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Meet the Chugal Mughals!


Great camaraderie amongst the lady-brigade of Jodha Akbar …


Round the clock shoot schedules and a rather long commute from Mumbai take their toll on the actors who’re a part of Zee TV’s historical magnum opus Jodha Akbar. However, the one thing that keeps them going is all the bonding and the fun they have as a team on the sets.


Creating a Whatsapp group by the name of ‘Chugal Mughals’ (gossip queens), the girls on the show have found a new way to stay connected and have fun. Keeping all the men out consciously, the girls are tight-lipped of all the talks that happen on the group. The camaraderie between Paridhi Sharma, Lavina Tandon and four other female co-actors on the sets is such that the six of them always manage to find a lighter moment or a private joke to chuckle over even on the most strenuous, hectic days.


Being the notorious one in the group, Lavina aka Rukaiya Begum is the admin of the group and ensures that she keeps the girls entertained at all times. Staying away from family due to their work, these girls have managed to make a family away from their families.


Talking about the group and all the fun these girls have on the sets, Jodha Begum aka Paridhi Sharma said, “We are a fun bunch of girls and it’s really nice that I’ve found like-minded people on the set. We actors shoot in trying situations, with little access to our loved ones and miss little things like having your family around during your meal time. The six of us make it a point to have lunch together and in fact ensure that the entire cast shares their meals. There are times, when we are shooting for intense episodes, and just one look at these mischievous girls makes me crack up and lighten the mood in general. I love these girls to bits and I hope that we stay the way we are – a mad bunch!”


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Ankita Lokhande gets hospitalized


The leading lady of Pavitra Rishta advised bed rest for ten days…


Ankita Lokhande who essays the lead role in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta is off work and is currently admitted in the hospital owing to an appendix operation. The actress underwent severe pain and was immediately admitted to a leading hospital in Andheri, where she is currently being treated for her appendix issue and has been advised bed rest for ten days.


Her absence for the next ten days has resulted in a major setback for the show in terms of shoot schedules and making episode banks. Given that Ankita is the female lead on the show, who portrays a double role – Archana and Ankita, she is required for a majority of the scenes being shot. The current storyline also focuses on Ankita as she is seen fighting her battle to win over her daughter – Aarushi played by Angel. The makers are currently focusing on the alternative track of Pari and Naren where Pari’s mother-in-law is trying to explain Pari that if she is not careful ith Naren and doesn’t give him enough time then Ankita will get closer to Naren, eventually snatching Naren away from Pari forever.


While everybody on the sets is wishing for Ankita to get well soon and return to the shoot as soon as possible, Angel, in particular, seems to be missing Ankita quite a lot. A little birdie from the sets informs that the two of them have really grown fond of each other in the little time that they have spent together. Ankita would mostly be seen spending her break time between shots with Angel on the sets, playing or drawing.


We hope Ankita gets well soon and hope we get to see more of her on the show!


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Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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