Flash..!! Here Comes the Dance…My Virgin Diary

Flash..!! Here Comes the Dance…My Virgin Diary


Delhi, 17th May 2017:

A usual weekend at India Gate with the bevies of cheerful families and friends having their time. And amongst all the chattering, chirping, giggling… suddenly the time stops … everyone gets stunned, saying… What the hell is this? The mission of a FLASH MOB is now successful.

Nalin Singh, a Hindu College pass-out, was himself a part of “Nukkad Nataks” formed by few passionate Hindu College hostellers who used to perform on Delhi streets. “Ours was a struggling drama society, we danced, sung and acted, surprised and entertained the passersby, collected some money and absconded from the scene before the police could shoo us away” reminisces Nalin.

In his upcoming ambitious celluloid directorial project “My Virgin Diary”, Nalin has featured his group of roomies, the college days and hostel-life without any circumlocution. “Many known as well as unsung bands of Delhi have contributed for “My Virgin Diary” in the form of music, lyrics or voice. While shooting for Flash Mob scene, we actually went on streets, performed, collected money from passersby and flew the scene before the entry of actual policemen” said Nalin.

Flash Mobs, a group of crazy people abruptly gets in action among routine public activities, stuns the mob with a crackpot performance and then suddenly vanishes in the air. Residents of metros are now getting accustomed to such impulsive, ‘hit-and-run’ performances. Several malls in Bangalore, CST Mumbai and few popular public places in Delhi have been stormed and stunned by such Flash Mobs in last few years.

“The basic idea behind such Flash Mobs is to surprise and delight random strangers through positive pranks, especially music and dance” says Nalin Singh, an influential actor and kickass director whose upcoming movie features Flash Mob prominently and interestingly.

Flash Mobs takes us for a huge surprise and are rapidly gaining a reputation as a popular and innovative promotion tool of advertising agencies for BTL activities. So, when next time you see a guy or a girl passing by suddenly starts dancing or singing and then surprisingly joined by other equally lunatic persons, don’t just watch with jaw dropped…join it. You’ll actually feel better.

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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