Mumbai, August 21, 2014:

Cinemacraft’s flagship product – Videogram, now takes a leap to the next level in the

evolution of new media in the Indian entertainment arena by collaborating with Epigram

Digital. Since its launch last year, Videogram has added another feather to the cap by

partnering with Epigram to address innovative delivery of the Bollywood content.

Talking about the collaboration, Sandeep Casi, CEO, Cinemacraft Inc., says, “India is an

exciting market due to the ubiquity of Bollywood content. We are extremely happy to have

aligned with Epigram who have been instrumental in launching top tier Bollywood content

for over a decade. Together, we are well poised for a paradigm shift on how Bollywood

content will be consumed on web, Twitter, Facebook, & smart TV in India”

Videogram is a pictorial summary of video. The video is automatically analyzed and

represented with different-sized keyframes packed in a visually pleasing form reminiscent

of a comic book. Videogram allows users to get a quick overview of a video’s contents at

a glance without watching the video from beginning to end. The visual summaries are

suitable as interactive thumbnails on video publisher’s sites and they can also be used

to help consumers browse through videos (like they do for images). Videogram allows

the consumer to start the video from a point of visual interest (smaller clips) on mobiles

thus eliminating the pain points of streaming/buffering a large video on oversubscribed/

congested mobile networks.

Elaborating, Nabeel Abbas, CEO, Epigram, says: “In an increasingly ‘on the go’ world,

Videogram gives films and brands the tools they need to immediately capture viewers and

convert those views into engagement and interaction. Videogram empowers consumers to

share and comment on the clips/sub-clips that they find the most interesting, driving higher

virality on the video, and making it grow exponentially. It is the perfect tool and platform to

showcase films and all entertainment content, giving it scope to be experienced in a unique


Adds Alnoor Merchant, Director, Epigram Digital: “This type of targeted sharing entices

the social graph to grow on the shared Videogram and drives traffic and eyeballs from the

social networking site. It is the perfect solution for trailers and ads with rich visuals that get

showcased in an exciting pictorial summary fashion, making the experience more pertinent.”

Official Videogram apps are already available on iOS and Android platforms.

About Cinemacraft Inc.,

Established in 2012 in Tokyo, Cinemacraft produces patented technology and platforms to transform

how visual media is consumed. Its private label solution enables brands and publishers to deliver context

driven engagement on videos and photos. Cinemacraft opens a deeper level of Discovery, Engagement,

Analytics, and Monetization in visual media. Its flagship products are Videogram for online videos,

Videogram live for live streaming videos and qixshr for photos. Our investors include NTT DoCoMo

Ventures, Samsung Ventures, Turner, 500startups, & Tyra Banks. Learn more about Cinemacraft on

About Epigram Digital:

Established in 2004, Epigram Digital provides end-to-end internet-based solutions. Having worked

as early innovators with Microsoft, Yahoo and YouTube since their advent into the India arena for

entertainment, and campaign designers for most of the top Indian films and talent, with this latest

association they are aiming to take digital marketing solutions to its pinnacle.

For advertising queries:

Mr. Hardik Shah,


+91 9892427345

Mr. Alnoor Merchant,

Epigram Digital

+91 9820169869

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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