Grace residency of hotel at Andheri started its first venture

Hotel grace Residency at Andheri

Grace residency of hotel at Andheri started its first venture the director Neha Lakdawala who has recently finished her BA hons & Diploma in Hotel Management from Switzerland was very excited and said It has been designed keeping in mind the comfort and service of a 5 star which accommodate more than 35 rooms and is launching two more hotels in Bandra and lonavala.

Aditya raj kapoor said, “I am happy that the hotel also has two banquets with the capacity of 200 pax as there is need for people to cater for parties, corporate events, weddings and conference meetings”.

While Devshi khandhuri and Baba siddiqui was seen discussing the ambiance of the hotel and the rooftop restaurant overall all the guests was seen admiring the boutique hotel.

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This Mother’s Day…

P&G says Thank You to Mothers in a very special way

Bollywood actress Dia Mirza and Prachi Desai joined thousands of children who came together and pledged to fulfil every little wish, the mothers have of their children!

Mumbai, May 12th, 2012: Bandra’s Amphitheatre at Carter Road was a mesmerizing sight for many as the sky was illuminated with a glow emanating from the sacred love of a mother and child! P&G – the brand that is dedicated towards making the life of mothers easier through their range of products provided a unique platform for kids to thank their moms on the eve of Mother’s Day. Gorgeous actress Dia Mirza and Prachi Desai flanked by their very proud mothers graced the event. Dia Mirza and Prachi Desai sparked off the event when they penned their mothers’ wish on the wish lanterns and set it afloat in the sky! They were promptly joined by many other kids repeating the gesture and pledging to fulfil their Mother’s wish by penning them on their own wish lanterns.

A global survey commissioned by P&G across 12 countries in the Asia Pacific revealed that 55% of respondents in India expressed appreciation to their mothers infrequently whereas 23% of respondents in India could not even remember the last time they thanked their moms. The startling findings from the survey lead to the “Thank You Mom” campaign by P&G, creating a platform for children to thank the unsung heroes of their lives – their mothers!

Dia Mirza expressing her gratitude to P&G said: “My mom has been my biggest inspiration and my biggest support all through my life. I owe everything I have, to her. P&G is truly dedicated to touching and improving consumers’ lives and the ‘Thank You Mom’ campaign is a testament to this.I truly believe this is a great campaign, and it gives each one of us the perfect platform to tell our mothers how much we love them & how thankful we are to them.”

“Traditionally, across many cultures in Asia, mothers are considered to be the backbone of the family. But according to the P&G survey, it has come to light that 55% of Indians thank their mothers infrequently, and do not acknowledge the sacrifices they make. I’m very thankful to P&G for addressing this, and in turn giving us an opportunity to show our gratitude towards our moms. It is an honour for me to be involved with this great movement that recognizes moms across the country, and acknowledge their every day efforts to help their children succeed. My mom has been my philosopher and guide in every step of my life. I urge everyone to express gratitude towards their moms by fulfilling a wish for them this Mother’s Day”, said Prachi Desai.

The ‘Thank You Mom’ campaign was launched in conjunction to P&G’s Global partnership with the Olympic Movement to sponsor the next 5 Olympic Games till 2020. The company used this platform to honour and thank not just the moms of Olympic athletes, but every mom who does whatever it takes to make her child’s life the best it can be. We all know that whoever we are today, whatever we have achieved – we owe it to our mothers. And they all deserve to be thanked. P&G recognises the silent sacrifices that each mom makes in raising her child and provides a rare opportunity to everyone to thank their moms; with a deed, an action a gesture that we seldom express through this unique platform.


What’s going wrong with Movers and Shakers?

Movers and Shakers on Sony Entertainment Television used to be the most talked-about stand up comedy show a few years ago. But its latest avatar on Sab TV doesn’t seem to be catching on with the glory.

That, inspite of bagging celebrity guests like Anupam Kher, Govinda, Isha Khoppikar, Kader Khan, Mahi Gill, Mika Singh, Nupur Mehta, Om Puri, Sameera Reddy, Saroj Khan, Satish Kaushik, Shaan, Sonu Nigam, Sonu Sood, Sukhwinder Singh, Pakistani starlet Veena Malik and the Indian hockey team!

So what’s going wrong with M&S this time? The look, feel, format and suave host Shekhar Suman’s trademark wit is almost at par with the earlier edition. But the jokes, gags and punches are contributed by a different team now, apart from the show having a new director Shashant Shah, who also directed the touching film Dasvidaniya and the successful TV series The Great Indian Comedy Show.

The show’s earlier creative director Abhigyan Jha has moved on to direct his own show Jay Hind on the internet, followed by The Late Night Show on Colors with Sumeet Raghavan; the same host of Jay Hind.

Many feel that the similar formats of Movers and Shakers, Jay Hind and The Late Night Show have divided the viewership and diluted the M&S brand loyalty. Moreover, Shekhar’s favourite mimicry characters, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Laloo Prasad Yadav, are more or less absent now, as they are no longer viewed as frontrunners in Indian politics.

Also missing from the team is Dale Bhagwagar, now the Bollywood PR guru, who used to be Shekhar Suman’s personal publicist as well as the media manager of M&S for quite some time during its first innings. The public relations specialist is often credited for branding Shekhar as the First Superstar of Indian Television in the media.


Swarna Sai Real estate

Turning dream into reality

Today in the world of real estate where every now and then there are businesses sprouting like mushrooms, one name is here to make a change which is “Swarna Sai” real estate. They don’t follow conventions, they prefer to challenge them.

This estate agency is one of its kind and guarantees to turn dream into reality for those who wish to have a shelter over their head and live a relaxed life. Wherever you wish to purchase your house/office-in India or abroad (USA, Canada, England, France, China or Italy), Swarna Sai will make it available to you, as per your choice.

In the era where punctuality is disrespected and often the real estate agents make you wait or are unable to provide you the flat on time, Swarna Sai fulfills all the promises given on time. This agency not only gives you assurances on paper but also brings them to life. The worry of purchasing a farmhouse or an agricultural land or chateau or Condominiums, won’t be a worry anymore because with Swarna Sai be it anything, you name it and they serve you.

Swarna Sai’s Rajeev Singh told us, “Even today we treat our customers as god and we make flats and offices available to them as per their choice and budget. We deal with our clients like a family member would because our satisfaction is in their satisfaction. We don’t believe in giving the service and forgetting about it, rather we want our relation with the client to grow stronger with each passing day. Apart from this if our client faces problems from the builder’s side; we also help them legally without charging them for our services. We not only provide our clients with a house/office as per their budget but also take care of the finance and insurance and allow our client to make payment as per their comfort because we believe in taking care of our client’s comfort.”

If you amongst those harassed by the estate agents who do not provide you with services want all these facilities under one roof then you ought to contact Swarna Sai real estate and to know more about Swarna Sai you can visit


Indian born, US based Screenplay writer wins ‘BEST SCREENPLAY’ award

Screenwriters are the foundation of any film, yet they seldom get noticed for their work. It’s even rarer for an Indian living overseas to get recognition as a screenwriter. Today we bring you an interview with Amanda Sodhi who recently won her first international Award for the ‘Best Screenplay’ for the internationally acclaimed, feature-film Life! Camera Action… at the 28th Goldie Film Awards 2012 where the film was bestowed with top 9 most popular and special board of directors award. Produced & Directed by Rohit Gupta, the film is “both powerfully moving and rigorously intelligent” (Bollywood Trade) and has won enormous recognition around the world.

Screenwriter, director, lyricist, vocalist, model, journalist, copywriter, Amanda is a woman of many talents, as you will soon find out, when you read through the transcript below.

-You have been nominated twice earlier so how does it feel to win your first award?

It feels awesome since this is the first entertainment-industry related award I have won, that, too, for the first film I worked on. There is always something special about firsts. 

-How did you get to work on Life! Camera Action…? 

Rohit’s friend sent out an email thread in 2009 mentioning Rohit is looking for short film scripts and I responded to the email. Before we knew the project went from a short to a feature length film. I had never imagined the film would travel to so many film festivals globally and win so many awards and nominations. Clearly the film has struck a chord with film festival judges, which is awesome. 

-How does the film resonate with you personally? 

AS: Well, I co-wrote the film so it definitely resonates with me in many ways…too many ways for me to really list out.

-While working on Life! Camera Action… were you given any specific restrictions for the characters or the plot that you had to work within?

AS: No, in fact Rohit gave me complete freedom to submit whatever script I wanted to, so I had no restrictions. Eventually, things did change a bit during the filming-there was a lot of improvisation in terms of the dialogues. The entire scripting process was very unusual and unique-we never had a bound script. We had a complete short film script I had submitted, and the project was tentatively titled The Last Shot. During the actual filming the film ended up becoming longer than expected so we went back and added scenes to expand upon the content as Rohit realized the film had feature length potential. And voila, Life! Camera Action… was born and The Last Shot was a portion within the film.

-How do you feel about the success of Life! Camera Action…?

AS: I never imagined the film would do so well and when I wrote it in 2009 I didn’t know it would turn into a feature length project. It definitely feels good when your work is affirmed by so many people. It’s very interesting to see that Life! Camera Action… would have so many screenings outside of India but not a single one in India. Honestly, the success of the film feels very surreal, and I strongly feel I have a long way to go. I’m still in the struggle period of my career. Nonetheless, Life! Camera Action… and its success has been an excellent launch-pad for me as a writer. I hope the film continues to travel and reach people around the world, and inspire people to follow their dreams, and I also hope that each and every person associated with the film achieves the goals they have set for themselves. 

-Can you give some details about how your interest in film developed and in particular your interest in writing for film?

AS: I have always been interested in films, and writing has been a form of release for me. I knew since I was a kid that this was the industry I wanted to be a part of…an industry where you take people out of their daily lives and have their undivided attention for a few hours and while taking them into a totally different world. I knew I wanted to be a part of the film and music industry ever since I was a child. I learned Hindi through films. In fact I even learned to read and write in Hindi because of my passion for films. I didn’t know when I was a kid that screenplays in Bollywood are also written in English, so I ended up learning to read and write in Hindi (laughs). Writing, filmmaking, music…it all fulfills me very much.

-You wrote and directed two short movies recently-The Dance of Death and Through Bloodshot Eyes-how did these develop? How did you approach the process of making?

AS: I had a few short film scripts I had written a few years back, including Through Bloodshot Eyes and The Dance of Death. I had been pitching them to other filmmakers, and it didn’t work out, so I began contemplating making the films on my own whenever I move to India. Well, I ended up moving to LA from Washington, DC last year the DP I worked with pointed out since the locations are indoors it didn’t make sense to wait to go to India to film. So, from there the journey began. Everything fell into place automatically and too fast for me to process. I didn’t have much of a budget to work with since I was making the films on my own, so I feel very fortunate that everyone I sent the script to agreed to volunteer for both films because they believed in the scripts. I didn’t face much difficulty during the pre-production and production section although a few hiccups did happen during post-production. I feel very blessed to have worked with such a talented cast and crew.

-What’s your writing process like? Do you outline/write a treatment before starting? Do you have any particular writing process you follow when you begin to write a screenplay?

AS: Oh yes, for feature length screenplays I like to develop an outline to guide me so I don’t get lost or overwhelmed during the writing process. When I work on a short film screenplay, though, I usually make sure I have the entire plot figured out in my mind and then subsequently write it down in one sitting without an outline.

The issue of “movies for women” often comes up at festivals.

-Do you feel that as a female writer, you can do a better job of telling a woman’s story? 

AS: No, I don’t think that only women can do a good job of telling a woman’s story. There are many male writers and directors in both the US and in India who have made wonderful films with strong female protagonists including Rohit Gupta (LIFE! CAMERA ACTION…), Vishal Bhardwaj, the team of writers from Kahaani, Anurag Kashyap, etc, and when I recently saw a few short films at IFFLA in April I realized there are many short filmmakers who are men who have also made excellent films focusing on women. 

-Any advice to people starting off in this field before getting their feet wet?

AS: Be logical about the strategy you use to break into the industry. Network with people, be persistent, and take on gigs regularly to build your portfolio and interact with others from the field. If you really want something badly and are intelligent in your approach, you will find a way to achieve it-it’s as simple as that.

LIFE! CAMERA ACTION… is an inspiring, artful edge-of-your-seat family drama and one of the most-awarded and best-reviewed films of the year.” (Bollywood Trade), “The filmtakes the viewer on a roller coaster ride of emotions leading to introspection” (Bangladesh Chronicle). Film stars an ensemble award winning cast led by actress Dipti Mehta, Shaheed Woods, John Crann, Noor Naghmi & Swati Kapila among others and an award winning song sung by Bollywood singer KK.

Watch the trailer:



ndian superstar Vidya Balan in Melbourne for the Indian Film Festival

Today, Vidya Balan the brand ambassador of the Indian Film festival represented Indian cinema on an international forum in Melbourne. The Indian Film Festival – Bollywood and Beyond is an annual celebration of Indian cinema in all its forms. From Hindi blockbusters to Bengali arthouse, the festival takes its show on the road across Australia and New Zealand along with award-winning film makers and the biggest stars of Indian cinema as our special guests including Rani Mukherjee, Aamir Khan, Juhi Chawla, Vidya Balan and Arbaaz Khan. The festival premieres many new movies on the big screen and provides a unique platform for upcoming film makers through its Short Film Competition and showcases their winning films in cinemas and on television. The festival will showcase the best viewed movies of 2011, in various languages, highlighting integral origins of National and International Cinema.

Please find below a link to the press conference video:

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We see Victoria’s diversity – our arts industry, our affinity with sport, our food and wine, culture, our raw natural beauty, and our international urban style – as an incredible asset. And as Victoria’s dedicated tourism agency, we’re inspired to promote our state, to attract more visitors and create greater economic opportunities for our partners. Our work encourages Australia, and the rest of the world, to experience everything Victoria has to offer.
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CHENNAI, May 10, 2012 _ Actress Namitha ushered in her birthday on Thursday at the studios of 92.7 BIG FM, Chennai’s No. 1 Melody station and winner of the Golden Mikes Broadcaster of the Year Award, and interacted with the listeners is an exclusive program titled “Anything for Machans.”

The noted actress, who addresses her fans as “Machans”, spoke in length about her successful career in Tamil cinema before cutting a cake in celebration of her birthday in the packed studios. Namitha also selected five of the listeners for a special gift and a greeting card signed personally by her.


“Underground” producer Hemant Nilim Das threatened by North-Eastern Ultras

Producer and director of India’s first Uncut film Hemant Nilim Das’ was threatened by an alleged militant organization from the North-Eastern sector on Wednesday night. The call was received by Associate Producer R Franklyn who said that a caller claiming allegiance to the USLF or United September Liberation Front threatened Hemant Nilim Das with dire consequences to his family and himself if his film portrayed the ‘organizations working for the liberation of the North Eastern people in poor light’.

Hemant Nilim Das has not yet registered an official police complaint and is discussing with his lawyers about the right course of action. Dismissing the threat, Hemant Nilim Das said that he has researched the subject matter of his film for over one year and has got all his facts right. “No doubt it is a controversial subject and I am not scared for such threats,” he said. According to R Franklyn, the USLF is a comparatively unknown organization and they are probably vieying for some publicity themselves. Filing a police complaint will give them what they are looking for, he said.

The film Underground which features Rekha Rana and two other well-known actors, with a special appearance by DJ Jenny D in a promotional video for the film, was recently completed after being shot in a bunker on the Indo-Chinese border. It is produced and directed by Hemant Nilim Das. The film is likely to be released in end-June this year, say sources.

The story of the film revolves around the murder of an activist who was killed by alleged terrorists in the North-Eastern belt of India. The three protagonists in the film are captured by terrorists and imprisoned in an underground bunker.

This is not the first time that Hemant Nilim Das has received threats about his film. About a month ago, similar threats were made by another north-eastern outfit demanding that he scrap the project.

Underground stars Nihar Thakkar in the role of a son of Pakistani diplomat while Awadesh Mishra, a national award-winning actor plays the role of a NGO activist who was kidnapped by a terrorist organization way back in 1997 from a north-eastern river island.


Spotted: Anurag Kashyap and Abhimanyu Singh at Mumbai Airport

Actor Abhimanyu Singh who was going to Patna for the promotion of his serial Upanishad Ganga bumped into director Anurag Kashyap who coincidentally was also going Patna for the promotion of his upcoming Film Gangs of Wasseypur at Mumbai airport.

Anurag who directed Abhimanyu’s first debut movie “Gulal” seemed keen to know about the serial Upanishad Ganga where Abhimanyu dons 33 different roles.

Replying to the queries Abhimanyu said, “It’s an amazing serial and to play 33 roles for a 52 episode serial was like an icing on the cake. And it has been a pleasure working under the guidance of Dr Chandraprakash Dwivedi.”

The serial Upanishad Ganga is currently been aired on DD every Sunday between 10:00 to 10:30 am.

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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