‘Amit Sahni Ki List’ Is On The Top Of Everyone’s List This Weekend!

‘Amit Sahni Ki List’ Is On The Top Of Everyone’s List This Weekend!


Rom-com ‘Amit Sahni Ki List’ starring Virr Das, Vega Tamotia and Anindita Nayar, which released this weekend, is already on the top of everyone’s ‘to-do’ list, if reports are anything to go by.


The film, which revolves around a quirky investment banker’s quest for true love, was much appreciated for its light-hearted treatment, great music, superb performances and effective humour quotient.


Taram Adarsh says, “On the whole, AMIT SAHNI KI LIST is a feel-good film that tickles your funny bone with its witty dialogues. Holds appeal more for the urban audience!


The Mid-Day review states, “At a time when choices seem too many, thus making commitment dicey, ‘Amit Sahni Ki List’ is bang on. The rather intelligent script highlights the typical commitment phobic male dilemma of ‘what if a better model comes along?”


The Times Of India review says, “Move over chick flicks for guy flicks have arrived and it’s only fair that rom-coms are now being made about boys looking for ‘Miss Right’. With his sharp wit and refreshing nonchalance, Virr Das in the titular role brings out the irony of the situation effortlessly.”


DNA review: “Virr Das makes Amit not only likeable but also believable. He doesn’t overdo the dramatic scenes or underplay it too much. Striking the right balance between realism and theatrics, he is in the right groove.  Writing is smart enough to know that the romance of 2014 is very different from the way movies have been depicting it in the last few years.”


Directed by Ajay Bhuyan and produced by Pyxis Pictures, ‘Amit Sahni Ki List’ released on July 18.

Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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