Ekulti ek logologo Sushriya Chitra launches Marathi film Ekulti Ek with UFO Moviez

Ekulti ek logologo

Sushriya Chitra launches Marathi film Ekulti Ek with UFO Moviez

Actor-Producer and Director Sachin Pilgaonkar is all set to launch his daughter Shriya in this special movie based on father-daughter relationship. For the first time, cinema audience is invited to be a part of this movie’s first-of-its kind promotional campaign, which will be showcased exclusively on UFO screens

Mumbai, March 29, 2013: UFO Moviez India Ltd, the world’s largest satellite-based digital cinema network and Sushriya Chitra today announced a first-of-its kind film marketing campaign for the upcoming Marathi film Ekulti Ek. Directed by veteran actor-director Sachin Pilgaonkar, Ekulti Ek will be the debut film for Sachin’s daughter Shriya Pilgaonkar.

As part of the contest, audiences (daughters) in UFO theatres will be invited to share their real life stories about what they have done for their fathers and winning father-daughter duos will be invited to participate in the film’s promotion.

Incidentally, Sachin Pilgaonkar completes 50 years in the film world this year. To celebrate the same, the actor-director is now launching his daughter Shriya with a new contemporary style of filmmaking with Ekulti Ek, which is an entertaining yet a sensitive saga of a father-daughter relationship. “Every parent documents his/her child’s every childhood memory in pictures. Even I did the same with Shriya. But now, she is all grown up girl and I decided to do something big for her. And that’s my thought behind producing Ekulti Ek,” said Sachin Pilgaonkar on the occasion.

“I’m happy and excited to partner with UFO Moviez on this unique contest to bring real-life father-daughter stories to Indian screens. Today, Indians are increasingly sensitised to respect, honour and appreciate the multiple roles women play in our lives. The father-daughter relationship is being explored in a special way in this film. By screening first-of-their-kind promos featuring daughters and dads in UFO digital theatres, we hope to establish a stronger connect with audiences,” Pilgaonkar added.

And equally excited Shriya Pilgaonkar said, “Ekulti Ek is film in which my father’s immeasurable experience and my rawness finds a beautiful balance.”

Thanks to UFO, cinema audiences, for the first time, can participate in a film promo to be shown in digital theatres. All eligible daughters can send in their entries comprising real-life experiences/stories in any one of the following ways:

1. Write to UFO Moviez, Post Box No 9423, Andheri East, MIDC, Mumbai – 400093, Maharashtra, India.

2. Email to ekultiek@ufomoviez.com

3. Post on http://www.facebook.com/ekultiek

Post screening of entries, the winning father-daughter duos will be invited to feature in the film’s trailor(s), and these bilingual trailors will be played out in UFO digital cinemas across Mumbai & Maharashtra. Audience participation of this nature is a first in the industry. Winning duos will also be invited to participate in a special virtual interactive premiere of ‘Ekulti Ek’ in select UFO theatres.

Mr. Ashish Malushte, CFO, UFO Moviez, added, “UFO Moviez is constantly exploring ways to enhance audience experience in its network theatres, be it by way of screening exclusive content or by ensuring the highest quality digital cinema viewing experience. This initiative is a great opportunity to put our audiences in the limelight. India today needs many more Ekulti Ek’s like Sachin and Shriya!”

About UFO Moviez India Ltd. (www.ufomoviez.com):

UFO Moviez, the world’s largest satellite delivered digital cinema network, has revolutionized the way films are distributed and exhibited throughout India. Presently, UFO has a base of 3,156 digital screens (including 139 3D Screens), spread in over 1,300 cities across India. UFO has so far released 5,568 films in 33 languages and has conducted over 14 million shows till date.

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Super director-producer Karan Johar and Desi Girl Chitrangada Singh excited to host the Technical Awards at TOIFA

Blockbuster machine Karan Johar and stunning actor Chitrangada Singh are going to host the Technical Awards and Fashion Gala on April 5th 2013, for the first ever TOIFA. The director actor duo is very excited to be the hosts for such a prestigious event that shall recognize the best of Bollywood talents who work behind the camera. KJO who produced superhits like Agneepath and Student of the year in 2012 says,”I am really excited to host the Technical Awards at TOIFA. Being a producer and director, I have seen the effort and hard work that goes behind the screens. None of the films we make, would be half as successfull without the technical teams burning the midnight oil. It is important to recognize the unsung heroes. They will be applauded by thousands of international fans at Vancouver, British Columbia.” The Desi Boyz actor Chitrangada Singh adds, “It is the brilliance of the technical team which includes editors, sound engineers and VFX specialists among others who make us actors look so good on screen. I am looking forward to host the technical awards which shall honour the teams that work tirelessly to make our films work and are the backbone of the film industry. The TOIFA awards weekend promises to bring the best of Hindi Cinema to Vancouver and I am sure it’s going to be a rocking event!”. With such popular and enthusiastic hosts, the TOIFA Technical Awards and Fashion Gala is surely going to be a night to remember.

For any queries, please contact

Radhika Mehta | Genesis Burson Marsteller | 9619200115 | radhika.mehta@bm.com

Aabeer Choudhury | Genesis Burson Marsteller | 9930943990 |aabeer.choudhury@bm.com


Actress Nisha Yadav joins the “Save Water” campaign

With several parts of Maharashtra and Goa facing a severe water shortage and a drought-like situation prevailing in various parts of India, NGO India Citizens Action Forum has initiated an audio visual campaign to spread awareness about the need to conserve water and not waste the precious liquid. Speaking at a press interaction in Mumbai, Nisha Yadav said, “It is really sad that thousands of liters of water are wasted during festivals like Holi. Yes Holi should be celebrated, but not at the cost of wasting natural resources.” Nisha wonders how some religious leaders, god men and politicians can waste several lakh litres of water to entertain their followers. She also criticized events like rain dances where water is wasted. Water used at events like rain dance etc should be recycled and can be used to water gardens or parks. Water should not be wasted and every drop of water should be put to good use,” says Nisha Yadav.

The model-actress has teamed up with a leading corporate brand to spread the message of using environment-friendly and eco-natural or organically produced – as opposed to chemically produced colors for various purposes both at home as well as in industrial use.

She has used the festival of Holi to highlight her message. Says Nisha Yadav, “We use color in cooking, making sweets, dying clothes and for hundreds of other purposes in our day-to-day life. Colors are used to paint our homes and ‘murtis’ or statues particularly during the Ganpati festival and other festivals in India. They are used in each and every walk of life.” However, Nisha laments that most of the times the colors used – even in preparing food or sweets are chemically produced using synthetic substances or ingredients or agents or chemicals which are very harmful to the human body. Such synthetically produced non-organic colors cause various allergies in our body and can even be agents of slow poisoning the human system. Not just that many-a-times, colors used for everyday purposes like painting ‘murtis’ are non-biodegradable or contain mercury or arsenic and are harmful to the environment. They harm the marine life in the ponds and sea shores, damage and disrupt the natural eco-system and even poison our beaches and water bodies. Artificially-prepared colors are used to ripen fruits and give a different texture to vegetables.”

Using the joyous festival of Holi in the background, Nisha and the corporate brand are trying to promote only the use of eco-friendly organic colors for all house-hold and cooking purposes.

And what better way to do that than to have our drama queen Nisha Yadav plastered with eco-friendly organic colors during Holi and sporting just a hot bikini. A sure method to get her message across! What say folks?

Photo Credits: newz66.wordpress.com


“Supernatural” movie shot in a real haunted Building!

Ghost is the scariest part of everybody life but scaring the audience is not easy. Many directors from Hollywood and Bollywood had tried their hand to make audience to get goose booms but it’s a very difficult task. This time Bollywood will get shuddery through the “Supernatural” Movie. Bollywood producer Satish Reddy and Director Haroon Rashid has chosen the real Haunted Building to give you the chilling effect of ghost. The history of this haunted Building is that a person had committed suicide in that very place.

Director Haroon Rashid Said, “Earlier the Building wasn’t chosen because of its haunted character but later it was discovered as in one night it gave an eerie feel. I got to know the Building has a history after we started shooting for the movie, the cast and crew did get a little spooked. I myself was got so much scared.”

The movie has already got rave review in international film festivals like Sundance Film Festival, Venice Film Festival and Shanghai International film festival. The movie had listed in The Limca Book of Records and will soon be listed in Guinness Book of World Records.

Media Contacts:
Scribes INC- The PR Company

Satish Reddy
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Email : sateshreddey@yahoo.com

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