Bhaangarh’ trailer too frightening to be viewed?

Bhaangarh’ trailer too frightening to be viewed?


The film which is based on a true incident is scaring audience even before its release


Mumbai, 13th June, 2014: Looks like the upcoming horror film ‘Bhaangarh’ is spooking viewers even before its release. A certain well-known website has refused to upload the trailer of the film citing reasons that it is too scary to be viewed by the general audience. The trailer has glimpses of spine-chilling scenes from the film, coupled with an eerie background score, reminiscent of the Hollywood horror films like ‘Exorcist’ and ‘The Conjuring’ among many others.


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Touted as the scariest film in the history of Indian cinema, it is based on a true incident that took place a few years ago at the Bhangarh fort. However Mayank Jain, the Producer of the film feels that the website’s refusal to upload the trailer is baseless as a horror film is supposed to be scary. “We are not trying to instill any kind of paranoia in the public. We are only trying to give the audience a taste of the horror genre. The film has been shot in a fort which is said to be haunted and it was a different experience. Hope the audience watches it and likes it”. To this, Producer and Director Dilip Virender Sood adds, “We have tried to bring out the fear that lurks in all the corners of the fort as the sun goes down. It is truly a paranormal experience.”


This film is inspired by India’s only ‘officially haunted’ place. The Bhangarh fort has a surprising spooky history to it and for years, stories of tourists, both young and old, men and women who have never returned from the place have been doing the rounds. The place gives out a sinister vibe and the cast had some very unique experience during the shoot. The film promises a true horror experience and is strictly not for the faint hearted and kids.


Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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