Dhanush Joins the ‘Bech De’ Revolution Two latest TVCs from OLX feature actor Dhanush urging people to unclutter and upgrade

Dhanush Joins the ‘Bech De’ Revolution

Two latest TVCs from OLX feature actor Dhanush urging people to unclutter and upgrade


Mumbai, 1st September, 2014: OLX.in, India’s number one marketplace for used goods, unveiled two new TVCs with national-award winning actor Dhanush on 31 August, 2014. The TVCs that are in Tamil, depict the actor in romantic and comical roles, urging people to sell the things they are not using through the OLX mobile App. The two TVCs come together to communicate the benefits of living an uncluttered life, the need to sell used things in order to upgrade, and the ease of mobile classifieds.


Said Amarjit Batra, CEO, OLX.in, “Having Dhanush on board with us to do our latest TVCs in Tamil is testimony to our growing reach and popularity. Dhanush is a young, and versatile actor, and OLX is a young brand that has amassed the love of people everywhere including Tamil Nadu. We felt Dhanush was the perfect choice to communicate the value of OLX in the daily lives of people. More than 80% of our traffic comes from mobile. Our users write to us from all over the country about the high number of queries and replies they get to their Ads, and how they have sold their products within days, sometimes even on the same day. The TVC with Dhanush demonstrates the benefits of using OLX and the ease of using the OLX mobile App.”


Naspers-backed OLX.in pioneered the concept of online C2C classifieds in India. OLX launched its first TVC three-years-ago in 2011, and since then it has witnessed a meteoric rise to become the number one marketplace in India for used goods commanding 75% market share in the online C2C classifieds segment.


Said Dhanush, “OLX is among the most well-known and admired brands of today. By allowing people to unclutter, OLX is empowering people to live a more sustainable life. People have the power toliquidate unused goods to save money, or to upgrade to something they really value. The relevance of OLX in the everyday life of people is one of the reasons I decided to work with the brand for this TVC.”


Conceived by Lowe Lintas, both the Ads portray Dhanush pursuing his girlfriend only to run into situations with her family that compel him to educate the protagonists in the Ad on the messages of unclutter and upgrade.


The first Ad starts with him breaking into his girlfriend’s house to meet her and accidently stumbling upon the clutter lying around in the house. On being caught by the girl’s parents, Dhanush diverts their attention to how they could easily get rid of all the clutter in the house by simply downloading the OLX mobile App and selling all the things they are not using. This leaves the girl’s father, played by veteran actor Nizhalgal Ravi, very impressed with Dhanush.


“We integrated the message of unclutter in the narrative without making it look forced.  Having Dhanush was a huge plus point since he has an effortless ‘charming lover boy’ imagery. We blended the narrative with his imagery to deliver the message of OLX,” said Shriram Iyer, Executive Creative Director, Lowe Lintas.


In the second TVC, Dhanush gets spotted by the girl’s brother while romancing her outside their house. In order to run away from her brother, played by Tamil film actor John Vijay, Dhanush gets on the brother’s gearless bike to escape but gets caught before he can do so. A tactful Dhanush urges the brother to sell the gearless bike on OLX in order to upgrade to something new. The brother takes his advice by using his mobile to post a free Ad. He immediately starts getting calls from buyers.

Campaign Credits:

Creative Team: Amer Jaleel, Shriram Iyer, Vaishnav Balasubramaniam, Manzoor Alam, Anshul Nagpal

Account Management: Naveen Gaur, Syed Amjad Ali, Mayoori Hanagodimath, Rahul Ojha

Account Planning: Farah Bashir

Production House: Blackbox Films

Director: Krishnakumar


About OLX.in

OLX.in is India’s number one marketplace. OLX.in offers a free, fast & hyper-local way for Indians to sell and buy used goods and services. Every month, millions of people in India buy and sell a wide range of products including household items, furniture, consumer durables, musical instruments, cars & motorcycles, electronics & mobiles, property and local services on OLX.in.

OLX.in has recently won prestigious industry awards and accolades such as Pitch Top 50 Brands in India, most trusted online brand by Trust Research Advisory’s Brand Trust Report 2014, #2 ecommerce website in India by Surewaves Buzziest Brands 2014, and India’s second most searched shopping website by Google.


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