Children of War maker’s English foray

Children of War maker’s English foray

After chronicling the nine months of torture that led to the liberation of East Pakistan with Children of War, Mrityunjay Devvrat is on to his next, barely a week after its release. “This time, it is a English film with a Hollywood partner,” avers the maker.

Unlike Children of War that has shaken critics and audiences alike with its painfully truthful narrative, the next film will not reopen the wounds of the 1971 Bangladesh War, but is nevertheless set in India, elaborates the director who is happy with the critical acclaim that The Children of War has received.

“I am happy that I have brought to light something that should have been part of our history textbooks. Over 400,000 women were raped, three million people were killed and 10 million sought refuge in India.”

The actors stand by the director who chose the unconventional route of India release without going the festival route. Raima Sen stands for the Bangladeshi women, Farooq Sheikh is the intellect and Pavan Malhotra, the butcher in uniform are all for the director.

While Pavan says he develops style and mannerism for the character and then buried with the film,  Raima Sen admits she is still not able to get the character out of her mind. “I had to spend a month in New York, but I still can’t get the film out of my system,” she admits. “It is not easy to relive the life and experience the emotions of the women who were used as a tool by inhumans. It still haunts you.”

Yours to check out the Children of War at your nearest theatre… Surely worth a dekho!

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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