahta hai and Race and at the same time experimented with films like Being Cyrus, Ek Haseena thi.

He can carry solo films and at the same time effortlessly blend in ensemble casts.

Huma is always high on praise for the actor.

Sje wants to take a leaf from his book in her career as well. As an actor she always wants to be creative and experiment with her roles

Besides his movies Huma also feels he is very stylish and we’ll read.

She is an outsider in the industry who has made it out  her own… so when she met him and spoke to him for the first time she was mighty impressed with his knowledge and also at how humble he is as a person.

Says Huma  “I have grown up watching Saif’s films and Dil Chahata Hai has always been my favourite. I absolutely admire his his body of work from the films he has acted in to the kind of films he has produced so far.”

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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