Dance Masters Saroj, Remo and Terence at 20 – 20 Dance Championship Grand Finale

Dance Masters Saroj, Remo and Terence at 20 – 20 Dance Championship Grand Finale

Mumbai 1st July 2013: The serpentine queue that had gathered at the Andheri Sports Complex, Mumbai on 1st July 2013, was evident enough to prove how eagerly the youth of Mumbai were waiting for India’s 20 – 20 Dance Championship Grand Finale. The versatility, the intensity, the attitude, the wow factor that the Masters Saroj Khan, Terence Lewis and Remo D’Souza witnessed at the Mumbai recognized every contestant’s dedication and passion to win the Trophy. What touched the Masters was not how they performed but their sincerity towards dance as an art form.

Bollywood Hollywood Dresswalla Mr. Shafiq Ahmed introduced a unique concept of 20-20 Dance championship and to resource the talent the company organized talent hunt in various cities of India. Mr. Shafiq Ahmed, Owner of Bollywood Hollywood Dresswala said “I am delighted to organize this talent hunt. This is the first time ever such live performance talent which was open to public to watch the real talents from all over India. Hope we continue to do this show next year on the larger platform” Participants came from 10 cities and 20 performances were performed from the young talents. Approx 10, 000 people had gathered to watch the show and in the history of Talent Hunt this was the 1st time Live talent hunt performance was organized.

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