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Nigaar Khan makes a comeback!

Actress to play ‘Mangala’ in Zee TV’s upcoming show ‘Buddha’

_MG_1117.jpgAlmost a decade after having shot to fame with her show ‘Lipstick’ on ‘Zee TV’, Nigaar Khan is back with a meaty role in Zee TV’s upcoming show produced by Spice Studios – ‘Buddha – The King of Kings’. Playing the role of ‘Mangala’ in the show, Nigaar is doing a historical show for the first time ever! Even though Nigaar has quite the penchant to essay negative roles on the small screen, this character will be a lot different from all that she has played earlier. Talking about making a comeback in a big way, Nigaar says, “For the longest time now, I have been meaning to do something quite off the beaten track. My character – Mangala, is of a lady who wants to see her son as the King and hence turns out to be evil for the world. She is motive-led and just in actions that drive her.”

The producers of the show – Spice Studios are ensuring that no stone is left unturned in making the journey of Buddha towards enlightenment come alive on the small screen. Apart from constructing the most lavish sets to shooting at locales that create the right look and feel, they are also ensuring that their actors look their part. Nigaar for the first time will be seen donning the role of a mother on screen. And while she has played all her previous roles to perfection, she is ensuring that she does full justice to her first historical role, not just in terms of acting but also in terms of looking her part. Nigaar adds, “For the first time ever, I have taken up a historical show and it takes me quite a lot of time to do my makeup and dress up for the show. To recreate the aura of a bygone era, one needs to get the character’s look, body language and demeanor spot on!”

Driven to look perfect, Nigaar opted to have her own special make-up and hair dresser instead of using the one organized by the production house. At most times, she is seen doing her hair and make-up herself since when she thinks that she needs to have that one strand of hair tucked in perfectly to suit her character.

Watch this space for more on Zee Tv’s next historical magnum opus ‘Buddha – The King of Kings’.

Nupur Kothari

Executive – Public Relations

Zee TV Marketing


Get set for some pulse-racing action this September!

~ Catch the most exhilarating blockbusters only on MOVIES NOW ~

MOVIES NOW line-up September Ø Ultimate Bond- 2nd September-19th September 2013- Monday- Thursday @ 11pm Ø Final Stand- 23rd September – 3rd October 2013- Monday- Thursday @ 11pm Ø Grandmasters- 7th September – 28th September 2013- Fridays @ 11pm Ø Mega Movie- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1- 14th September 2013- Saturday @ 11pm Ø Super Movie- Salt-21st September 2013- Saturday @ 11pm Ø Fright Night- 13th September 2013- Friday@ 5pm onwards

National, August 27 2013: MOVIES NOW brings viewers the most high octane blockbusters this September! With a line-up this stellar, September has never looked this good. From the smooth and suave James Bond to the adventures of Harry Potter, the sizzling divas like Angelina Jolie to the Grandmasters, September has it all!

Ever debated over your favourite Agent 007? With exotic locations, dreamy Bond girls and slick gadgets, catch the stylish James Bond in action in a stellar line-up. Quantum of Solace, Golden Eye, Casino Royale, License To Kill, Die Another Day, Octopussy, The World is Not Enough, The Spy Who Loved, Tomorrow Never Dies, Live & Let Die, Moonraker & The Living Daylights play all through September. Now you can catch Bond at his best with The Ultimate Bond. From the sleek gadgets and death defying stunts to his impeccable style and moves with the ladies, nobody does it better than Bond.

There’s more action with the Final Stand when war, destruction and the struggle for justice plays out in the second half of the month every Monday – Thursday at 11pm. Watch your heroes stand strong through it all in Fantastic Four 1 & 2, X Men First Class, Blade 1 & 2, Transporter 2, Commando & Lethal Weapon 2 & 3.

The Kung Fu Kings have mesmerized you, captivated your imagination and shown you that no matter what the odds are, good always triumphs over evil. And now the masters are back by popular demand. Having previously garnered the highest ratings, catch the Grandmasters-Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Donnie Yen in a never seen before Shaolin extravaganza in Enter The Dragon, Hero, Ip Man 2 & Drunken Master 2 every Friday at 11pm.

With state of the art visual effects and a story that leaves you demanding for more, MOVIES NOW presents Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as the Mega Movie of the month. Be sure to tune into the most successful movie franchise of all time on the 14th September at 11pm.

Angelina Jolie takes you by storm in the Super Movie this September. With her adrenaline pumping stunts, this sexy star is sure to win over your heart as well as your mind in Salt on 21st September at 11pm.

Friday the 13th is known to send chills down your spine and MOVIES NOW is all set to bring to life some of the most bone-chilling, nail-biting and startling Hollywood blockbusters with Fright Night. Tune in on the 13th of September 2013 5pm onwards for the iconic horror movies- Friday the 13th, Shutter and The Omen, to feel your pulse race with fear and anticipation!

Catch all this and a whole lot more of Hollywood’s best only on MOVIES NOW – Hollywood in HD!


MOVIES NOW – Hollywood in HD, is India’s first High Definition English Movie channel, with Stunning Pictures in 1080i & Awesome 5.1 Surround Sound

About Times Television Network:

Times Television Network informs and entertains over 100 million urban affluent audiences across India with ET NOW – India’s No. 1 Business News channel; MOVIES NOW – India’s leading English Movies channel; TIMES NOW – India’s No. 1 English News channel & zoOm – India’s No. 1 Bollywood channel. The network is available in 45 countries across the globe. Times Television Network is part of India’s largest media conglomerate, The Times Group.

For further Information, please contact:

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M:9819826335 /9833011128


Gitanjali Khatau


Kolkata’s Pride ‘Bally Grunge’ in Bollywood

The popular band that hails from Kolkata; Bally Grunge give a hit song ‘Chehra’, in the upcoming movie Prague

Chehra, the song that has already created a stir on the social networking websites marks the entry of Kolkata’s popular brand ‘Bally Grunge’ in Bollywood’s Prague starring Chandan Roy Sanyal & Elena Kazan made under the Glamour Struck Productions Pvt. Ltd in association with Maxwell Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

The Bally Grunge boys are in town & enjoying the highs of being in Bollywood & the appreciation their music video has been fetching making them one of the most popular bands in Kolkata making a foray in Bollywood with Prague slated to release this September.

The music of the movie is released by Crescendo music & that is exactly how Bally Grunge bagged the movie. Suresh Thomas of Crescendo Music exclaims, “I came across this amazing band long back through a common friend & when Crescendo got the opportunity to release the music of Prague, I made a point to introduce the band to the producers of the movie & the rest is history.”

Suresh Thomas further adds, “I am glad to incorporate the band in the movie. It is indeed a perfect fit. The boys are fabulous; needless to say Chehra is a hit. They are going to make it big here.”

The Bally Grunge composition ‘Chehra’ is a hit already on the social networking website. The boys are promising.

Thanks & Regards,
Parul Chawla
Piicture N Kraft
19/101 Mhada Complex,Oshiwara Garden Lane,New Link Road,
Andheri (West) Mumbai-400053 &
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Maldives crooner Unoosha for Pooja Bhatt’s Jism 3…

Unoosha aka Kiddy, the livewire singer from Maldives, is in India to sing her debut Hindi film song in Pooja Bhatt’s Jism 3. Unoosha recorded the song on Tuesday at Tanay Studios, Andheri West.
Unoosha, who thus became the first singer from Maldives to sing a Hindi number in a Bollywood film, had earlier crooned her way to glory with the chartbusting “Heywalla” in the promotional number for Pooja Bhatt’s Jism 2 and has paved her way for the current Hindi film number, thanks to her mesmerising voice.
Says Pooja Bhatt, “When I heard from Unoosha at the South Asian Film Festival (SAFF) that Maldivan singers have never performed in India, forget singing in Bollywood, I felt there was a need to change this.I made a promise to her on stage that she will go home with a contract. And I am happy, she is singing a Hindi song for a mainstream Bollywood film with Jism 3.”
The song will also have Ali Azmat and KK and as though to add on to Pooja’s feelings of music transcending boundaries, the lyrics of the song are about making newer beginnings. The song is composed by Arko Pravo Mukherjee & produced by Munish Makhija.
And aptly the song is called Kahaan se karein shuru. “Yahaan se,” smiles Unoosha, happy to have learnt her first few Hindi words.


Janmashtami Special on Amita ka Amit

Janmashtami festival is an auspicious occasion, a celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna and our television shows revel in festivities of all forms. On this Gokulashtami, Amita ka Amit on Sony Entertainment Television is going to give its viewer’s a high level of entertainment. There would be special Gokulashtami dance performance taking place, in which Amita will be the Radha and Siddhant will be her Krishna. They would be performing on Radha Kaise Na Jale song. It is known that Amit and whole family while be there to support Amita and enjoy her performance.

To catch this power pack entertainment episode, tune into Amita ka Amit on Thursday 8.30pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

Mili Savla


Falling Indian Rupee and rising vegetable prices inspire the theme for e-Yantra Robotics Competition 2013

Young engineers from across the country posed with challenges around Urban Agriculture

Mumbai, August 27, 2013: With the Indian economy in tatters on country’s 66th birth anniversary, growth seems to be in trouble. On one hand, the Rupee has lost its sheen and continues to dive down South at a scary pace, on the other hand, the vegetable prices are effortlessly soaring up North. Alarm bells haven’t stopped ringing for quite a while. While the policy makers may fight, debate endlessly and show a fuzziness that is difficult to comprehend, much less appreciate, the need to focus on the relevance of the issue of hunger has never been more urgent than it is today.

World over, Urban Farming has been slowly gathering momentum. Closer to home, our rapidly urbanizing population of over 1.2 billion give us challenges in both food production and distribution. For instance, onions, a staple in Indian diets, have touched Rs. 80 a kilo. How can an average urban family afford vegetables in this situation? Can engineers help solve problems by encouraging Urban Farming?

e-Yantra an MHRD sponsored project under the National Mission on Education through ICT (NMEICT), every year chooses relevant and visible problems that need immediate attention and solution as its theme for its national robotics competition. Young engineering students from across the country use robotics as a tool to find solutions to these problems. Last year it looked at poor road conditions and potholes. This year, keeping the current scenario in mind, e-Yantra 2013 will bring these talented, engineering youths of the country to use robotics to develop indigenous solutions in the field of Urban Agriculture. The objective of the competition is to bring awareness to problems in the Agriculture domain by assigning themes that involve processes in this domain.

Four themes suggested as exemplars of important stages in the agriculture production life cycle are:

– Seeding

– Fertilizing

– Weeding

– Harvesting

Student teams from around the country will work on prototypes of robots such as the seed-sowing robot, fertilizing robot, weeding robot, and harvesting robot.

The aim of the competition this year is to bring awareness to students about the many problems that a farmer faces and how technology may be used to provide solutions to these problems. In the process of creating the prototypes, students learn concepts of Embedded systems, Micro-controller programming and hone their communication skills.

“It has been shown that covered cultivation (greenhouses) can double or triple the yield of vegetables – even allowing us to grow veggies off-season. (cultivation in controlled environments have shown increased yields of produce) When we want to maximise yield in such environments, automation helps us tend the environment and improve yields. For instance, many of the processes in strawberry cultivation abroad, including harvesting of ripe fruit, are automated. Typically this technology is at the early innovation stage in developing countries and it is expensive. There is perhaps a lot that Indian ingenuity might bring to this important domain in future.” said Prof Kavi Arya.

Accordingly, engineering students from across the country will be encouraged to adapt given robots, to tackle four aspects of “covered agriculture”, including seeding, weeding, fertilising and harvesting. Each group of students will program an existing robotic platform to address each of these aspects during a 12-week duration.

“In a growing economy, cheap skilled labour is a myth. Transporting vegetables over long distances amid rising cost of diesel is another cause behind rising costs of vegetables. The time is ripe for urban farming, high-intensity cultivation and for automation to help bring down the cost of food in our cities. If we can grow vegetables locally using automation, it will help bring (cheaper and fresher produce to your kitchen and your tables) and lower costs to a large extent. We hope that engineering students, once stimulated in this manner, will begin to address the larger problems and be the source of innovative technology that the country needs to produce high quality, low cost produce to feed its rapidly growing population” he added.

Prof. Krithi Ramamritham said, ‘The progress of our nation lies in producing high quality (employable) engineers with the education and adequate exposure to technology and the appropriate skill set at a young age to think innovatively and develop indigenous cost-effective solutions. I am sure that the confidence boost provided by participating in the e-Yantra competition will empower young engineers to step forward to address the challenging problems that we face everyday.”

About e-Yantra competition

The e-Yantra Robotics Competition is a pan-India challenge that aims at making robotics accessible to undergraduate students from engineering colleges across disciplines, especially those who don’t have access to facilities and/or mentors. It is the brainchild of two of IIT Bombay’s open source evangelists and veteran professors in Embedded Systems, professors Kavi Arya and Krithi Ramamritham of the institute’s Computer Science & Engineering department.

While distance education works on many levels, when it comes to teaching Embedded Systems and Robotics, it is difficult to get the concepts across because the students don’t have access to any labs or appropriate supervision. To get them initiated in to a hands-on problem solving mode, the e-Yantra team provides each participating team with a robotic kit along with video tutorials that explain concepts in embedded systems and micro-controller programming. The competition may look like a game but in reality it is a process that has enabled these youngsters to evolve into practical engineers with proven problem solving skills, to take on real world problems and arrive at solutions.

A selection process last year had 6000 student registrations following which 131 teams were selected to participate in the competition and put through the necessary training to take part in what has been an exciting formative experience.

NMEICT Mission objectives addressed by e-Yantra:

• Availability of e-knowledge content, free of cost to Indians
— Web-based embedded system courseware
— Video tutorials on programming robots
— Robotics projects and code available under open source for students to build upon

• Spreading digital literacy for teacher empowerment
— Workshops for teachers in embedded systems
— Competitions for teachers to encourage hands-on experiments with robots

• Identification and nurturing of talent
— Competitions for programming robots to solve “real” problems
— Preparing/selection of students for World Skill Competition, etc.

• Experimentation and field trial of low cost access devices for use of ICT in education
— Deployment of robots at engineering colleges across the Nation to aid hands-on learning

About IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay, the second IIT to be set up in 1958, is recognised worldwide as a leader in the field of engineering education and research. It is reputed for the quality of its faculty and the outstanding calibre of students graduating from its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The institute has a total of 14 academic departments, six centres, one school and three Interdisciplinary programmes. Over the last five ecades, more than 39,000 engineers and scientists have graduated from the institute. It is served by more than 552 faculty members considered not only amongst the best within the country, but are also highly recognised in the world for achievements in the field of education and research. Nine Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar awardees, 35 INAE (Indian National Academy of Engineering) awardees, five INAE Young Engineer awardees, 18 INSA (Indian National Science Academy) awardees, one Young Scientist awardee, 25 NASI (National Academy of Sciences, India) awardees, 20 IAS (Indian Academy of Sciences) awardees and seven Swarnajayanti fellows are currently or have previously been affiliated with the institute. Today the Institute is recognized as one of the centres of academic excellence in the country. Over the years, there has been dynamic progress at IIT Bombay in both academic and research activities, including a parallel improvement in facilities and infrastructure to keep it on par with the best institutions in the world.



Jaya Joshi: 9819147870,

Bhavisha Joshi Upadhyay: 9819872745,


Aaj kal sab kuch na kuch naya lete hain..
Koi naya TV toh koi nayi car, Koi nayi biwi toh koi naya haar

Miliye inse..

Yeh bhaisahab bhi bahut kuch lete hain – doosron ki pareshaaniyaan

Kaun hai ye? Hum batate hain..

Yeh hain Bh se Bhade

Arre! Kahan chale inhe dhoondne..
Yeh jald aa rahe hain .. Aap hi ke ghar…

Sirf Zee TV par!


Anmol is my favourite contestant: Pyarelalji

Anmol Jaswal from Jammu is on cloud nine. Now if you’re thinking that making it to the finals is the reason behind his happiness then you’re completely wrong. The reason behind his cheerfulness is the comment that he received from legendary music composer Pyarelal.

Pyarelal along with his army of 45 musicians made an appearance on Indian Idol Junior. The Top 4 juniors had the golden opportunity to train under one of India’s most celebrated music composers. But it was icing on the cake for one participant. Pyarelal revealed that Anmol was his favourite contestant and both of them developed a special bond during their training. Anmol sang ‘Patta patta buta buta’ which received great reviews from the judges and Pyarelalji. Anmol was seen smiling from ear to ear.

Catch Pyarelalji and Anmol’s special bond this Saturday, August 31st, 8:30pm only on Sony Entertainment Television

Krapika Singh Jat

Management Associate







Mumbai, 27th August 2013: 92.7 BIG FM, India’s No. 1 Radio Network today announced the second edition of the LR Active Oil BIG Marathi Entertainment Awards powered by Bharathi Cement in association with New Nokia 501. The awards will honor outstanding talent in the Marathi entertainment industry across 21 unique categories that include film, television, theatre, and music. This season will comprise a special category titled ‘BIG Contribution to Hindi Cinema’, which will honor a Marathi actor who has created a niche for himself / herself in Bollywood.

Popular actor Vinay Apte, eminent Marathi stage actress Vandana Gupte and renowned film and theatre personality Bharat Dabholkar, who has also performed outstanding television and film roles, are confirmed jury members for the 2013 edition of the prestigious awards. The proceedings will also witness a high level of listener engagement via on-air voting polls on 92.7 BIG FM. Present at the launch today, the jury members briefed the media about the property and expressed their appreciation at being part of the awards ceremony.

Being among the most sought after properties for the Marathi entertainment industry, the BIG Marathi Entertainment Awards attracts various partners across mediums. These include Punyagiri (Print Partner), Grihshobhika (Magazine Partner), ETV Marathi (TV Partner) and Bright Outdoor (OOH partner) to help accelerate the visibility and reach of the show, also providing an overwhelming opportunity and significant platform for brand marketers to tap into a wider audience and consumer base. Other partners include Baskin Robbins as Happiness Partner, Florista as Ambiance Partner, Infinity 1, 2, Growel’s Kandivali and Phoenix Market City Kurla as Mall Partner and Inox as Multiplex Partner.

The BIG Marathi Entertainment Awards is a first-of-its-kind entertainment extravaganza that honors, acknowledges and felicitates the best talent from across various genres in the Marathi entertainment industry. Offering 21 unique categories such as BIG Entertaining Director of the year, BIG Entertaining Play of the year, BIG Entertaining Sportsperson of the year, and BIG Entertaining Dancer of the year, the awards will be presented to the finest from within the very talented industry through votes received from jury members and 92.7 BIG FM listeners.

The key nominees of the awards are


Big Entertaining Director of the year

Mahesh Manjarekar – Kaksparsh

Sanjay Jadhav – Duniyadari

Milind Kavde – Yedyanchi Jatra

Sujay Dahake – Shala

Chandrakant Kulkarni – Tukaram

Big Entertaining Film of the year

Tukaram – Everest Company – ( Sanjay Chabria )

Kaksparsh – Mahesh Manjrekar

Zhapatlela 2 – Mahesh kothare

Duniyadari – video palace ( Nanubhai )

Yedyanchi Jatra – Vishwajeet Gaikwad

Big Entertaining Actor of the year – Female

Priya Bapat – Kaksparsh

Sonali Kulkarni sr. – Kokanasta

Trupti Bhoir – Touring Talkies

Sai Tamanhkar – Duniyadari

Usha Jadhav – Dhag

Big Entertaining Actor of the year – Male

Vikram Ghokhle – Anumati

Sachin Khedekar – Kaksparsh

Bharat Jadhav – Yedyanchi Jatra

Ankush Chaudhari – Duniyadari

Swapnil Joshi – Duniyadari

Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma, Chairman & Managing Director, Lotus Refineries Pvt Ltd said, “It gives me immense pleasure to be associated with Big Marathi Entertainment Awards. Being a Mumbai based company it is utmost important to be connected with the local audience. We have opted new branding strategy to be associated with regional properties to explore new business opportunities in the rural markets of the Maharashtra. I am hoping this brand association will enhance the brand equity of LR Active Oil which is amongst the to five brands of edible oil industry.”

Mr. Ravinder Reddy, Head Of Marketing – Vicat Group (India), Director Marketing – Bharathi Cement said “We are pleased to inform you that we are associating with you for Marathi Awards to be scheduled on 30 th August. Bharathi Cement is participating many Award events in south india and Maharastra.This year being 100 years cinema it special. Bharathi cement and Big FM have jointly done many award functions in India. We are happy the way Jury selection and recognising the best in their category.”

Commenting on the BIG Marathi Entertainment Awards, Mr. Ashwin Padmanabhan, Business Head – 92.7 BIG FM said, “The BIG Marathi Entertainment Awards is a premier platform which recognizes outstanding talent in Maharashtra’s mega-talented entertainment industry. After the phenomenal success of the first edition, we are thrilled to be back with a second, bringing on-board a respected panel of jury members and great lineup of partners. This year’s awards ceremony also promises to provide excellent integration options to our marketers and advertisers thereby enabling them to reach out to target audiences in the region.”

About Reliance Broadcast Network Ltd.

Reliance Broadcast Network Limited is a media entertainment conglomerate with play across radio, television and television production. The company houses the following verticals: 92.7 BIG FM – India’s largest FM Network with 45 stations, reaching over 4 crore Indians each week; BIG CBS Networks – a joint venture with CBS Studios International offering English Entertainment Channels – Love and Prime (which is available in dual feeds of English and Hindi), as well as a regional General Entertainment Channel for the Punjab, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh (PCHP) region called Spark Punjabi; BIG RTL THRILL – a dual feed channel from the Company’s joint venture with Europe’s RTL Group, targeted at male audiences and positioned as the ultimate action destination; BIG MAGIC – a General Entertainment Channel featuring family dramas, crime shows, sitcoms, reality shows and weekend blockbuster movies. The Channel has expanded further and launched BIG MAGIC Bihar and Jharkhand, with specially created programming for the market. BIG MAGIC has also expanded into the United States, Canada and Australia under the brand name BIG MAGIC International; BIG PRODUCTIONS – the television content production division caters to the creative needs of the diverse Indian television landscape. Reliance Broadcast Network also distributes Bloomberg TV India, the country’s premier business news channel as part of its television bouquet. For more information


McAfee Data Center Suite provides ELASTIC SECURITY for HYBRID DATA CENTERS

McAfee Data Center Server Security Suite Discovers all Workloads, Protects Servers, and Securely Enables the Cloud

VMworld, SAN FRANCISCO, – August 26, 2013: McAfee today announced a new version of its data center security solution. The McAfee Data Center Server Security Suite provides complete visibility to all workloads in hybrid data centers so organizations can secure and expand that environment confidently into the cloud. This flexibility gives organizations elastic security that is auto-deployed when new virtual devices are provisioned either on-premise or in the public cloud.

The new McAfee Data Center Server Security suite allows organizations to:

· Discover all workloads including those from VMware’s vCenter and Amazon Web Services to provide the security administrator with complete visibility of the security status.

· Protect every physical and virtual machine in the hybrid data center with fine-grained policy management and data center trust attestation with ease-of-use manageability with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator.

· Expand compute capacity securely into the private and public cloud and ensure identical security posture between on-premise and cloud-based machines.

McAfee Data Center security optimizes security, flexibility, and manageability of virtual environments with its MOVE AV functionality, finally providing a simplified security solution for companies investing in virtualization for data centers, applications, and desktops.

“The McAfee MOVE AntiVirus solution has provided us with an excellent resolution for our complex IT infrastructure which contains dozens of assorted operating systems in use,” presents difficult challenges of both functionality and performance,” said Rick Snyder, Endpoint Security Manager at Boston Scientific. “Our organization handles sensitive data from customers, vendors, business partners and our own internal activities. Maximizing performance while continuing protection across multiple internal entities is a high priority for our IT department, as is providing reporting on its effectiveness. McAfee MOVE has been integral in achieving these simultaneous goals by giving us the ability to offload all scanning of data into a gateway virtual appliance. This streamlined and efficient approach saves resources and maintains our security posture.”

Customers now have complete visibility to all workloads on-premise and in the cloud, which then enables them to secure all important workloads. With the ability to expand their compute resources into the public cloud while also securing these workloads, customers can now maintain their security posture even in the public cloud.

“Enterprises must stay compliant and meet government regulations and that is a typical barrier for organization who want to move workloads into the cloud,” said Rishi Bhargava, vice president of data center security at McAfee. “With McAfee’s latest Datacenter Server Security Suite and its elastic security, enterprises are now empowered to do just that. McAfee provides comprehensive security from servers to networking to storage.”

To see a demo of the new McAfee Data Center Suite and other solutions such as McAfee Network Security Platform now integrated with VMware NSX, stop by McAfee #635 at VMworld, August 25-29.


About McAfee:

McAfee, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC), empowers businesses, the public sector, and home users to safely experience the benefits of the Internet. The company delivers proactive and proven security solutions and services for systems, networks, and mobile devices around the world. With its Security Connected strategy, innovative approach to hardware-enhanced security, and unique Global Threat Intelligence network, McAfee is relentlessly focused on keeping its customers safe.


In tonight’s episode, Pradeep threatens Saanchi with the contract they had signed. Just then, DV comes there & asks for the contract. When asked who he is, DV says that he is Saanchi’s lawyer & that there are still 3 years left for the contract to expire. This infuriates Pradeep all the more & he decides to take the matter to court now. While the family congratulates DV, Saanchi is very upset with him as he has escalated a family matter by taking it to the courts. DV is shocked. Saanchi asks Mugdha to line up lawyers. While having a conversation with Dilshad, DV gets an idea & he decides to help Saanchi with the case. He talks to aaji & nani about it who also support him & they decide to talk to Saanchi about it. DV asks Adu to be supportive to Saanchi in this moment of crisis. Saanchi meets a lawyer, Mr Pandey but is very disappointed with him as he is not qualified enough to fight her case.

Tune in to Sony Entertainment Television from Monday to Friday at 9.30pm

Heena Nankani


Yuvika Chowdhary A Hit In Punjab

Yuvika Chowdhary famed for her cameo in OM SHANTI OM has struck gold in Punjabi Cinema. Her latest film DADDY COOL MUNDE FOOL, was a runaway hit.

According to the sources, she is the most sought-after actress and is flooded with offers, including Hollywood. Yes, you read it here first. The chirpy actress seems very pleased. Though Bollywood remains her main priority, she won`t mind doing a few more Punjabi movies.

Ask her what she loved the most about Punjab? and she would burst out laughing and say, Makke Di Roti, Sarso Da Saag. Flaunting her Punjabi rang?

Shantanu (Media Consultant)


Shamrock Communication


Radio City’s answer to commuter woes – ‘Bhai Cycle Kar’

~ RJ Rohit Vir of ‘Taka Tak Mumbai’ on a journey of the city on his cycle~

Mumbai, 27th August, 2013: Radio City 91.1 FM presents ‘Cyclathon’ with RJ Rohit, taking on the ‘autowalas’ of Mumbai. RJ Rohit of ‘Taka Tak Mumbai’ takes a trip from Thane to Bandra on a cycle for an entire week. The week long ‘Bhai Cycle Kar’ takes on the autowalas of Mumbai in a fun way.

The aim is to protest against the ‘autowalas’ in a fun way. Who hasn’t been a victim of the whims and fantasies of ‘autowalas’ in Mumbai. ‘Bhai Cycle Kar’ is a symbolic protest, where RJ Rohit Vir covers a stretch of 30 kms from Thane to Bandra on his cycle. He interacts with listeners on the way. Keeping up Rohit Vir’s spirits, bands perform in the Radio City studios. ‘Cyclathon’ was flagged off in the Radio City studio by our RJs accompanied by ace singer, Neeti Mohan. It went off on a superb start with some excited listeners calling in to recount the experience of having seen their favorite RJ Rohit Vir in the ‘Cyclathon’.

As the activity progresses we will have other eminent personalities to our studios, boosting up Rohit Vir’s morale. In order to keep up the spirits, RJ Salil of ‘Kasa Kai Mumbai’ joined ‘Bhai Cycle Kar’, as did ace singer Abhijeet Sawant.

The leading radio network in the country, Radio City has been replete with innovative ideas. RJ Rohit Vir takes Radio City’s innovative spirit a notch higher with this innovative activity. Earlier this year, his journey to the draught-infested areas in Maharashtra, had been highly appreciated by our listeners. This time, Rohit Vir takes on the autowalas of Mumbai.

Stay tuned to FM Bole Toh Radio City 91.1 FM to partake of all the fun of ‘Cyclathon’ with RJ Rohit Vir.

About Radio City 91.1 FM:-

Radio City 91.1FM is India’s first and leading FM radio brand. Promoted by Music Broadcast Private Limited (MBPL), the private FM network has captured the hearts of millions of listeners across 20 FM stations in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Vadodara, Surat, Sholapur, Nagpur, Sangli, Coimbatore, Vizag, Ahmednagar, Akola, Nanded and Jalgaon. Radio City 91.1FM offers a differentiated listening experience through melodious music to All SEC 12+ audiences across the nation. Aggressively looking at spreading the Radio City experience across the country, Radio City 91.1FM is committed to growing the market and creating superlative content for discerning audiences. Radio City 91.1 FM broadcasts round-the-clock using state of the art digital stereo FM for unmatched quality in signal strength, clarity and brilliance.

Radio City has also the winner of prestigious awards including the ‘Best FM station in Bangalore’ in the recently held India Radio Forum 2013.


For further information:

Aesha (+91 9819421220)

Aritra (+91 9167848422)


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Beautiful Janmashtami collection at Cristal De Roche
Mumbai, August 2013:On this festive occasion of Janmashtami, welcome home the lord of love, affection and justice. This festival is celebrated as the birthday of most adorable and lovable god, Lord Krishna. On this love sharing festival add fortune and prosperity to your home with some astonishing Radha Krishna murals, at Cristal De Roche, a newly open interior décor store in – Andheri.
Cristal De Roche creates exquisite designs from crystals, producing pieces of beauty that light up homes unlike anything else.The artistic crystal products they design are with pure beauty and craftsmanship which comes up with stunning murals and sculptures.
On this auspicious festival get home the unique and beautiful Krishna murals to shower his love and affection.

About Cristal De Roche: The brand Cristal De Roche, which means crystal rock, has a 100% in-house production unit which is based in Dubai. It’s a Mumbai brand and first ones to introduce the Brand – NAKAWA in India. Nakawa consists of exclusive range of decorative crystal sculptures and murals and is a well-known name in the Middle East. Focusing on Indian culture along with modern and abstract art, the brand specializes in artifacts, sculptures, murals and provides a variety of gifting options. Their unique crystal designs are open to customization, detailing and molding the products, giving every piece its exquisite charm to suit the customers taste, needs and price range. They have around 25 crafts men from Asia, Africa and Europe who work on the minutest of the details on our products. A 2,000 square foot store in Andheri showcasing the myriad products is just the first step for the brands ambitious expansion plans in India.

Store Timings: Tuesday- Sunday from 10:30am-8:00pm.

Monday closed

Location: Shop 1-2, Krishna CHS, C D BarfiwalaMarg, Juhu Gali, Andheri – 58.

You can also write to us

Call 022-26205595





August 27, 2013…BIG MAGIC, the flagship general entertainment channel from the Reliance Broadcast Network stable fortifies reach with the announcement of its distribution deal with Videocon d2h, the fastest growing DTH service provider in India. After meeting with phenomenal success in the heartland of India, it is BIG MAGIC’s endeavor to extend its assorted entertainment offering across the Hindi Speaking markets and this alliance takes it to an additional 8mn subscriber base.

The alliance allows Videocon d2h to offer its viewers an excellent television viewing experience, while BIG MAGIC reaches its content to a relevant audience base across relevant markets. BIG MAGIC’s programming mix which ranges family dramas, crime shows, reality shows, cookery shows, game shows and weekend movies promise to offer a stimulating and refreshing entertainment experience. The Channel, which launched in April 2011 and beaten long standing players, is in the process of strengthening its reach, offering audiences a programming offering that is backed by their very own predilections.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sunil Kumaran, Business Head, BIG MAGIC said, “We are happy to announce our alliance with Videocon d2h, which allows BIG MAGIC to immediately grow reach by an additional 8mn subscriber base. We are confident of our product, which has been designed as per audience penchants and want to strengthen our reach. We look forward to reaching a matchless entertainment offering to maximum audiences of India”

Mr. Saurabh Dhoot – Director, Videocon Group, on this channel addition said, “It is our endeavor to provide more and more variety on our platform to meet the preferences of all our consumers. Big Magic adds to our bludgeoning bouquet of GEC channels and serves the need of the Hindi speaking audiences further deepening our reach in the Hindi heartland. With regional channels being the flavor of the season, we are strengthening our network and working towards being the preferred DTH choice.”

Mr. Anil Khera – CEO, Videocon d2h, added: “Big Magic has performed well since its launch. We are extremely happy to provide this channel on our platform as it promises content across various genres. We are certain that our audience will enjoy and appreciate the addition of this channel on our platform.”

BIG MAGIC is already available across key DTH players ranging Airtel, DD Direct, Dish TV, Reliance Digital TV along with Hathway, Incable, Digicable, DEN, 7 Star, ABS, Siticable, Star Broadband and GTPL amongst others.

About Reliance Broadcast Network

Reliance Broadcast Network Limited is a media entertainment conglomerate with play across radio, television and television production. The company houses the following verticals: 92.7 BIG FM – India’s largest FM Network with 45 stations, reaching over 4 crore Indians each week; BIG CBS Networks – a joint venture with CBS Studios International offering English Entertainment Channels – Love and Prime (which is available in dual feeds of English and Hindi), as well as a regional General Entertainment Channel for the Punjab, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh (PCHP) region called Spark Punjabi; BIG RTL THRILL – a dual feed channel from the Company’s joint venture with Europe’s RTL Group, targeted at male audiences and positioned as the ultimate action destination; BIG MAGIC – a General Entertainment Channel featuring family dramas, crime shows, sitcoms, reality shows and weekend blockbuster movies. The Channel has expanded further and launched BIG MAGIC Bihar and Jharkhand, with specially created programming for the market. BIG MAGIC has also expanded into the United States, Canada and Australia under the brand name BIG MAGIC International; BIG PRODUCTIONS – the television content production division caters to the creative needs of the diverse Indian television landscape. Reliance Broadcast Network also distributes Bloomberg TV India, the country’s premier business news channel as part of its television bouquet. For more information

About Videocon d2h

Videocon d2h is India’s fastest growing DTH service provider which offers 444 channels & services. Videocon d2h also has 22 Asli “HD” channels and range of regional & leading general entertainment channels on its platform. Powered by the MPEG-4 and DVB-S2 technology, Videocon d2h offers unmatched services like 12 PIP Mosaic, d2h Cinema, weather updates and multiple tickers to transform your TV into a hub of entertainment and knowledge. It offers High Definition channels in 1080p, HDD Sound and 16: 9 aspect ratio. Apart from these, it has Active Music which includes 41 Audio / Video active music channels, 24 hrs a day. In addition, Videocon d2h provides round-the-clock prompt and efficient customer support in eight languages from the dedicated customer care team present in 6 locations.

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