Asin shoots in the challenging Shimla weather for All is Well despite high fever.

Asin shoots in the challenging Shimla weather for All is Well despite high fever.

Actress Asin, who recently shot for the third schedule of All is Well,  fell ill in cold Shimla where they were canning a big part of the shooting. Shimla where the temperatures drop to 3 degrees along with rain was a difficult schedule for the crew. 

Its in fact one of her staff who fell ill first and passed on the infection to Asin as they are constantly with her. Asin immediately called for a doctor for her staff along with getting medicines for herself and inspite of losing her voice completely and running a temperature of 102 F, she turned up on set for shoot every single day. Infact she gave her staff an off for resting till he got better and told the makers that she would manage minus the help. 

Such a gesture is unheard of by any Bollywood Heroine who are generally thought off as tantrum throwing divas. Any other in her place might have  taken a break to recuperate before resuming work. Umesh shukla and the entire crew where very surprised and impressed by her extreme professionalism to ensure minimum trouble to the film and it’s producers. 

A unit hand said, “The entire unit was impressed with Asin’s dedication to work, especially because she showed  absolutely no fuss in such extreme climatic conditions and on top of that gave sick leave to her spot boy without even waiting for a replacement and turned up on set without any qualms or tantrums! She did not want to take a break as it would have inconvenienced the entire unit on an outdoor schedule.”


Tusshar Turns Santa For Family Members


Tusshar Kapoor, who was recently in the US, came back laden with gifts for his family members.


Knowing that sister Ekta Kapoor has taken to yoga in a big way, the doting brother got a few yoga mats for dearest sis while gifting mother Shobha Kapoor with home décor items and suits and perfumes for daddy Jeetendra, who had been planning to visit US since a long time.


A source said, “Tusshar is quite close to his family members and everytime he goes abroad, he makes it a point to get something for them, which has earned ======him the nickname Santa Claus in the family.”


Upcoming Bollywood film Out Of Time is based on a similar concept as Tom Cruise’s Edge Of Tomorrow.

Just days after the release of Tom Cruise’s ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’, comes another exciting story. A Bollywood flick is made on similar lines. Director Arijit Lahiri has made a film, “Out Of Time”, on the same intriguing concept of time loop. After the success of the Cruise flick, he has high hopes with it and expects the desi audience to receive it well.

Arijit says,’ that the only similarity between Edge Of Tomorrow and Out Of Time is the concept of time loop as both the films have totally different stories and set in altogether a different environment and time. Edge Of Tomorrow is set around a war with the aliens, happening in a future world whereas Out Of Time is set in current times’.

The movie has the fascinating yet, terrifying idea of being trapped in a particular timeframe or time loop and is said to be India’s first film of its kind.

Out Of Time, based on one of the most original ideas of recent times is a SciFi/Mystery Thriller. The movie is aesthetically shot and looks no less than a Hollywood blockbuster, thanks to the signing of international cinematographer Jeremy Reagan from New Zealand. The movie stars Menaka Lalwani, Danny Sura, Tom Alter, Ashish Bhatt, Sahil Phull and Suesha Saavant in vital parts.

Also the co-producer of the movie, Arijit mentioned that he has always been fascinated by the idea of time travel and time manipulation and has spent a long time day dreaming about it as a teenager. After sitting lengths researching, Arijit decided to develop a story that is based on the concept of time loop. So along with Vaibhav Bhatnagar, the co-writer and producer of the film, he wrote one of the most enticing scripts of 2014.

‘Out Of Time’ is almost complete and will be releasing soon. He is very confident about the movie and has high hopes with it.

Tom Cruise’s ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ enjoyed success overseas and was well received by the desi junta, with huge turn ups. The USP was the concept of time loop and the casting of the famous Hollywood star. But little did they know that there’s another flick that’s being made on a similar concept of time loop in their own country.


Singer Microphon3


Microphon3 well you’ll all must be thinking something different from the word itself. We are talking about the well-known Singer Microphon3 who is recognized by this name originally his name is Tanmya Bhaulkar. Listening to his name itself we directly get connected to the music world. May be that the reason he has kept his name Microphon3 somehow it has a link that connects to the music world. He has a unique name & personality that well describes him to be different & best among everyone.

 In today’s generation people have unique names & personality so through that way itself they get popular all over. From the movie Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi title track “CHOP CHOP…” Singer & Lyric’s by MICROPHON3 & Music by McCleary. The song was a great hit as compared to the movie. The song was so popular that it was tips of the mouth of the audience. He is a writer/rapper from Mumbai. He is been writing music from last 10years. Microphon3 is only independent rapper to have a music played on UTV Bindass for over a fornight. He also recent wrote & sang the Roadies X1 track.



Star World Premiere HD Brings To You The Return Of The Culinary Smash Hit MASTERCHEF U.S. (Season 5)












13th June 2014, New Delhi: This summer get ready to bring out the chef in you as you watch the latest and highly anticipated Season 5 of the American culinary reality television series MasterChef that launched on Star World Premiere HD on  Tuesday 27th May 2014. In this season of MasterChef US, seen returning as judges to the top 30 contestants are award-winning chefs, television personality and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay, restaurateur and vineyard owner Joe Bastianich and acclaimed chef, Graham Elliot.


The top thirty contestants chosen after a nationwide search for the best home cooks in America will be presenting their signature dishes to the judges in the hopes of earning a coveted MASTERCHEF apron. The three celebrated food experts Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot will put the contestants through a series of challenging elimination rounds and turn one home cook into a culinary master. With each new challenge, the pressure will mount as the home cooks compete for the coveted title of MASTERCHEF, a cookbook deal and the $250,000 grand prize.


Star World Premiere which launched in September 2013, has already taken the TV viewers by storm with its dynamic content. The channel is a pioneering initiative by the Star network to present brand new content to their Indian audiences with the latest episodes of their favorite shows.


The new line up by Star World Premiere HD includes shows like MasterChef U.S., Brand New Science Fiction Thriller TV Series – HELIX which premiered on the 2nd  of June 2014 and Gritty New Action Drama GANG RELATED (Season 1) that aired 28th May 2014.






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