DNA Of Love to have a fresh face?

DNA Of Love to have a fresh face?

Amit Kasaria’s DNA Of Love made it to the newspapers recently, with the signing of Adhyayan Suman. The director is very pleased with it. But, the leading lady is yet to be decided.

A few insiders informed that, after locking Adhyayan for his ambitious project, the inspired director is looking for a familiar face. He doesn’t want to rush it and is giving it enough time.

He wants to cast a famous face who would fit his criteria and would seem perfect for the role. He is meeting many famous actresses, but he doesn’t mind casting a new face if she fulfills his movie’s requirements.

The movie is a romantic thriller where the leading lady’s character will be pursued by Adhyayan’s.  Adhyayan plays a haplessly romantic guy, caught up in a bad situation. The movie is based on events that happen in a night.

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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