Amit Sahni Ki List introduces ‘Breakup Consultancy’ in India

Amit Sahni Ki List introduces ‘Breakup Consultancy’ in India 

~ Having trouble breaking up? Hire a Break up Consultant! ~


At a time when teenagers as young as 14 are getting into ‘serious’ relationships, movie Amit Sahni Ki List brings in the intriguing concept of ‘Breakup Consultancy’. When the relationship between investment banker Amit Sahni and corporate boss Devika Dev ran its course, the utterly professional Ms Dev brought in a Breakup Consultant to simplify the process.


Breakups have become more common yet complicated than ever before and Breakup Consultancy appears to be an interesting way to ease the pain and bitterness generally associated with breaking up. More popular in the western countries, the concept of hiring Break-up consultants seems to be finding ground in Urban India too. Anandita Nayar, who plays the ambitious young go-getter Devika Dev, hires a professional Breakup Consultant to keep the discussion precise and to the point. The Consultant, Anu Menon at her best, goes the extra mile and brings a PowerPoint presentation to the ‘breakup meeting’. An astounded Amit Sahni, played by Virr Das, even receives a tight slap across his face as a part of the package at the end of the meeting.


Urban India is home to innumerable budding Devika Devs and Amit Sahnis who could do without the added burden of having to deal with failing relationships. It seems to be only a matter of time before they seek the assistance of Anu Menon-like professional Breakup Consultants to help them cope with the finer facts of life.


Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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