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Ferocious Khyber to wreak havoc in Jodha Akbar!


Entering as ‘Khyber’, Ketan will be seen playing the character of a primitive, blood-thirsty cave man in Zee TV’s top-rated historical


The National level bodybuilding champion Ketan Mangesh Karande will soon be seen entering Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar. Owing to his massive built, Ketan will be playing the character of a fairly primitive, mountain man who has been trained by the evil Mahachuchak and is a pawn in her hands to be used at the right time against Akbar.


A human animal who has lived in a cave all his life, Khyber has lived in isolation all through. Merciless and heartless, he smells human blood and kills people. Talking about his character, Ketan said, “The role that I will be playing is quite different from anything I have played in the past. Being a merciless half human and half animal, Khyber is known to be ruthless in his code of conduct. It was quite difficult for me to relate with the character, however I am sure that the audience will love watching me in this new avatar and love my track in the show.” Talking about his preparation to play the role, Ketan said, “While it was because of my physique that I bagged the role, what was more difficult was to adapt to Khyber’s body language. Being ferocious at all times, I underwent a special training to adapt to those expressions and learn the body language.”


With the current track of the show focusing on Jodha’s pregnancy, we will see Khyber entering the show next week only to create upheaval in Jalal and Jodha’s paradise. While he kidnaps Jodha and keeps her in his cave, Jalal takes it up on him to save Jodha and their child by fighting Khyber. Only time will tell whether Jalal be able to save Jodha from Khyber’s clutches.


We hope Ketan’s hard work in essaying the role and the track wins him accolades and is enjoyed by the audience as much as Ketan has preparing for it!


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Karanvir’s new buddy – Parineeti Chopra


On the sets of Zee TV’s Eid special ‘Dawaat-e-Eid’, the two chatted 19 to a dozen & bonded like best buddies…


Promoting her upcoming movie – Dawaat-e-Ishq on Zee TV’s Eid special, Dawaat-E-Eid, Parineeti Chopra seemed to have a blast! While she was on the sets with the man she will be seen romancing in the movie – Aditya Roy Kapoor, Parineeti seemed to have found a new friend in Qubool Hai’s male lead Karanvir Bohra.


Performing a number together on a song from their upcoming movie, the two seemed to hit it off right from the rehearsals. While everybody in the industry knows about Parineeti’s friendly nature, Karanavir was glad to be working with someone who is as much of a chatter box as him. From rehearsing together to finally performing in front of the camera, their ease and comfort with each other was for all to see. The two even bonded over their love for food. Clicking selfies together and ensuring that each one comes out perfectly, the two of them were seen having a blast together on the sets.


Talking about this friendship, Karanvir said, “When I first met her I was glad to have met a girl who has an amazing sense of humor. While the two of us got along really well, I wish I could have had my wife meet her too. I’m sure my wife would have got along equally well with her. None-the-less, it was great fun to be shooting this Eid special. I wish everybody a very Happy Eid and hope everybody enjoys a delicious Eid with Dawaat-e-Ishq releasing around the same time.”


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Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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