CID team to solve two suspense filled murder mysteries

CID team to solve two suspense filled murder mysteries


The very popular and most watched crime show of Sony Entertainment Television CID has come up with some more thrilling and shocking cases. In the upcoming episode, a girl in college hostel witnesses nightmares in which she feels someone is trying to kill her. Later she gets murdered in her room in exactly the same manner! The cops start investigating the case as they find that no one seemed to have entered or left her room which makes it look even more probable that someone actually killed her in her dreams. Now the cops are deep in their investigation as one more murder happens, the cops are even more puzzled as there is no connection with both the victims. The mystery takes a further twist as the cops find that the killer has planted a mysterious device and shown a deadly video to the victims to trigger their nightmares which have origin in their sordid past!.


In Sunday’s episode, a notoriously dreaded terrorist called Zingora will send CID an evidence bag which has a cut finger, a bloody knife, a handwritten letter in Russian, a kid’s photograph and a string of wind chime. He challenges the CID team if they can reach the crime scene via these set of evidences and find out whose murder has taken place. But what was Zingora’s motive behind doing this? As cops go on the trail of each evidence they realize the case keeps getting more and more complex. Will they be able to solve this mystery of an unusual crime and catch the real killer?


Watch the murder mysteries this Saturday and Sunday at 10 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television


Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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