Experimenting with different genres; Aditya Singh Rajput essays the role of an Autistic guy.

Experimenting with different genres; Aditya Singh Rajput essays the role of an Autistic guy.

The Hi-Street Model Aditya Singh Rajput, who is usually known for his sleek and sexy image, amazed everyone by molding himself into a not so easy character, where he portrays a role of an autistic 25 year old guy whose brain does not function as per his age and functions that of an 5 years old guy.  Aditya Singh Rajput receives applause for his unique performance as he essays he role of an autistic character.

Vesting his interest in donning the hat of that of a character actor, leaving no stone un turned from his acting to his look he opts to perfect every detail. Dressed to his perfection people on sets didn’t recognize him when he walked in with his look totally justifying the character with scattered hair, absolutely loose clothes dark make up with
dark circle made naturally. His impeccable talent won him bravos as he performed every scene to his utmost abilities which gave him standing ovation almost scenes after scenes.

Rajiv Bhanot, the director of the crime based tele films was all praises for the actor “He is a real artist who was least bothered of how he was looking since he was so deeply engrossed in his character throughout. This is so far his best performance we have seen in 2 years of this crime based stories show we have been doing”

Aditya Singh Rajput shares his experience on adapting the character of an autistic character “I am a greedy actor and I totally love playing different and challenging roles. As an actor I don’t see much on a medium coming from TVC’s where I’ve been called sexy n funky to films and TV where I played an autistic role for a story has been truly wonderful I feel blessed and lucky of the kind of roles and work I get offered I would love to surprise my fans n friends with more challenging performances in future

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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