A blend of Action, Horror and Adventure is set to thrill this May!

New Delhi, May, 2012: HBO is all set to entertain with its exclusive array of action, horror and adventure movies. It’s time to refill the thrill, so roll up your sleeves and enjoy the smashing hits in May on your favorite pit stop HBO.

HBO Thriller Thursdays


The life of an anonymous assassin takes an unexpected turn when he travels to Thailand to complete a series of contract killings. Joe, a remorseless hitman, is in Bangkok to execute four enemies who work for a ruthless boss named Surat. Joe hires Kong, a street punk who pickpockets, to run errands for him with the intention of covering his own tracks by killing Kong at the end of the assignment.

However, Joe, the ultimate lone wolf, finds himself mentoring the young man instead, while simultaneously being drawn into a tentative romance with a local shop girl. As he falls further under the sway of Bangkok’s intoxicating beauty, Joe begins to question his lonely existence and lets his guard down just as Surat decides it’s time Joe gets the job done.

STARRING: Nicolas Cage, Charlie Young, Shahkrit Yamnarm

GENRE: Action/Adventure

Watch “Bangkok Dangerous”, a crime thriller that portrays an unexpected turn in a Hitman’s life on Thursday, 3RD May at 9:10 PM, only on HBO!

HBO Friday Blockbuster


Death may be closer than it appears. This sequel to the highly successful teen horror flick “Final Destination,” brings a group of friends together on their way to a holiday in Daytona, Florida. Whilst on the road, a college freshman, Kimberly, has a horrific premonition of a highway accident pileup. Based on her vision, she manages to thwart the accident, thereby saving herself and her pals from a violent and premature demise. But Death will not be cheated twice. As a result, Kimberly, her friend, Clear, and the others who escaped their fate on the road, soon find themselves struggling to stay alive.

STARRING: Ali Larter, A.J. Cook, Michael Landes

GENRE: Horror/Thriller

Watch “Final Destination-2”, a goose-fleshing sequel of “Final Destination,” on Friday, 4TH May at 9:00 PM, only on HBO!

HBO Action Saturday


This is the 1973 cult classic that critic Leonard Maltin calls the “almost perfect kung fu film.” When the evil Han hosts a best-of-the-best martial arts tournament on a secluded island off Hong Kong, Bruce Lee is hired by British Intelligence to pose as a fighter and enter the competition. His mission is to infiltrate Han’s despotic world and get evidence to put him behind bars. Lee is happy with the assignment as he’s got a personal score to settle with Han, who killed his sister. As the kung fu legend gets closer to the clues, fighters mysteriously start disappearing and his identity is uncovered.

Now Lee’s made a world of enemies – just the way he likes it.

STARRING: Bruce Lee, John Saxon, Jim Kelly, Ahna Capri

GENRE: Action/Adventure

Watch Bruce Lee, most influential martial artist of his time in “Enter The Dragon” on Saturday, 5TH May at 9:00 PM, only on HBO!

HBO Golden Ticket


When a Chinese Consul’s eleven year old daughter is kidnapped by a gang of antique smugglers in Los Angeles, Detective Inspector Lee flies in to handle the case. However, the FBI is not willing to have an outsider interfere with their investigations and decides to distract him with the LAPD’s finest and most notorious detective, James Carter. Reluctant partners at first, they eventually overcome their cultural and personality differences to take on the criminal mastermind behind the abduction.

Expect a roller-coaster ride with this hilariously explosive duo as Jackie Chan supplies the punches and Chris Tucker, the punch lines!

STARRING: Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Ken Leung

GENRE: Action/Adventure

Watch “Rush Hour”, a buddy-movie genre that has laugh, action and all the buddy clichés on Sunday, 6TH May at 9:00 PM, only on HBO!

About HBO

Launched in September 2000, HBO is an English language movie channel available in South Asia (India, Pakistan, Maldives and Bangladesh). HBO brings the best of Hollywood by premiering top blockbuster movies on television first in South Asia through exclusive licensing deals with more than 16 studios and independent movie companies, including Paramount, NBC Universal and Warner Bros. It is the only English movie channel to feature cutting-edge award-winning original productions year on year. HBO has won 3 golden globes, 19 primetime Emmy and an Academy award for its original productions this year. HBO Asia is a joint venture of HBO (a Time Warner company) and Paramount.

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For further information, please contact:

Sukriti Kalra/ Nidhi Sharma

IPAN Hill and Knowlton,

Tel: 9910393262/ 9971060742

E-mail: /



…Elect Shamsher PAthan and Babban Kamble as Nat Prez and Deputy…

“Anger and hatred are taught in history. When Shivaji and Afzal Khan had a confrontation, Afzal Khan’s betrayal was conveyed to Shivaji by a Muslim, while Afzal Khan’s bodyguard was a Maratha. But what they teach us in class is different. And that is what creates a rift between Hindus and Muslims like it happened with me at school. We are here to bridge that divide, to be respected for who we are and to show the world that we will not longer be treated as less-equals.”

This statement came from educationist Javed Pasha took centrestage at Shamukhanana when at the historic moment when Dalit and Muslims came together on Maharashtra Day to celebrate Maharashtra Day with the launch of a party that stands up for the rights of minorities from the pockets of India. Based on the principles of Shivaji Maharaj, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar and Maulana Azad among others, the party that has elected former ACP Shamsher Pathan as its National President and Babban Kamble, Editor – Samrat as his Deputy, was launched at Shanmukhananda Hall, Kings circle….

65 years after independence, even now Muslims and Dalits are not getting equal treatment and are still socially, economically and politically backward and are caught in the mire of religious and caste politics, and are merely being used as a voting bank.

“In fact, the state of Muslims in India is worse than that of the Dalits. In the name of Reservation Dalits are being exploited while Muslims are being exploited under the name of safeguarding them. Though together they contribute to 39 per cent of voting bank, they are disregarded when it comes to being in power. Both these communities are being used as a staircase for those wanting to rise to power,” explained Shamsher Khan Pathan, National President, AVP. “The Dalits and Muslims both have to unite if they have to make their presence felt and make a difference,”

“Malegaon, Prabhani, Nanded have illustrated who the real terrorists are. Why then are the Muslim community being branded as terrorists? This is their India as well. We need to stand together and fight,” added Babban Kamble.

We do not see the Dalits as younger brothers. That time is gone when you considered someone less equal. Today, everyone is an equal. They are my equal brothers,” announced Pathan to a roaring audience.

The party is backed by educationists, journalists, and people from various spheres of life and is being guided by a former cop and a journalist as their leaders and hence we believe we can make the difference with AVP. This is the first party which has taken the principles of Shivaji Maharaj, Maulana Azad and Babasaheb Ambedkar and will fight for the upliftment of the downtrodden.

This unity, aver party members, will make a difference from gram Panchayat to Vidhan Sabha levels. Btoh Muslims and Dalits need socio-economic progress and this is not possible without making a political change. This is the reason behind the Awami Vikas Party because we as educated people shy away from politics, and this attitude should change if we seek an awakening.

For further details, contact Anusha


South siren Nisha Yadav goes nude again – this time to get Mumbai’s drains cleaned

South siren Nisha Yadav aka Ameesha Yadav who was last seen in the buff in the regional film Corruption – The Curse, based on Anna Hazare’s struggle against corruption, has done it again. This time she is agitating to get Mumbai’s drains cleaned before the monsoons.

Says Flynn Remedios, Nisha Yadav’s publicist, “Nisha Yadav has shot some volatile photos which are part of an awareness campaign by MumbaiWire. Let us hope the people of Mumbai take it in the right spirit. Each year the BMC spends about Rs 10-15 crore before the monsoons to clean up the drains. In spite of such a huge expenditure, there is flooding even on the first day of some medium to heavy rain. Nisha’s campaign photo shoot is titled BASH THE TRASH & DAMN THE PLASTIC. We do not have huge budgets to create city-wide awareness and such a campaign it’s definitely an attention-grabber.”

Co-incidentally, Nisha Yadav’s Tamil film is due to release next month. Maybe the timing of the controversial photo shoot has got something to do with the release of the film, we wonder?

Here are a few photos from Nisha Yadav’s latest photo shoot.

(Photo Courtesy: Futuristic Media Network)


*It was a Musical Evening organized for *

*Smiling Soul – Music for Social Change.*

*(Music band of Indo – Folk – African Fusion Hindi Song)*

* *

*by Santosh Sawant.*

* ***
*Santosh sawant gave a soulful an hour performance which kept the crowd
spellbinding, *

Santosh said ” its my effort to take this form of music on international
platform ”


*The guests in attendance enjoyed the performance thoroughly Amy
Billimoria, Anup Jalota ,Geeta Khatri.*

Picture N Kraft
19/101 Mhada Complex,Oshiwara Garden Lane,New Link Road,
Andheri (West) Mumbai-400053 &
Tel Nos.9833577407/ 9594621831 / 022 -22926509



On this occasion most senior members of various craft of Film production
sector, producer,

distributor, exhibitor and others will be honored by presenting trophies
for their outstanding

services to the film Industry.

The press conference was addressed by santosh singh jain,anil
sharmaa,sangram shirke etc

They all said they were thankful for the response the fraternity has showed

Ashok shekhar spearheaded the awards of madhuri entertainment



Amitabh Bachchan

Phalke Ratna



Legendary Actress


Vinod Khanna

Legendary Actor


Ali Zafar

Phalke New Talent Award


Ajay Devgan (Singham)

Outstanding Performance


Vidya Balan

Phalke Memorable Performance Award

(The Dirty Picture)


Waheeda Rehman

Phalke Icon Cine Artiste Award


Saira Banu – Dilip Kumar

Saraswatibai Phalke Award


Rohit Shetty

Best Classical & Commercial Director


Dilip Sen- Sameer Sen – Parivar

Phalke Kalpataru Award – Jamaal Sen


Chaitanya Padukone

Senior Film Journalist


Ekta Kapoor

Phalke Icon Producer Award – Film & Television


Ram Kapoor

Best Actor Television

(Bade Achhe Lagte Hain)


Saakshi Tanvar

Best Television Actress

(Bade Achhe Lagte Hain)


Parineeti Chopra

Phalke New Talent Award


Farhan Akhtar

Best Commercial Film

(Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara)


Prakash Raj

Phalke Versatile Cine Star


Ram Gopal Gupta

Phalke Senior Most Producer


Gurudas Maan

Phalke Versatile Singer Award


Neila Devi

Phalke Golden Era Award

(Shammi Kapoor’s wife)

*For Further Information Contact Parul Chawla:


Picture N Kraft
19/101 Mhada Complex,Oshiwara Garden Lane,New Link Road,
Andheri (West) Mumbai-400053 &
Tel Nos.9833577407/ 9594621831 / 022 -22926509


Sarfaraz Khan, Akash Luthra from Springfield Rizvi, Mumbai selected for Coca Cola ‘Coaching Clinic’ camp

Sarfaraz Khan and Akash Luthra from Springfield Rizvi School, Mumbai are among the 20 players selected on the basis of their performance in the Coca-Cola Cup Under-16 Cricket Tournament, Inter-State leg, to attend the seven-day special coaching clinic to be conducted by former international cricketers at the MCA Ground, Bandra-Kurla Complex from May 1 to 7, 2012.

The clinic will be conducted by former International Cricketers Lalchand Rajput, Saba Karim and Sanjay Bhardwaj. Dr. Aijaz Ashai will be the fitness trainer and physio supporting the camp. The Clinic will be conducted in two sessions (8.00 am to 11.00 am and 4.00 pm to 6 pm).

Post the week long coaching camp, the final Coca-Cola XI team will be selected and given an opportunity to prove their mettle by participating in a three-match series against the U-16 National team of Sri Lanka on May 8, 10 and 11.

At the end of the program, three best players –‘the Coca-Cola Cricket Stars’ will be groomed for a period of three years. Depending on their core strength, they will also get an opportunity to further hone their skills by attending training camps of international repute.

Winner KDMA-Kanpur School have four players, with two from Springfield Rizvi School, Mumbai, four from Delhi, four from Hyderabad, two from Baroda, three from Madya Pradesh and one from Kolkata.

Following are the selected players: P S Chaitanya Reddy, Rohit Reddy (WK), Y Sharavan Kumar, D Dinesh (All Hyderabad), Sarfaraz Khan, Akash Luthra (Both Mumbai), Siddharth Sehwag, Nitin Tanwar, Kushan Harjai (WK), Suraj Rai (All DelhI), Ayush Atri, Amit Pachara, Shivam Dixit, Rajat Nirwan (All UP), Akshay Bramhabhatt, Jayesh Chelani, (Both Baroda), Ankush Singh, Ajay Pratap, Pranjal Puri (All Madhya Pradesh) and Shaurya Santalia (Kolkata).


Director Tarun Chopra of Legacy Productions announced their maiden venture “W”.

Under the baton ship of Music Director Daboo Malik recording a song for the Film at Yashraj studio.

Music by Daboo Malik featuring Brothers in Arms.

For Further Information Contact Parul Chawla: 9833577407/9004136155/022-22926509


“Playing character of Tulsidas will always be closer to my heart”

– Actor Faisal Rashid

He is often seen in plays of Motley’s. Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards (META), 2012 nominated him for Best Actor Male in Lead Role for play “Baghdad Wedding”. Mostly seen as a lead in plays directed by Naseerudin Shah, this Shah Protégé, also an FTII graduate will soon be seen in the serial Upanishad Ganga which is currently aired on DD.

Faisal talks about his first television venture and his experience of working with Director Dr Chandraprakash Dwivedi and talented team of Chinmaya Mission, who have produced this serial.

We have seen the serial Upanishad Ganga, however talking about this serial, what does it mean to you?

Talking about this serial it means a lot to me as it was my first television venture. However, talking about what the serial really has to say, one can take it as a historic book. A precise, well-written, well researched effort. Every episode has different stories and every story has an Upanishadic teaching to give the audience. All the stories though look ancient yet the meaning is quiet contemporary.

You say the serial has ancient stories but contemporary approach, how is that?

Be it Bhaskaracharya, be it Tulsidas or be it Dara Shikhoh, every character that is been shown has a subtle human side to it. This side is the one which audience has never seen before where the attempt is to show the problems they face and the solution they get for it. Here the audience will see, though it was in the ancient times yet the problems these characters faced were much like ours and the only difference was their problem solving approach which was much too practical and simple.

You have played multiple characters in this serial, which one of them you enjoyed playing the most?

Playing Tulsidas! That one character will always be closer to my heart. We know the renowned poet Tulsidas but the character I play is the one much before he became popular for his work. Here we have shown him with hardships and the family problems which I’m sure the audience is unaware of.

How did this serial happen to you?

I got the call informing me about the auditions. I auditioned. Though I made a lot of blunders but what they looked at was my comfort with Hindi language. I was asked if I would shave my head if the character demands so and I agreed. And I was selected.

Did you have any language problem or costume qualms while shooting?

Not at all! Scripts were given well in advance. Language was never a problem and neither will audience have any issues with the language. Language used is pretty simple only Sanskrit shlokas are precise. About costumes well, I was very unused to costumes like Dhoti but then for almost all the characters I had to wear dhoti.

Talking about the Director of the serial, Dr Dwivedi, how was the experience working with him?

Well, Dr Dwivedi was precise about everything. Be it locations, costumes, script or language, everything had to be accurate for him. And if we came across any problems he was always ready to help us out. It is always a pleasure to work with him.

Did you have to do any kind of homework before starting the shoot?

I wanted to read up on Upanishads but after I received the scripts I did not find any need to do any homework. Everything was well-mentioned in the scripts.

This was your first serial; did you have difficulty facing the camera?

I had faced camera before. But, yeah, facing it for the serial was a new experience for me and was worried for few moments. However, after the first shot it all seemed pretty normal to me.

Do you think the serial will appeal to the youth?

It should appeal to everyone in fact. Because it is a serial which is not merely a visual entertainment but an epitome of knowledge that will be archived so that the knowledge gets passed on to future generations. If people watch it, they will surely get glued to it.

What are your future projects?

Dr Dwivedi’s directorial venture Mohalla Assi, Manjunath directed by Sandeep Verma and UTv’s Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana.



Shakti Kapoor is India’s new gay icon!

An online poll has rated Bollywood’s popular villain and comedian Shakti Kapoor as one of the foremost gay icons in the country.

He has joined the ranks with Hrithik Roshan, Shah Rukh Khan, Karan Johar, Tamil actor Suriya (of Ghajini and Singham fame), Dhanush (of Kolaveri Di fame) and Arjun Rampal; who ‘literally’ got his balls held for four seconds by Shah Rukh Khan in Ra.One.

Kapoor being voted a gay icon is surely amusing. “Shakti Kapoor has always been known as a ladies man, which is also why he was sent into Bigg Boss with twelve women last year,” commented Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar.

“Inspite of being an extremely versatile actor, over the years, Brand Shakti Kapoor has entertained many with formulaic characters, some of which have seemed to poke fun at gay mannerisms too. Who can forget his super-famous goofy Balma act in the immensely successful Sridevi movie ChaalBaaz”, the publicist points out.

Of course! And then there was also the infamous sting operation where Kapoor was ‘caught’ with a girl (a planted reporter) in a Mumbai hotel. Ah! Those were the days! Now, at 59, being declared a ‘gay icon’ is surely coming a long way since then!


Nokia launches Asha 202 dual SIM touch & type with ‘free internet’*

*5 lead operators to offer 100 MB data plan per SIM card for six months

40 EA games worth Rs 4000/- free!

Mumbai, April 29, 2012: Moving swiftly towards its strategy of connecting the next billion to the internet, Nokia India today announced its latest addition to the Nokia Asha series – the Nokia Asha 202. Stunning and smart, Nokia Asha 202 is a dual SIM-touch & type phone designed for enhanced & cost effective web browsing, social networking, gaming and entertainment. The Nokia Asha 202 is packed with exciting features and services such as EA games-pack and Nimbuzz chat client for young and social consumers.

The Nokia Asha 202 offers faster, richer and more cost-efficient web experience through Nokia Browser. To enable the consumers to experience ‘faster internet’ without having to worry about data charges, Nokia has tied up with five lead operators – Aircel, Airtel, Reliance, Tata Docomo and Vodafone – across the country to offer 100 MB of data (each) per month for six months absolutely free.

The Nokia Asha 202 will be the first Series 40 device to offer exclusive EA games in India. As a 60-day promotion at Nokia Store, the consumers can enjoy 40 EA game pack worth Rs 4000 absolutely free. The offer includes popular and classic titles like Tetris, Need for Speed, The Run and Bejeweled.

Mr. Viral Oza, Director Marketing, Nokia India said, “The introduction of Asha 202 takes us another step closer to connecting the next billion people to the internet. We are constantly innovating and finding newer ways to feed the ever increasing appetite for digital consumption for young consumers. Towards this, Nokia Asha 202 is the first mobile phone to come bundled with data offers from five leading operators of the country. Nokia Asha 202 is the new face of smarter feature phones that comes packed with compelling, innovative services and entertainment options.”

Nokia’s Asha 202’s unique combination of a traditional keypad with a 2.4- inch touch screen is ideal for those who seek easy and innovative ways to connect to the world of internet and social networks to catch updates and multi-tasks, all on the go. The Nokia Asha 202 features Dual SIM Easy Swap technology with dedicated SIM manager to personalize the phone and save up to five SIM cards with unique information. The device comes with a 2-megapixel camera, music player, FM radio, Nokia Browser, and Bluetooth connectivity, and has expandable memory of up to 32GB.

The Nokia Asha 202 comes in four exciting colours to match your mood and personality – black and gold, silver white, dark grey and dark red and will be retailed for Rs. 4,149, in India.

About Nokia

Nokia is a global leader in mobile communications whose products have become an integral part of the lives of people around the world. Every day, more than 1.3 billion people use their Nokia to capture and share experiences, access information, find their way or simply to speak to one another. Nokia’s technological and design innovations have made its brand one of the most recognized in the world. For more information, visit



What is an Indian wedding without its various functions? You will watch one this week on your television set for Sony Entertainment Television’s popular show ‘Kuch Toh Log Kahenge’. The leading couple of the show Dr. Ashutosh (Sharad Kelkar) and Dr. Nidhi (Kritika Kamra) are all set to tie the knot. Since the show is set in Lucknow, the best choice for it would be Malini Awasthi, the face of folk music in India.

Malini was invited to sing for Dr. Nidhi’s haldi ceremony and she not only lent her voice to two folk songs but even composed one of them. Dr. Nidhi, her family and friends danced alongside with great gusto.

Commenting on the same, Malini Awasthi said, “It was a great pleasure shooting for Kuch Toh Log Kahenge. I felt back at home in Lucknow, where no wedding is complete without the naach-gaana. The entire haldi function had the authentic essence of Awadh and that is brought to life with the ambience created. The cast and crew of the show were also very nice to work with.”


BIG Live scales up BIG DISHA initiative to 325 towns

~ Aims to ignite young minds to make informed career decisions ~

New Delhi, May 2, 2012: BIG Live the IP division of Reliance Broadcast Network Ltd, is scaling up its rural IP – BIG DISHA. The initiative will benefit youths in 325 towns spread across 5 different states with an objective to help youth make informed career decisions basis their personality type and interest areas. With the help of career experts the initiative will aim to unravel the myths & unfold the potential about career streams, professional courses.

With large numbers of educational institutes, coaching centres, English speaking institutes coming up in small towns and acting as an education hub for students to make big one day, it is necessary for us to provide the students with a trusted and unbiased professional guidance to help them make a better career choices and pursue courses of their interest.

Speaking on the uniqueness of the program, Company spokesperson said, “Though career fairs are done by many media houses, this is one of the largest initiatives taken by any media house to establish a dialogue with youths. The company plans to roll out this program across 5 states to reach out to 6.5 lacs youth directly. Secondly the program format is a ‘never seen before experience’ for small town youth.”

Starting summer the program will touch many lives and create long lasting impressions. A leading FMCG brand looking to make a behavioral shift in small town & rural youth has partnered with BIG Live to support the initiative as youths are the biggest influencer and consumption drivers for many categories in larger India and going forward they will shape up new market dynamics and the way brands are consumed in these markets.

Youtube Video Link –

For further information contact:

Ashutosh / Mati

Zzebra Public Relations

9873968211/ 9650604255


Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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