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Cinestars Ki Khoj sets hijacked by kids!


Cine Stars Ki Khoj challenges its contestants to act alongside feisty children this weekend…


Taking its contestants by surprise week after week, Cine Stars Ki Khoj has been throwing challenges at them that test their acting ability, presence of mind and charisma. After getting them to shoot outdoors in the uncontrolled environment of a mall, this week Zee TV’s acting talent hunt show makes its aspiring cine stars act alongside feisty kids.


So, in a Kids Special episode, the brat-pack of Zee TV’s popular kids acting talent hunt show – India’s Best Draamebaaz will be seen performing along with the Top 5 contestants of Cine stars Ki Khok this weekend. The mischievous kids will be seen kidnapping the contestants and tying them up with a rope. The kids agree to let go of them only on the condition that Sonali would give them all a kiss. The kids did not just leave everybody on the sets in splits, but ended up throwing challenges and tasks at the contestants as well as the judges. Making an appearance in this Saturday’s episode, Nihar, Pranit, Shruti, Avni and Zenith will pair up along with the top 5 contestants to present to the viewers some master-blaster acts.


Having judged India’s Best Draamebaaz, Sonali Bendre and Anurag Basu were the happiest to see the kids perform again after so long. Expressing his happiness, Anurag sported a kiddy look wearing his blazer over shorts. Talking about the having the kids on the sets, Dada said, “I believe that one should always keep the kid in them alive. Innocence and the quality to learn and grasp is only seen in kids. The key to get the best out from them is to treat them as adults and professional co actors.” While Dada turned into a kid himself with the kids around, Sonali couldn’t control her laughter each time Nihar tried pronouncing Dada’s name.


Having brought gifts for all the judges, the kids gave Sonali and Dada chocolates and planned a special surprise for Victor. Wearing moustaches and aping Victor, the kids forced Victor to shake a leg with them on the stage. While Victor agreed that he has two left feet, he thoroughly enjoyed his dance with the kids.


Relieving memories of their childhood, the three judges were glad to have kids join in for this special episode and make it all the more exciting.


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Zee TV ropes in Industry Experts to groom budding actors
Cinestars Ki Khoj contestants undergo holistic training
to prepare for their journey in the industry…


Roping in some of the best experts in the industry to hone the talent of the contestants on the show, Zee TV his leaving no stone unturned to make this season of India’s Best Cinestarsbigger and better than ever before.


Visiting the sets a few weeks ago was Bollywood photographer Avinash Gowariker who shot mock movie posters with the contestants. Teaching them the nuances of facing a camera and helping them get their body language right, Avinash surprised the kids with the outcome. The stunning movie posters ended up had the judges and the contestants themselves bowled over … they had no idea they could look so good!


The contestants were also trained by acting guru Kishore Namit Kapoor, who has trained biggies like Hritik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra. Having taken an acting workshop from the master himself, the contestants had a chance to polish their acting skills and being natural in front of the camera. To enhance their dancing skills, the contestants were trained by choreographer Mudassar Khan, who gave the contestants tips on how to make themselves more graceful, charismatic and engage the audiences while they perform on stage. This apart, the contestants fitness regimen is looked into by expert dieticians and their workouts at the gym are desgined by professional trainers to ensure they look like stars at all times!


This week, the contestants shot a special thriller sequence with Lalit Marathe – Writer & Director of various Bollywood and Marathi movies. While the actors have so far explored genres like comedy, dance and crime, this week they were given a challenge of stepping out of the sets and going to real locales where they shot a 10 minute thriller story which was written and directed by Lalit. Having changed their looks and given them characters that are poles apart from what the contestants are like in real life, Lalit ensured that he got the best out of each of these contestants. Talking about his time with the contestants, Lalit said, “I was quite impressed by the contestants here. While in the beginning I thought it would be difficult for Okasana to pull the act off, it turned out that she managed very well. She was a complete surprise package. Apart from Okasana, I felt Sonam and Akshay were fantastic too. I wish the contestants all the luck for this is just the beginning of their journey.”


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Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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