Cottonwala Prashantt Guptha makes Himmatwala go green!



Cottonwala Prashantt Guptha makes Himmatwala go green!


Model-actor Prashantt Guptha has taken it upon himself to promote natural breathing fabric cotton and is shooting a huge viral pro-cotton campaign.

“It is a campaign initiated by the Cotton Council International, and directed by Abhinav Shiv Tiwari to bring back cotton its lost glory. Cotton is green, biodegradable and even comes in organic form sans pesticides during cultivation. It has an inherent breathing quality that soaks up 20 per cent of sweat before it actually feels damp, making it easy to it is user-friendly, durable and best for those with sensitive skin. In short, cotton controls moisture, insulates, provides comfort, is durable, hypo-allergic and weatherproof besides being green. No other fabric can compete with cotton.

“But when you say the same thing in an entertaining manner, people pay attention. It is time, we citizens seriously go green to protect our future, and this campaign is the right step  in that direction,” says Prashantt.

Shot as a spoof of Bollywood film Himmatwala, the ad film Cottonwala is about how a cotton-wearing commoner, Cottonwala is always a step ahead of the leather-wearing Himmatwala and can easily get the better of his enemies as he has nature by his side. “I have always been a go-green advocate. But this film was an eye-opener for me as well,” says Prashantt who is soon planning more initiatives to take his go-green advocacy to the next level.”



Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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