Diadeis Alia explores innovations in packaging with HP Indigo WS4500

Diadeis Alia explores innovations in packaging with HP Indigo WS4500


The versatile digital printer makes personalized branding easy with less margin of colour difference on packs


Mumbai – September, 2014: Diadeis Alia, a global leader in pre-media segment has recently installed an HP Indigo WS4500 digital offset press, at its Vikhroli unit in Mumbai.


Sethunath Padmanabhan, Managing Director – Diadeis Alia said, “The core purpose of the investment was to further enhance the innovations in packaging and provide accurate colour prediction for packaging. With HP Indigo, we will be able to innovate and produce prototypes and mock-ups with press-like quality for the brands.


Diadeis Alia is known for artwork and colour management. The company provides brands a globally consistent image in terms of colours. “We are focusing on creating the closest simulation of packaging for the brands with respect to actual substrates, added Mr. Sethunath.”


Besides this, the firm has created Pack Lab, a dedicated space that focuses on the research and development of new packaging solutions for brands. The Pack Lab develops and showcases packages as they would appear on the retail shelves.


HP Indigo’s accurate colour reproduction capability helps tremendously in Diadeis Alia’s research on various packaging innovations. The new investment not only gives the company an edge on packaging innovations for brands, but also becomes extensively useful in implementing great consumer focused campaigns. Its variable data printing capability offers options in personalized packaging, differential packaging, etc, differentiating the appearance for every single pack of a same product and creating a great novelty value in the minds of end consumer.


Globally brands are already implementing such innovative packaging campaigns eg:- Share a Coke campaign, Heinz Get well soon Soups campaign, etc. Brands in India will soon look at adapting such routes to engage with their consumers.


Diadeis Alia has remarkable capabilities to cater to the unique demands of the leading brand owners in the country and always have stayed ahead of the curve with world-class innovations in the print-packaging space. Top global brands have partnered with Diadeis Alia today and are benefiting from its services of premedia, packaging and brand communication solutions. With HP Indigo WS4500 digital press, Diadeis Alia would be able to offer various packaging concepts to the brand owners, which in turn will change the way these brands engage with their consumers.


“The brands are more global today. While they need global consistency, it is also important for them to look at options to connect with local customers. Our expansions and investments are driven by these demands. We thank our customers for pushing us and our boundaries,” concluded Sethu.


Diadeis Alia has been at the forefront of investing in colour management systems. The Indigo is the latest addition to the already existing set-up of two Epson Stylus Pro 7900 proofers in Mumbai connected to multiple proofer installations at client’s premises. A full range of colour management software from GMG and Esko supports the hardware.


Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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