Celebrate Independence day at Star CJ – Shopping ki Swatantrata’ offer

Celebrate Independence day at Star CJ – Shopping ki Swatantrata’ offer
This year India completes 67 years of being independent. We have achieved so much since 1947. The amount of progress we, as a nation, have made is immense and this is just the beginning. We have had many big and small achievements in the last 67 
STAR CJ Network India Pvt. Ltd. (“Star CJ”) is wishing everybody a very happy Independence Day through its ‘Shopping ki Swatantrata’ offer. This year, on the 15th of August 2014, Star CJ is celebrating Independence Day by sharing joy with all of you though sensational offers brought to you. Independence Day will be celebrated with great pomp and show.
Star CJ has planned to bring the best deals on this glorious day to show their respect for the country. They have brought mouth-watering discounts on the most amazing products, which you can buy at exciting prices. 
If you are one of those who are health conscious, this offer is for you. You need to make juices every morning, don’t you? No worries, there are discounts on juicer mixer grinders. Are you very particular about the oil you use? You are lucky as there is a discount on olive oils. There is a discount on the Avento six pack machine; this will help you keep your abs in shape. This year get independence from an unhealthy 
There are offers available on double side pans, microwaves, and many more kitchen essentials. These offers are a dream come true for those who are kitchen lovers. 
These offers are just for you. This year get independence from kitchen hassles. Are you fed up of the dirt and mess in the house? Well, an exciting offer is available on laundry hangers and the magic mop as well. You can shop for all these wonderful products on Star CJ network and get independence from an unclean home. 
This Independence Day you can shop for digital devices as well on Star CJ network. 
There is a discount on products such as the Datawind pocket Surfer 3G5 Android Smartphone and the Ubislate 7cZ New Smart Phone. These offers are just what you needed to make your independence day perfect. 
This independence day, we have two things to rejoice about – the Independence Day and the Star CJ’s ‘Shopping ki Swatantrata’ offer. Here’s wishing you all yet another year of being free and independent.
Max coupon discount – 15%
Max Coupon Redemption – 600
Min Purchase – 1000

Categories to target
Health – Add some attractive line –
·         Avento Six Power Machine – http://www.starcj.com/mall/disp/itemInfo.htm?itemCode=142477
Kitchen – Add some attractive line –
·         Electrolux 23 ltr microwave – http://www.starcj.com/mall/disp/itemInfo.htm?itemCode=135744
·         Relance Double Side Pan – http://www.starcj.com/mall/disp/itemInfo.htm?itemCode=142150
Living – Get independent from unclean home
·         Laundry Hanger – http://www.starcj.com/mall/disp/itemInfo.htm?itemCode=135106
Digital Device
·         Datawind pocket Surfer 3G5 Android Smartphone – http://www.starcj.com/mall/disp/itemInfo.htm?itemCode=144145
·         Ubislate 7cZ New SmartPhone – http://www.starcj.com/mall/disp/itemInfo.htm?itemCode=144082
Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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