Greetings from Junoon!

Greetings from Junoon!

2013 has been a year of comparative quietness in our conversations with you. In this time we have been consolidating our school and corporate programmes and most importantly, planning a public programme with the arts.

We are delighted to announce MUMBAI LOCAL – our community arts initiative. The dream is to build generous and inclusive communities of people across Mumbai. Our way – by embedding the arts into our collective neighbourhood experience.

We bring you regular monthly programming that will immerse us in unique engagements with the arts. Here, all of us – you, your friends, your family, a newcomer to the neighbourhood, that person you see every day but never meet – we can all come together for experiences that are inspirational, rejuvenating and unifying.

MUMBAI LOCAL launches in January 2014 with our first 4 partner venues – MCubed Library (Bandra W), Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum (Byculla E), Kitab Khana (Fort), and Somaiya Vidyavihar (Vidyavihar E). The schedule for January and February is below:




MCubed Library
Bandra (W)
every 1st Sat | 6pm

Sat 4 Jan | 6pm
Rajat Kapoor
theatre & film director

Sat 1 Feb | 6pm
Ajay Noronha
documentary film maker

Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum
Byculla (E)
every 2nd Sun | 5pm

Sun 12 Jan | 5pm
Dr R Vijayaraghavan

Sun 9 Feb | 5pm
Kerala percussion

Kitab Khana
every 3rd Fri | 6pm

Fri 17 Jan | 6pm
Dr Srilaja Nair
molecular biologist

Fri 21 Feb | 6pm
Ben Rivers (UK-Aus)
writer, educator & drama-therapist

Somaiya Vidyavihar
Vidyavihar (E)
4th Fri | 5:30 pm

Fri 24 Jan | 5:30 pm
Rajat Kapoor
theatre & film director

Fri 28 Feb | 5:30 pm
Ben Rivers (UK-Aus)
writer, educator & drama-therapist

In each of these venues, every month, you can savour the junoon of an artist or scientist presenting on a topic close to their hearts. Prepare to be surprised, to hear delightful new stories and enter wonderful new worlds. Prepare to feel wonderfully, intensely alive. 🙂

Over time, we seek to bring Mumbai Local to every neighbourhood in the city, add vibrancy to existing spaces, and slowly but surely make these wonderful and necessary collective experiences an ongoing, regular feature of our urban lives.

Entry is free and open to all. Come soon, come often, bring friends, bring neighbours – let’s come together and enjoy fantastic, inspiring creative addas right in the heart of our neighbourhoods.

Wishing you a wonderfully happy energised 2014!
Looking forward to seeing you soon, and often!

Warm regards
The Junoon Team ~
facebook/junoontheatre ~ twitter/JunoonTheatre #mumbailocalarts

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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