FIFA 2014: Fans move the World Cup battle online


FIFA 2014: Fans move the World Cup battle online


Christiano Ronaldo most searched Soccer star on Google search in India


West Bengal and Kerala lead with most no. of queries from Indian states around FIFA 2014


Mumbai, June 03, 2014: As football fever grips fans across the globe, Brazil is all set to host the biggest sporting extravaganza- FIFA World Cup 2014. Excitement levels are high as fans are counting down to the opening ceremony and gearing up to support their favourite team and star players.


Football fans in India are leaving no stone unturned while making their support count. Online support by Indian fans for their favourite teams and players is creating a lot of buzz even before the tournament kicks-off. Before the action starts on the ground, Google search reflects the mood, the spirit and the growing enthusiasm of the Indian fans online.


More than three billion people are expected to watch the month-long tournament. While the real action is yet to start on June 12, there are some players who are already being closely followed by fans. These are the players with the highest potential to land lucrative contracts with corporate sponsors. Here’s a look at the search ranking of some of the soccer’s biggest stars.


Portuguese soccer star Christiano Ronaldo remains the most sought after with a distinctive lead over Argentinian star Lionel Messi and Brazilian Neymar.  English soccer star Wayne Rooney and Spanish star Fernando Torres take the fourth and fifth spot on Google search.


Top5 Players


Brazil has always been a favourite for Indian fans and even for the coming world cup Indian fans are keeping a close look at it with highest number of searches among participating nation’s attributed the various developments around Brazilian football team.  Football teams representing England, Spain and Italy are also among the top favourites for Indians.



Here’s a look at the top 10 teams being searched the most in past 30 days on Google India:


Most searched team for FIFA World Cup 2014 (India & the World)
                  India Worldwide
Brazil Brazil
England England
Spain Spain
Argentina Germany
Germany Italy
Italy Mexico
Portugal France
France Argentina
Mexico Netherland
Netherland (Holland) Portugal








India (Top 5)-


India (Top 6-10) –


Worldwide (Top 5)-


Worldwide (Top 6-10) –


Queries from India around FIFA have shown tremendous spike as the World Cup starts on June 12, 2014. While Kerala leads the pack, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have also shown generous interest. World Cup Schedule, World Cup Squad, and World Cup theme song have been some of the prominent searches on web by Indians.


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