Get hooked with some exciting films on Prime Talkies with Pocket Films this week

Get hooked with some exciting films on Prime Talkies with Pocket Films this week


Mumbai, September 2014:“Prime Talkies with Pocket Films” is a very popular show on NDTV Prime.They showcase short documentary films each with a meaningful message which are made by talented and upcoming filmmakers. It is a platform which gives opportunities to passionate filmmakers and to welcome those who want to showcase their talent. ‘Prime Talkies with Pocket Films’ which started on 31st July, airs every Thursday 9pm to 10pm on NDTV Prime. Every episode has 3 to 4 films which are on various themes like love,family tradition, and suspense.


The 8th episode of ‘Prime Talkies with Pocket Films’ on Thursday, 18th September 2014 will showcase some more interesting short films by aspiring filmmakers.


‘Paytaan’  by KaustubhBankapure is a very heart touching film about a boy who’s family is into shoemaking (cobbler) but inspite of trying hard to sell shoes by the roadside there are no takers. The film which portrays how the young boy shows his anger towards life.


Second movie “Unkahi -The Unsaid”bySamrat Das Gupta, which is an internationally acclaimed film,shows a bond between two women; a rich lady and her masseuse. Spread over months of massage sessions,a bond of sisterhood develops between a rich woman and her masseuse. She tells her stories of her happy married life and her lovely husband. Through her, masseuse sees perfect love that every girl longs for. But very often in life, people use words to run away and hide from the reality; the masseuse stumbles upon the truth.Experience a sensitive portrayal of two women and the strength of human relationships beyond spoken words.


“Sirf Mein Aur Tum” by Raj Vasant is a suspense thrillerabout a film critic getting an unexpected visit from a visitor whose acting she has never liked.

Lastly, “Mallika” by AlokNaik., a movie about a girl coming to India to her aged grandparents after living a lonely life, living a life with noidentity, and having a family breakdown and now wishes to get her family together by re-establishing the bonds and leaving behind the past.


So stay tuned to NDTV Prime to watch the most amazing and thriller movies showcased on Prime Talkie with Pocket Films.


Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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