Dandiya Queen is Super Hit on Stage and Off Stage Also

Distributors vouching for Table No 21

After the stupendous success of OH MY GOD! ,Paresh Rawal who walked away with stellar reviews from audiences and critics alike ,has already made his next venture ,Eros International’s Table No 21 a subject of heated discussion.

If sources are to be believed, thanks to positive word of mouth,distributors are showing very keen interest in purchasing the rights of the edgy thriller, which marks Paresh Rawal’s return to a negative character after a very long time.

Reveals a source “Paresh Rawal’s recent film did excellent business at the box office and distributors are queuing up to purchase Table No.21 especially since it sees him play a negative role.To add to that the film also includes Rajeev Khandelwal who has proved to be quite a bankable actor himself.

Says, Viki Rajani, Producer, Next Gen films, ” Paresh Rawal is an actor par excellence ,there is no doubting that…The reviews coming his way for OMG only go to reiterate that..we are very excited to have him onboard Table No.21 and audiences are going to see him in a shocking character that only he could do justice to in this thriller…”

Presented by Eros International and produced by NextGen Films, Aditya Dutt ‘s Table no.21 starring Rajeev Khandelwal,Tena Desae and Paresh Rawal , recently went on floors with the first schedule being shot at the picturesque Fiji Islands.


Dandiya Queen is Super Hit on Stage and Off Stage Also

Falguni Phatak’s Navratri event is touching new heights every year. This year the event is a humongous success with nearly 20,000 dandiya lovers storming to the event to her their favourite Garba Queen sing and play garba on her tunes every day at Goregaon Sports Complex. The more the crowd the merrier it becomes for Falguni as it helps her to get into her groove. Few days back while performing on stage for an enthusiastic audience, created a Dhamaka which was first of its kind an eyewitness said.

A source adds, “As Falguni started to sing, the crowds began to dance and started cheering and shouting which in turn pumped Falguni who increased the tempo of her singing and the crowds reciprocated by increasing the tempo of their dancing.” There were loud cheers and people started requesting the Dandiya Queen to step down and play Garba with them. Much to the audience’s surprise, Falguni came down without any hassle and started dancing with the enthusiastic crowd.

After few moments the organisers of the event requested Falguni to get back on stage inorder to avoid any chaos in the crowds as a lot of people had gathered around to see their favourite star dancing amongst them and with them. After sometime understanding the organisers concern Falguni went back on stage but not without clicking some pictures with her fans.

Falguni was really excitedwith the response this Navratir and their love and respect for her. According to the sources the setup is grand and arrangement is fabulous this time around and she wants to continue with the same organisation every year.

Vedant Mishra (Media Consultant)
Shamrock Communication


VLCC Launches New Premium Skincare Treatments

~ Secret behind the all new glowing and radiant skin! ~

Mumbai, 22nd October 2012: VLCC, the leading Wellness brand in South Asia and the Middle East, has launched its new range of premium skincare treatment line for preventing, improving, repairing and soothing damaged skin. Each therapy is a multi-stage holistic treatment that addresses a specific skin condition by targeting the biological and environmental causes and symptoms, both internally and externally. These treatments can address specific skin problems or can be availed as a regular maintenance treatment.

Mrs. Vandana Luthra, Founder & Mentor, VLCC stated that “VLCC has always been at the forefront of innovation, bringing to its clients the latest products and best treatments from around the world. And with the launch of our new comprehensive premium skin treatments, VLCC has combined traditional aesthetics with cutting-edge technology that is at the core of these treatments and is a perfect choice for every skin concern. Each regimen is carefully organized by skin concern/condition and provides proven, preventative and restorative results.”

VLCC’s latest premium skin treatment line offers five effective skincare treatments. These include:

Comodex – Acne clearance and prevention, scarring incorporates advanced scientific and natural ingredients to eliminate acne, acne scarring and hyper-pigmentation and helps to achieve the clearest and most radiant skin.

Fluoroxygen + C – Sun damage and hyper-pigmentation correction lighten or completely eliminates skin discoloration and reduces wrinkles and other skin damage caused by hyper pigmentation and sun or environmental factors. It also has a skin rejuvenating and anti-aging effect, increasing skin’s elasticity, oxygen consumption, moisture and tone for generally healthy, younger looking skin.

Wish – Anti-aging for mature skin, meant for people above 45 years of age, has been specially developed to treat, prevent and reverse the effects of maturing skin from its source. It focuses on increasing elasticity, improving skin firmness, tone, texture and structure on the inside and out for a convincingly more youthful appearance.

Forever Young – Comprehensive anti-aging, age prevention, is mainly meant for people in the age group of 30-45 years. The unique treatment method fortifies the skin’s own natural repair abilities and rebuilds tissue that is lost by aging for a glamorous appearance.

Silk – Instant lifting effect, nourishing, glow & pamper helps you achieve instantly gorgeous, flawlessly smooth skin while scientifically addressing the causes of visibly ageing skin for younger looking skin in the long term.

These treatments are available at all VLCC centres across India.

About VLCC

VLCC is widely recognized in India and abroad for its holistic, scientific & completely natural weight-management practices and therapeutic beauty solutions addressing the mind and body. Today with operations spanning across 9 countries, over 260 locations and 120 cities and employee strength of nearly 6000 and over 10 million satisfied customers, VLCC:

· Manages the largest chain of Slimming, Beauty & Fitness centers in South Asia and Middle East

· Runs Asia’s largest chain of vocational education academies in Beauty & Nutrition

· Manufactures and retails India’s most comprehensive range of skin care, hair care & body care products across over 75,000 retail outlets.

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Fiery Tiger productions Roman Sen spearheads the Sarbojanik Durga Puja Event Mumbai, October.

It is rightly said that when a good cause is to be organised, people join in to celebrate the occasion. On the auspicious occasion of Navratri and Durga Pooja, the members of ‘Andheri Link Road Sarbojanik Durga Puja, DN Nagar Committee 2011’, has invited devotees for the grand “Sarbojanik Shree Shree Durga Puja” organised at D.N.Nagar Ground, Andheri (West).
Roman Sen being born in a business family, wherein his father owned an advertising agency Katha Mediatix, indeed is a creative person. Doing a lot of research & using his creativity a little more, he came out with his company’s punch line – Differentiate the Difference.
Starting his career with advertising in marketing and client servicing he later evolved himself as the director – finance and sales of Katha Mediatix India limited Roman Sen said “having interacted with top tycoons, executives and celebrities of the country and the world I have gained extreme knowledge and confidence in me to move ahead towards my goal of being the businessmen of difference.

This year the Grand event is unique in its own way Durga puja entertainment programme will witness some great performances like:
Apart from Rituparna Sengupta, who is going to perform on 20th with the dance troop and sanjay chakraborty (sarad). we will get see a special performance by differently abled children by a dance show, monitored by veteran Bengali Actress Shakuntala Barura followed by live show by comedian Raju Shrivastav on 21st October, on 22nd performance by singing legend UshaUttup & group,on 23rd,India Idol Winner Rahul Vaidya and on the closing event day which is on Dasherra mega performance by Kunal Ganjawala.

Live expressing their love and gratitude for the Goddess Durga. Krishnendu Sen adds, “I strongly feel, Durga Maa has always been there to protect us no matter what. Celebrating the festival with grandeur and zest for five days is the least that we can do to thank Her. We will install the tallest Durga idol of 22 feet, which is expected to enter the ‘Limca Book of records'”.

The entire event is being managed in a professional manner and even professional curators have been hired to look after. the committee intends to make it of the best and the largest Durga Utsav celebration in the city.

Krishnendu Sen believes that, “We have been organising this festival every year and this is even on a grander scale. Durga puja is a really special festival in our culture celebrated across the country in different forms. It is no longer a festival celebrated by Bengalis only, it has adopted more of a cosmopolitan nature. Infact, our committee includes people from states like Punjab,UP, Bihar, Gujarat and Rajasthan,in addition to Sindhi and Muslim community. In this way,we further intend to spread the message of unity in diversity.”


Veena Malik taste the Zaika Of Bihar

Bollywood Damsel Veena Malik tasted the food of Patna. She reached capital of Bihar for an inauguration of restaurant where she tried to make some roti’s with her hand. veena tasted the zaika of bihar and shows her interest to work in Bhojpuri movie as soon as possible.

Veena MAlik said, “This is my first trip to patna where i inaugurated a restautrant named angeethi. I grew up listening to a hit Bollywood song “Mumbai se gayi puna, puna se gayi dilli, dilli se gayi patna” and since I m here in India.I always wanted to go to patna. And today i am here. I have received more love and care what i expected from Patna.and i wish to come here over and again.”

Veena make her first ever visit to patna and praised the work done by Bihar CM Nitish Kumar for the development of the state and she said his visit to Pakistan next month is eagerly awaited by the people there.” The actor said that RJD president Lalu Prasad was quite popular in her country and she had met him in the past.”

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Sachiin Joshi tries to break Dahi Handi; almost breaks head instead!

‘Oops!’ That might be how Aazaan star Sachiin Joshi might have reacted this week, when he tried to do a stunt for his forthcoming movie Mumbai Mirror where he plays a tough but quirky cop.

During a song picturisation, against the wishes of his unit, Sachiin refused to use a body double for a shot where his character had to break a Dahi Handi with his head in a fit of frenzy.

It was an energetic Govinda song with vigorous dancing, amidst 200 dancers, 250 Dahi Handi professionals and 500-strong crowd.

The mukhda went, “Poster phatega, toh hero hi niklega, mathey se phodega handi… Govinda aala re aala re, Govinda.” But our hero got so carried away in the passion of the shoot that while dancing with abandon he banged his head on the Handi real hard. But alas! It did not break. Instead Sachiin’s forehead started bleeding. Oh oh!

Confirming the incident, the actor’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar admitted, “Yes, Sachiin did get injured a bit. But even after the accident, he was sporting enough to carry on with the shoot, of course after a bit of first aid and medication.”

We checked on this with our khabri and realized Sachiin really hadn’t learnt his lesson! Our source informed us, he did continue to finally ‘break’ the Dahi Handi with his head in one of the retakes, even as the renowned choreographer Chinni Prakash looked at him in awe, admiring the young gun’s zest and determination.

What can we say about Sachiin’s dabangg attitude but ‘Kamaal karte ho Sachiinji’!


Begums, Badshahs & Ghulams in the Bigg Boss House

The housemates rise and shine to the electrifying track –‘Muquabala’ and a few of them are seen grooving to the song with some pulsating energy. After this lively wake up, Vrajesh is talking with Aashka & Delnaaz about his towel! He expresses his anger against Niketan as he had taken ‘the captain’s’ black towel without Vrajesh’s permission. Karishma & Sana are seen discussing about Sayantani’s performance during the face off. They feel bad for her loss as they did like her performance and dedication & expression.

After a while, Vrajesh and Aashka are seen in the kitchen talking about missing home during the ‘Navratra’ period. Almost like their wish has come true, Bigg Boss sends some brand new clothes for all the housemates which has come via their respective families/friends. The housemates jump with joy and celebrate by singing, dancing and sharing their happiness with one & another. Urvashi gets a little more emotional than the others and breaks down while expressing her love & affection for her family members via a monologue with the camera.

On the other hand, Sayantani is seen getting upset for different reasons as she feels it is her turn to be evicted from the house next week and she literally begs Vrajesh for some sympathy & motivation. She is then seen praying along with Delnaaz in their room. The eccentric artist, Sapna Bhavnani makes heads turn in the house as she transforms herself from her trademark ‘all black’ attire to a girly floral dress (Sayantani’s). She walks into the kitchen and is floored with compliments by Sidhu, Rajev & the rest of the housemates. After a while, Delnaaz & Aseem are seen having their flirtatious dance, with Delnaaz’s singing in the garden area – a pure entertainer for the rest of the housemates.

Bigg Boss announces the launch of the task – ‘Badshah aur Ghulam’. The housemates are divided as masters & slaves who have to follow certain set of rules. The housemates are given new attire for the task as well. Everyone is seen enjoying the task to the fullest as they sit in the garden area and all the ‘Badshahs & Begums’ assign funny & demeaning tasks to their ‘Ghulams’. Vrajesh being a pure entertainer impresses his ‘Begums’ with his liveliness and seamless energy. Sayantani performs her duties properly but towards the end of the night, she breaks down in front of all thinking about how much she would miss all this if she gets evicted. The housemates console her and cheer her up. Eventually she bids goodnight to her masters and the light go off leaving the tired housemates some time to sleep.

To know more about Begums and Ghulams, watch Bigg Boss season 6,

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Fox Star Studios’s exciting line-up for 2013

With 5 blockbusters in a mere span of 5 months ,Fox Star Studios has built tremendous distribution clout in the business ,not to mention ,leveraging its strong international distribution network to deliver box office success.

After the stupendous success of Jannat 2,Bol Bachchan and Raaz 3 ,the production and distribution giant is not resting on its laurels and have rolled out an exciting line up of films starting with the highly anticipated ‘Life of Pi’ in November ,directed by Hollywood director Ang Lee –starring Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Tabu and Gerard Depardieu.

January sees the release of the much talked about Vishal Bhardwaj ‘s “Matru Ki Bijli ka Mandola” – a comedy drama starring Imran Khan, Anushka Sharma & Pankaj Kapoor . ‘Jolly LLB’ directed by Subhash Kapoor (Phas Gaye Re Obama) recreates the Munnabhai magic starring Arshad Warsi & Boman Irani ,followed by the next sequel of the hit franchise ‘Murder 3′ along with Vishesh films and several other big projects to be announced in the near future.

Talking about the success of Fox Star Studios ,trade analyst & critic Taran Adarsh said “ Fox Star Studios’ choice of films have made them respectable players in the market. In fact this year has been a landmark year for Fox Star having tasted super success with Bol Bachchan, Jannat 2 and now Raaz 3. Their forthcoming list is also very impressive which should consolidate their status in India”.

Says CEO,Vijay Singh ,Fox Star Studios “Films of different genres are finding increasing acceptance in India.Here at Fox Star Studios our focus lies on strong entertaining scripts- We have a great roll out starting with Ang Lee’s Life of Pi, Vishal Bhardwaj ‘s “Matru Ki Bijli ka Mandola”,’Jolly LLB’ and Murder 3”.


200 students from S.M.Shetty International school to get green belt in martial arts

Mumbai.Bunts Sangha’s S.M. Shetty International School and Chitah Jeet Kune Do Global sports federation have organized a ‘Green Belt & Certificate distribution ceremony to 200 student’s on 23rd October 2012 at 10.30 A.M. at S.M. Shetty International School, Hiranandani Park, Powai, Mumbai.

S.M. Shetty International School has introduced Martial Arts as a subject in 2010. Chitah Yajness Martial Academy are running the Martial Arts Classes. Yajness Shetty trains students from 1st std. to 10th Std.

Yajness Shetty, well known martial arts expert of Indian Film Industry. He has trained Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Isha Koppikar, Karishma kapoor, Farhan Akhtar ,Harman Baweja and is ambassador of Bangkok based Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune in India & Chitah Jeet Kune Do Global sports federation. Yajness says ”Martial Arts is not for fighting but strengthening your physical and especially your mental power. It helps you develop your I. Q. and choose right path for your future.We taken tests of student like power, aim, flexibility, focus etc than giving them Green Belt and certificates to them.”

Principal of the school Leena Pimpley said, “We not only teach but also develop personalities and individuals. We give all facilities and create atmosphere in which the multifaceted growth of a child can take place and this is the reason that we have included Martial Arts as a subject in the school’s curriculum. We have had good interactions with parents and they continuously expressed their desire to have the Martial Arts in school’s curriculum. In this period, Martial Arts, Yoga and Meditation are taught”

Sanjay Sharma Raj



Episodic Synopsis – Day 14

Nominations cause a stir in the Bigg Boss house

As Khasif gets evicted from the Bigg Boss house, all housemates wish him luck after going through yet another round of eviction. A while later all the housemates are seen discussing the upcoming nomination wherein Sidhu expresses his discomfort on nominating any of the housemates. He asks everyone if they are okay with all 13 getting nominated and letting the janta decide. One by one all the housemates agree with Sidhu and decide not to nominate anyone in the house. But since Bigg Boss is always one step ahead of everyone, he has a tremendous twist in nominations procedures for the housemates which leaves everyone surprised and shell shocked. Niketan is called inside the confession room by Bigg Boss and is asked to name two housemates that he would like to save from the coming week’s elimination. Smitten by the surprise all the housemates go in and give in two names.

Post the nominations, Bigg Boss announces the results. Four housemates get shortlisted after tallying the votes. These housemates are the ones who have got no votes meaning nobody wanted to save them. The nominated housemates are puzzled & a little upset to realize this and are seen discussing and bitching about it in small groups. What has these nominated contestants uneasy is that there so called ‘friends’ didn’t vote for them, while they out of friendship did. After all the drama, the housemates go to sleep.

The next day, the housemates wake up to the electric & apt song – ‘Singh is King’. Well, it is apt as the beautiful morning is Navjot Singh Sidhu’s Birthday. The housemates shake a leg and everyone conveys their wishes to Sidhu Paaji. Sidhu wakes up a happy man and hugs everyone with much love. A while later, Sidhu & Niketan discuss how the nominations have split the house apart, and Sidhu adds that he feels bad for Urvashi as he feels she carries a lot of stress & remorse in her shoulders.

To begin the birthday celebrations, Bigg Boss sends in a letter for Sidhu wherein he is assigned a task is to make the housemates laugh via his jokes, riddles etc every time the song ‘Happy Birthday to you’ is played. The housemates crack up on hearing this and tease Sidhu by saying they would intentionally not laugh at his jokes. Sidhu starts with his first joke which leaves most of the housemates laughing but not all. After sometime the song plays again when all the housemates are relaxing in the garden area. Sidhu gets up and sings a childhood song. The girls share a laugh but the boys are not amused. Sidhu gets fed up and tells Bigg Boss that he surrenders and is happier to be punished than to be a clown for everyone. Just as he says all this, the song plays again leaving the entire house in splits.

Continuing the fun, Sapna and Vrijesh decide to play a prank on Aseem who is sleeping on the couch.. They takea toothpaste and apply it on his fingers. Aseem doesn’t realize it for a while, until all the housemates burst into laughter. Aseem wakes up to see his prankster housemates literally on the floor laughing. In sometime, Bigg Boss announces the commencement of the face off! The four nominated contestants need to battle it out amongst themselves to be safe from eviction. The face off takes place in full flow and the four nominated contestants put up some great performances. The rest of the housemates give them points based on their performance. Finally the results are declared by Bigg Boss and one lucky winner gets saved. Posts the face off, the nominated housemates are still upset and are seen getting irritable with the others in the house. The housemates discuss the nominations rather intensely yet again and thus, the day ends!

To know more about the nominations, watch Bigg Boss season 6,

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Muscle Women Yvette Shaw challenge Salman Khan in her photoshoot

Bollywood brings more western and Asian actors into Indian film industry. In the recent times we have seen many of our favorite Hollywood stars heading toward Indian Cinema. The shine of Bollywood attracts many International artists to be a part of it that is why they are grooming in Bollywood. One of the leading Hollywood Actress Yvette Shaw has done a photoshoot for her upcoming movie “The City that Never Sleeps” Which is producer Satish Reddy and directed by Haroon Rashid.

Feeling very delirious about Bollywood project Yvette said, “I love Salman Khan very much he is one handsome hunk in Bollywood and it will be a great pleasure for me to work out with him. I am very excited about my new venture with Satish Reddy and Haroon Rashid. I am so glad I got a chance in Bollywood Industry.”

Yvette Shaw has rubbed her shoulder with Hollywood hunk Arnold and many action stars. She can be describes as a finest and toughest women in the world. She has been accomplished by her achievements as an International athlete muscle model and leading Actress.

Satish Reddy said, “Yvette has a finest body and she is very hardworking. She has a unique quality to portray her character.’

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The government might have increased the age limit for alcohol consumption but they cannot stop the youth of the time from singing the new alcohol anthem.

Singer-Rapper-Actor Hard Kaur who is coming up with her second album P.L.A.Y, almost 5 years after her first became a rage amongst the youth, says that her song “Peeney do” from this album is likely to become an alcohol anthem of 2012.

Mujhe peeney do

Thodasa humko jeeney do

If I get outa control

It’s not me its alcohol

The song has usage of Bombay slang and will make the listeners laugh, she claims. The song ‘Glassy’ from her first album was a hit amongst the generation next and so it is very likely that with peppy music and drowning lyrics “Peeney do” too will be The Alcohol anthem.

All the songs are penned and composed by Hard Kaur and the album is released by Sony Music.

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