Designer Amy Billimoria supports Vikram Phadnis

Designers under the same roof


Designer Amy Billimoria supports Vikram Phadnis


It’s generally a rare sight to see a pleasant camaraderie between two top notch designers but on the contrary to all the myths there are a couple of designers who no matter what support one another. To name a few amongst the lot are designer Amy Billimoria and Vikram Phadnis.


Designer Amy Billimoria made an appearance at the recently concluded gala thrown by Vikram Phadnis and Nakkashi. Adding to the merriment the two had the best time discussing fashion, latest trends and their future plans.


Calling it a night the owner of Earth 21 says “Yes I was a part of Vikram’s grand celebration. There is no room for rivalry between the two of us; we all belong to the same fashion world encouraging and supporting each other. People usually find it amusing when they see two contemporaries being friends but we are all designers harboring on same ship with the dream to provide the nation best of the designs”. Amy further adds “I have always been very fond of his collection. He is one of the finest designers our country has seen. I wish him all the luck and love for future (smiles).”


Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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