Deep Space was launched by ‘the lost astronaut’ Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan on the Deep Space Coaster

Mumbai, June14th ‘2013: Are you ready to experience how it feels to be launched into space? Well here’s your chance to be transported into the galaxy, amidst the stars and planets on Adlabs Imagica’s newest roller coaster – Deep Space. This new attraction isn’t any ordinary ride but India’s biggest indoor roller coaster that extends to a height of 56 feet, clocks speeds of 85 km’s per hour and is constructed inside a massive, dark dome. Deep space is built on a budget of over USD 10 million and is one of the marquee attractions at the park.

Deep Space was launched by ‘the lost astronaut’ Varun Dhawan who was able to live out his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut and flying into space! The ride makes you experience what a real life adventure in space would feel like.

Speaking on the launch of the ride, Aarti Shetty, Creative Director at Adlabs Entertainment Limited says, “We are very proud to add a first of its kind coaster like Deep Space to our attractions at Imagica. We have used the most advanced technology to create this thrilling ride and are sure it is going to be a rage amongst people of all ages. We wanted to offer something that gives audience an experience of exploring the galaxy and at the same time elevate their adrenaline rush. Deep Space embodies both these features and adds that extra edge over any other roller coaster experience in India.”

The lost astronaut Varun Dhawan, who launched the ride further added, “I love the rollercoaster experience and am spellbound by the high that you get while riding on Deep Space. This one is my favourite and undoubtedly one of the best rides I have ever taken; it is out of space literally.” He further adds, “I have been to Imagica before and the team has done an outstanding job in creating an international standard theme park.”

Catch a ride on India’s first dark roller coaster?

Guests are taken on a virtual trip into outer space surrounded by planets and galaxies in the attraction. The coaster reaches a height of about 56 feet as it goes through two crazy inversions at a very high speed. The ride works on the Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) magnetic launch, which has also been used in India for the very first time. Unlike a normal roller coaster, which makes a slow first climb, through the LSM technology, Deep Space accelerates to very fast speeds in a matter of seconds. This technology was brought to Imagica by Premier rides, head-quartered at Baltimore, Maryland, USA, who have created pioneering rides like the “Revenge of the Mummy” & “Mr Freeze” amongst others. Only a few large theme parks in the world boast of having an LSM coaster and now Imagica figures in one of them.

The Lost Astronaut found at Deep Space, Adlabs Imagica

The Lost Astronaut was revealed to be Varun Dhawan, a space enthusiast, who experienced first-hand the gravity defying phenomenon of an actual space launch. Deep space is truly an opportunity for everyone to relive the experiences of an astronaut during a ride on the deep space roller coaster. The idea of “The lost astronaut” in the search for his mission was conceptualized specially for the launch of Deep Space. The aim was to add that extra bit of excitement for guests to enjoy the ride.

Adlabs Imagica opened to the public on April 18th 2013 and since then has strategically planned an extended opening phase where in new attractions will be introduced at regular intervals. By offering a mix of story-play and live experiences, this park is unique in terms of its international standards, scale, stature and the experience.

About Adlabs Imagica:

Adlabs Imagica is the flagship venture of Adlabs Entertainment Limited (AEL). AEL is promoted by Mr. Manmohan Shetty. Adlabs Imagica is now poised to be India’s first theme park destination, offering entertainment, fun, action, relaxation, dining, shopping and accommodation at a single location. The group has assembled a highly diversified and multi-dimensional team for development and implementation of project. The international theme park will be a celebration of the family entertainment and international wholesome experience that will now be available in India. Plan your trip to Adlabs Imagica with a click on


Cricketers enjoy the show of Riyaz and Reshma Gangji

Bridal Couturiers Riyaz and Reshma Gangji of Libas presented their electric show for the IPL circuit with the Pune Warriors and Mumbai Indians across nine cities. Where Yuvraj singh walk the ramp in Chandigarh, Harbhajan Singh, Munaf Patel, Malinga and Yuzvendra Singh Chahal walk the ramp in Kolkatta while Rahul Sharma and Ashok Dinda walk the ramp in Ranchi. Ex Miss India – Amruta Patki, Actor Shahwar Ali and Richa Chaddha who is the showstopper in Pune in her Glam Avatar also walks on The collection of Riyaz and Reshma has shown Gowns, Lehengas and Sherwanis which kept the audience mesmerized. The designers presented an autumn collection with a Colorful Palette and showing varied cuts and a subtle mixing of colors in both the men’s and women’s lines.

Mumbai Indians team Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Kieron Pollard, Dwayne Smith along with Cricket legend Mohammed Azharuddin were sitting in the audience and enjoying the Fashion show. Riyaz s collections were delicately embroidered with Kundan work showing a major trend towards Indian workmanship. The suits and gowns reflected the sharp cuts and elegance that the duos are known for.

Riyaz Gangji said, “It’s a pleasure for us to present our new bridal collection where many cricketers from IPL team were part of the audience and walk the ramp for me. People from model world and Bollywood also present at the event.”

A variety of unusual fabrics with subtle treatments were also on show in this collection which is now available across their chain of stores in Mumbai- Peddar road, Juhu and Borivli. Everyone was seen enjoying the shows.

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A Month of Promotions for Krrish 3

Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3 is one of the most awaited films of the year. Understandably, the actor plans to pull out all stops to promote the third part of the superhero franchise. We have learned that he has kept aside an entire month to promote the film across the world.

An insider close to the project reveals, “Starting from the first week of October, Hrithik will take a month’s break to market the film, right until its release in the first week of November. The idea is to reach out to as many fans as possible during that time, because Rakeshji (Roshan; director) hasn’t started any kind of promotional activity yet. Even Hrithik has been off the media’s radar for a while now, since his last release, Agneepath (2012) was over a year ago.”

Interestingly, Hrithik is expected to travel to places like Dubai, Canada, UK and USA to promote Krrish 3. “Since he needs to promote the film in India as well as internationally, he will require time for the same,” adds the insider.

The actor is currently busy shooting for Siddharth Anand’s Bang Bang with Katrina Kaif. He’s also teaming up once again with his Agneepath director, Karan Malhotra, for Shuddhi.

When contacted, Rakesh confirms, “Yes, Hrithik is going to take time off. But other details like the country and locations that he will visit are yet to be worked out.”


Music launch of Ek Bura Aadmi

The music of the film Ek Bura Aadmi was launched at the Marwah Studios in Noida. The event witnessed the presence of the film’s lead actor Arunoday Singh, Director Ishraq, producer Zenaida Mastura, Creative Producer Dharmendra Yashovardhan and Marwah Studio’s owner Sandeep Marwah. The film is presented by Philind Motion pictures. The music of the film is given by Tochi Rani and Band of Bandagi. Raghuvir Yadav, Harmeet Raina, Pawan Uttam, Runa Rizvi, Saaveri Verma, Prashant Satose, Neeru Rawal, Nasir Faraaz, Arfat Mehmood and Ishraq have lended their voice.

Telling more about the music of the film, director Ishraq says, “The music is not romantic as the film is based on politics of UP and Bihar. The music relates to the setting of the film and Tochi Raina has done an excellent job.”

On asking Arunoday Singh about his role, “This is my solo film. I am portraying Munna Siddiqi who starts as a disciple of a politician but later turns into a criminal. Munna fights for the rights of the poor and downtrodden people but this means to do that is questionable. I am expecting a lot from this movie.”

The film also stars Raghuvir Yadav, Kitu Gidwani, Angira Dhar and Vishal O Sharma.



Dharma Productions was established in 1976 by Yash Johar, Karan Johar’s father. In the last 37 years, the film company has become one of the most prominent players when it comes to putting Bollywood cinema on the world map.
KJo’s celluloid ventures — from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998) to their latest blockbuster Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (currently enjoying a historic run) — have taken his father’s dream several notches higher. And Dharma’s module of functioning, like a full-fledged film studio, is something many have aspired to follow. But very few have managed it so far.
Says Karan, “Ours is a young company with tall achievements; all of it is my father’s blessings. While we have been growing from strength to strength in each of the last three decades, in the last six years alone, we’ve been able to achieve several milestones. And this is because we have the strongest reserve of filmmakers.”
To name a few, KJo and his team — Nikhil Advani (Kal Ho Naa Ho), Tarun Mansukhani (Dostana), Ayan Mukerji (Wake up Sid and YJHD), Punit Malhotra (I Hate Luv Storys), Shakun Batra (Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu) and Karan Malhotra (Agneepath) — are among the torchbearers in the mainstream space, currently.
Karan adds, “Whether it’s content or scale, we have covered the entire gamut from Gippi to YJHD. Like most reputed international film studios, we have an open-door policy. And if we have chosen not to have a distribution or exhibition set-up, it is by choice. For me, of course, the biggest achievement in the time spent here is that our cinema has its own ethos. And though our company vertical has worked on plain impulse and instinct, our content has been diverse. Our strength is our talent pool. We have given monstrous budgets to new filmmakers and they have broken out and become huge brands themselves.”


Yoga Indulgence… Healthy Monsoon!

Celebrity Yoga Trainer Vivek Mishra gives you quick yoga tips, few steps for healthy monsoon!

The celebrity yoga trainer; Vivek Mishra who has been in news for being the only ‘naked yoga’ trainer in India gives us few insights on leading a healthy monsoon through few simple yoga asanas which can be practiced at home.

Vivek mentions, “The rains are always welcome, but along with the refreshing showers diseases like dysentery, asthma, arthritis, nasal and skin allergies begin to surface. Immunity plays a key role in fending off such diseases. Here are some yoga and pranayama techniques that improve lung function as well as increase immunity.”

Giving two of the most significant & easy-to-do asanas, Vivek gives us yoga tips that we must follow for a healthy monsoon ahead!


1. Lie flat on the stomach on the mat with legs straight, feet together, toes facing outside and forehead on the floor.

2. Place your hands directly under the chest; your thumbs should touch the nipples. Relax the whole body.

3. Inhale, lift your head up, chest up and stretch your head back as far as possible. Make sure you are comfortable doing it.

4. See that the arms remain half bent at the elbows.

5. In this asana, the lungs stay vertical and expand transversely. As a result you will be able to breathe in more oxygen. Hold the position as long as you can without experiencing any difficulty. Now exhale while lowering the body. Do 3-5 times.

He further suggests a pranayama to stimulate ample blood supply in the brain that helps in countering stress, tension, allergies, asthma, hypertension & migraine.

Omkar Pranayama utmost helps in improving concentration & memory.

Omkar Pranayama

Sitting posture

Sit in any comfortable posture with the spine and head erect. You can keep your hands on the knees in Gyan Mudra posture (join the tips of the index fingers to the tips of the thumbs while keeping the other fingers extended & loose). Close your eyes gently and relax all the muscles.


1. There is no scientific training necessary for practice of Omkar.

2. Inhale slowly and deeply through the nose.

3. Open the lips and start chanting ‘O ‘slowly but loudly.

4. Press your lips together and pronounce ‘M’.

5. In this pranayama ‘O’ or ‘AU’ is prolonged and ‘M’ or ‘UM’ is short.

6. Practice for 5 minutes.

He concludes, “Yoga is not a religion; it is a way of living whose aim is ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. Man is a physical, mental and spiritual being & yoga helps promote a balanced development of all the three. Yogic exercises recharge the body with cosmic energy.”


“Waise to aam aadmi ki zindagi to bahut aam hoti hai,

Par jab isme rajneeti ka dakhal hota hai,

Tab aam aadmi aam nahin rehtaa, Mango Man ban jaata hai!!”

Eklavya Karmarkar (Bhau) {SunielShetty}, Naeem Shaikh {Kay Kay Menon}, Eric Collaco {Johnny Lever} and Madhav Sinha aka Maddy {Mahaakshay} were four daredevil CBI officers who could be relied upon whenever the city was facing critical problems from the underworld. The society at large in Mumbai were breathing heavy under the influence of the Underworld. This was one such time. There was a gang war that had broken in and the streets of the city were being washed in blood. The common man was caught in the crossfire. This, at a time when there were elections to be held at most part of the country, besides some key states like Maharashtra amongst some other states that had steady power reign of, a party that ruled in the centre as well!!!

A young dynamic leader, Ram Govardhan (RG) had taken the nation by storm. His debonair personality, youthful zest, dynamic approach and of course great looks had washed the eyes of the common man with love. The citizens of the country knew no better. He could do no wrong and his innocent face and eyes only helped this cause. He was leading his party’s campaign in Jharkhand too, where the elections were in full swing. He had known of the gang war in Mumbai, Maharashtra and was concerned. The whispers in Jharkhand had started gaining momentum saying that if the Party can’t handle their own home state, Maharashtra, then how the hell can they handle this one? This was bound to help the opposition more than anything. It had started casting aspersions over the election campaign and RG could not afford something like this. He needed the state. He had called the Maharashtra Chief Minister and told him in no uncertain words to get his house in order. The gang war had to stop. The common man had to feel safe!!

The case was passed on to the four officers of UNIT IX of the Crime Branch!!!

Preliminary investigations by Bhau and his team revealed that the war was waged by Mukhtar Memon {Zakir Hussain}, a dreaded gangster who in time had always managed to stay out of the hands of the law. But action needed to be taken and the Commissioner had ordered the arrest of Mukhtar Memon. Bhau did try to argue in vain that a simple arrest like this would make him walk in two hours, but the commissioner would hear nothing. He needed to show that the force was pro-active.

Bhau built a brilliant case against Mukhtar Memon based on extensive investigations that he had managed for the past four years. This ensured that Mukhtar Memon was not getting out soon or easy. He had managed to extract a lot of intimidating information about Mukhtar Memon. He made sure that the charges would stick.

Mukhtar Memon on the other hand was no ordinary criminal. He had contacts, money power, wherewithal and the blessings of some top politicians. This ensured his reign and control over the city. So, arresting him was no mean feat. But Bhau and his officers were no ordinary individuals. They went ahead with the arrest and managed to make the case stick. Unit IX had arrested Mukhtar Memon and put him behind bars!!!!

But putting a kingpin behind bars doesn’t necessarily mean that you have managed to garner control over him. As in this case it was bound to happen. There was a lull, but the storm soon gathered momentum and the gang war erupted again. This prompted RG to send a CBI officer from Delhi to get to the bottom of this and put a stop to this.

Prompt, honest, diligent, gutsy, intelligent and a firebrand, Yugandhar Bishnoi, the CBI officer moved swiftly on his new case to get to the bottom of the issue and sort this problem out for the benefit of the common man. In no time that he reached the city of Mumbai, he realized that the gang war was actually a façade. Mukhtar Memon was really annoyed on the fact that two truckloads of hard cash were stolen from him, right under his nose and he wanted it back. He needed to restore his reputation at the same time and he would stop at nothing till he achieved this.

Further investigations shocked the daylights out of him!!

This was no ordinary heist!!!!! The question was who had the guts to steal from Mukhtar Memon. Who was willing to put their life on the line to get hold of the entire cash!

Yugandhar Bishnoi was taken aback with what he had uncovered!!! This information was not one that had escaped the UNIT IX force too. They too had caught on!!!

ENEMMY is a whodunit caper! A film that gets into a break neck pace with each character breathing down the neck of the others to achieve their motives in the film with intelligent plot points that keep the audiences guessing and interested.

ENEMMY is an identifiable, pulsating, fast paced commercial action thriller wherein the constant cat and mouse game between the characters of the film keep the storyline interesting right to the logical end of the film. An edge of the seat thriller, it is a roller-coaster ride for the audiences taking them through a series of witty, funny, nail biting thrilling sequences that is aimed at guaranteeing complete entertainment to the audiences assuring them of their money’s worth!!!



Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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