Contestants fight a fierce battle in the air on BIG RTL THRILL’s Fear Factor

Magnificent men suspended from flying machines will leave your senses numb

Contestants fight a fierce battle in the air on BIG RTL THRILL’s Fear Factor

Hanging mid-air from a single wire 100 ft above the ground or being suspended from a humongous building is not something that every individual would dare to do. Yet, this week, BIG RTL THRILL’s Fear Factor will feature such daredevil contenders, who will be perform death defying aerial stunts that will leave audiences shell shocked. The incredibly designed aerial stunts will not only test their physical endurance and tolerance but will also test the viewers’ nerve to watch them perform.

The magnitude of danger, thrill and adrenaline-pumping entertainment will make viewers’ hearts skip a beat every time they witness speeding helicopters over the sea, with contenders hanging from ropes at a suspension of 100-ft or people loosely flying over fiery explosions. Fear Factor, on BIG RTL THRILL makes sure that contenders overcome their worst fears while going through multiple gut wrenching experiences. Contestants will be seen sweating, screaming and scouting their calibre to survive in the show. As the show revolves around the phrase ‘Survival of the fittest’, in literal terms contestants have to keep themselves in the running by winning tasks facing death defying/hazardous situations through various tasks.

As the spectators hold on to their breath and tighten their grip, Fear Factor promises to showcase extraordinary aerial stunts that will enthral and captivate their senses. Viewers can look forward to a dramatic exploration of action entertainment on BIG RTL THRILL that will surpass expectations set for any reality stunt show seen on television till date.

To witness the larger than life experience of aerial acts tune into, Fear Factor this Friday at 9 pm on BIG RTL THRILL


Bidisha Banerjee
Senior Relations Associate

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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