Clean & Clear’s Latest TVC Inspires Teen Girls To Reveal their True Self Leading youth skincare brand launches its ‘See the Real Me’ campaign

Clean & Clear’s Latest TVC Inspires Teen Girls To Reveal their True Self

Leading youth skincare brand launches its ‘See the Real Me’ campaign


Mumbai, August 1, 2014: India’s leading youth skincare brand, Clean & Clear, recently released its new TVC which inspires teenage girls not to let their appearance and physical imperfections define them but instead to feel confident and assert their real talents and abilities. The latest TVC is a natural extension for the youth brand that has always played the role of a trusted friend that enables positive teen confidence. The brand that has been closely associated with ‘best friends’ who positively support each other is now using its strong relationship with teenage girls across the country to inspire them to celebrate what makes them different and is asking them to inspire each other to join the movement.

The brand’s new philosophy of ‘See the Real Me’ stems from the insight that most teenage girls want to be loved and accepted for who they are but are afraid of being judged by others, especially because of their appearance. Based on insights from teenage girls in India, the TVC aptly addresses the issue of how teenagers very often get associated with nicknames that reflect their perceived image and not their actual talents. Through the new campaign Clean & Clear wants to inspire teenage girls to find the courage to look beyond the ‘name-calling’ and to embrace their uniqueness by celebrating their real achievements and capabilities with small acts of courage.

According to Ganesh Bangalore, General Manager – Marketing at Johnson & Johnson India, “Clean & Clear fundamentally believes that every young girl has innate potential which makes her unique and special. All she needs is a little courage to dazzle people with her true abilities and inspire other girls around her. ”

The ‘See the Real Me’ campaign is being promoted on a global scale and the new TVC is the first step in disseminating the new message in India. After its huge and ongoing success in the US market, the campaign has been suitably adapted to address the issue of ‘name-calling’, which is prevalent amongst Indian teenagers.

The 30 second creative ad features young girls talking about the nicknames they are given because of their appearance, such as oily skin or pimples, but then find the courage to show their real talents with Clean & Clear’s help. Developed by DDB Mudra Group India, the ad captures the essence of the campaign perfectly by featuring everyday girls who speak confidently about themselves. Instead of using trained actors and models, for the first time the agency has street-cast girls for an ad campaign to add what actors can’t – authenticity and spontaneity.

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Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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