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Sanskaar and Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha season 2 to make way for Bigg Boss Season 7

COLORS two popular shows Sanskaar – Dharohar Apnon Ki and Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha season 2 that were launched in January 2013 are set to come to an end. The shows that were running at time band between 9- 10 pm will make way for the newest season of Bigg Boss that will air from September 15, 2013

Sanskaar… Dharohar Apnon Ki was a tale of a small town boy Jai Kishan who is away from his family to fulfill his grandfather’s dream but is yet rooted to his country and puts his family first before everything. The show had an ensemble cast that includes veteran actors from films, theatre and television like Jay Soni, Aruna Irani, Sonali Sachdev, Rasik Dave and Avinash Mukherjee and was produced by Swapna Waghmare Joshi.

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 took forward Megha and Mohan’s love story that was filled with romance and intrigue along with an inimitable quotient of slice of life and humor with a new spin. The show featured popular faces like Kunal Karan Kapoor, Aakanksha Singh, Rinku Karmarkar along with Jayashree Venketaramanan, Siddharth Arora and Kanwar Dhillon who played key characters in season 2.

Commenting on the wrap up of the shows, COLORS Weekday Programming Head Prashant Bhatt said, “Bigg Boss season 7 will take on the primetime slot of 9 to 10 pm whereas Sanskaar and Na Bole Tum will come to an end. Both the shows have fared well and were popular amongst the audiences. However, we will be having a logical conclusion to both the shows paving way for fresh content.”

Aishwarya Nair


Shiv (Siddharth Shukla) and Sanchi (Roop Durgapal) : Balika Vadhu

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Shiv- “Sanchi has been a pampered child and has always been loved by the family. I have always made my sister feel like a princess and fulfilled all her wishes. I also think Rakhi is just an excuse for me to express myself, hence this Raksha Bandhan I plan to surprise her by giving her a nice gift. Happy Raksha Bandhan to my sweet sister.”

Excited Sanchi says- “We might be poles apart from each other but we share an amazing bond and closeness. This Raksha Bandhan I plan to do something special like preparing a handmade Rakhi for Shiv..Also as this is Anandi’s first Rakhi, I will also tie a Rakhi named Lumba Rakhi to her and make it a special occasion for Shiv and Anandi. I look forward to spending time together on this day and we promise to be there for each other.”

Jai Kisan (Jay Soni) – Avani (Neha Saroopa): Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki

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Avani- “As my elder brother, Jai has always got me whatever I wanted. He makes sure that I get best of the things in life as I have sacrificed a lot for that”.

Jai- “I keep pulling Avani’s leg all the time but at the end of it she is an very affectionate sister who lends me support whenever required. She appreciates me for whatever I have done for our family and looks up to me. Making this Raksha Bandhan a special one, we will get together forgetting all the worries in life.”

Bani (Shefali Sharma)-Happy (Mehar Sharma): Bani.. Ishq Da Kalma

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Bani- “ Happy is my baby brother, I have always looked after him and kept him away from all the worries of life. Happy is one person in the house who makes sure that I am always smiling and cheerful. This Raksha Bandhan, I plan to cook something special for him and stuff him with lots of sweets.”

Happy- “Bani di loves me unconditionally and considers me to be the beautiful remembrance of her childhood that can never be lost. Though she is married I am sure that she will take some time out and celebrate Rakhi with me.”

Rajji (Neha Bagga)- Keerat (Rahul Hans): Bani.. Ishq Da Kalma

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Keerat- “Rajji has always been the carefree and the chirpy one in our family but she has never shrugged off responsibilities of being my elder sister. We fight, have arguments but at the end of it we forget everything and

make up. I promise to make this Raksha Bandhan a special one for her and buy her a special gift.”

Rajji – “I have always wished good for my brother and has always been his support. This Raksha Bandhan, we will celebrate the extraordinary feeling of togetherness and sibling love.”

Jagya (Shashank Vyas) and Sugana (Janvi Chheda): Balika Vadhu

Sugana- “Jagya and I share a great bond. Even though he is my younger brother, he has always been protective and has supported me in every possible way. On this Raksha Bandhan , we want to strengthen our bond, going back in time and remembering all the good times that we have spent together”.

Further to which Jagya added- “This Raksha Bandhan we will be surely be reliving old memories and we promise to be there for each other. We are looking forward to celebrating this Raksha Bandhan with zest. Also to add to the festivities, we have our newest family member, our new born baby sister who makes this Raksha Bandhan even more special.”

Aishwarya Nair


Like student like Teacher

Students of Bharat & Dorris Academy presented a one-of-a-kind fashion show showcasing different looks, the models clad in Designer Amy Billimoria’s outfits.

Bharat And Dorris academy unique hair and make up fashion event

Bollywood’s Make-up gurus & Hair stylists Bharat & Dorris Godambe who have been training students under the Bharat & Dorris Academy presented an excellence par initiative where the students got a chance to display their skills by showcasing their looks on the models clad in Amy Billimoria’s outfits.

The hair and make up was unique and different ,the novel projection received lot of appreciation ,form Kavita Verma,Mouni ganguly,Poonam jhawer, etc

In a buzzing evening at a mall in the suburbs, the students presented a fabulous show showcasing exuberant looks & fantastic make –up & hair styling complimenting the designs by Couturier Amy Billimoria.

To felicitate the students, present were Yuvika Chaudhary, Rohhit Verma, Mouli Ganguly, Tanya Mallik, Kavita Verma, Khalid Sayed, and Prashant Rai who presented certificates to the students for brilliance.

The proud teachers, why wouldn’t they be, Dorris looked stunning as ever, she exclaims, “I feel proud, it is a good feeling when your students live up to your expectations. Make-up is an art, a magical art which these students have fabulously presented. We want to conquer all milestones in the make-up & hair styling industry; we need to keep updating ourselves with the latest trends. We will come up with more looks & styles. My students are now ready.”

Stunning herself, Designer Amy Billimoria talks about her designs, “I have provided Drape Gowns, Ornate Bright colored lehengas with contemporary cholis and stunning off shoulder Lycra gowns embellished with gold tubes and sequins to compliment the hair & make-up look by Bharat & Dorris Academy Students. I must say, their work is pretty commendable. Good Show.”

With their invaluable years of experience and magical fingers they have been imparting their knowledge at their school for make-up with a large number of students learning the art of make-up. “An artistic background is not necessary but one must have an inborn desire for art and beauty”, says Bharat. Bharat & Dorris have become famous not only in India but also at a worldwide platform and hence they are starting an innovative format on a yearly basis to judge hairdressers, hair stylists and makeup artists and award them for their skill and talents. With this the industry will see healthy competition and also the members will get to work with greater names and also under our banner.

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A Debut Worthwhile! Hiroo Thadani’s “Keh do an tum ek baar”

Industrialist Hiroo Thadani makes a foray in the entertainment
Industry with his debut music album ‘Keh Do Na Tum Ek Baar’, O. P.
Nayyar’s granddaughter Niharica makes her debut in this album opposite

This romantic monsoon, Industrialist Hiroo Thadani; Managing Director
of ABC Chemicals brings an album ‘Keh Do Na Tum Ek Baar’, singing
romantic melodies, the music album starring O.P. Nayyar’s
granddaughter Niharica will be seen romancing the handsome face behind
many TV commercials Malkhan.

During a tete-a-tete with the debutant Niharica who looked
pretty-girl-next-door in a pair of comfortable Indian kurta, “I am a
cardiologist & I act as well because that’s my passion. Hiroo sir has
a similar story. He is already my hero for pursuing his passion for
singing at this stage of his life.”

Talking about the album, Niharica adds, “The song is simply amazing &
perfectly romantic this season. Shooting with Hiroo Sir & Malkhan in
Goa was a memorable experience. Everybody is going to love Hiroo sir’s
soulful voice.”

Blessed with rusty looks, Malkhan talking about Hiroo & the album,
“Hiroo Sir sets an example for all youngsters. He is a Rockstar, the
way he accomplished his dream of singing at this stage of his life. He
taught me that it is never too late. It is surprising to see somebody
so confident & full of life.”

Niharica & Malkhan will be seen in the music video ‘Har Ghadi Har
Pahar’, one of the six songs from the album ‘Keh Do Na Tum Ek Baar’
shot in the beautiful locations of Goa by the Director Sheetal
Paknikar under Seven Twenty Ten Productions.

The music album is released by Eros Music.
Video directed by sheetal


UK Media was raving about Veena Malik

Bollywood actress Veena Malik who is in London to be a part of art exhibition where She posed as a canvas for Finland-based artist Vesa Kivinen for some breathtaking body art. The artist explores artistic themes from the traditional as well as contemporary aesthetics. The artworks will be available for sale and and VESA Kivinen is also set to change the pricing strategies for art by doubling the price for each art work. 2 art works have already been sold in UK and Finland. Veena Malik who is never shy to bare is excited for the response from her fans “I hope my fans will appreciate the art and understand what Vesa’s vision was for this project”

Veena was seen raving by the English Media and was quizzed asking her how she felt being in London the city that never sleeps, She said, “I always like to be in the places like London, Dubai and Mumbai and not only that I am also is acting in my upcoming movie The City That Never Sleeps which is produced by satish reddy movie which is based on Glamour, Fashion and the Night Life of the Cities.”

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“I love Supermodels”, Says Nataliya Kozhenova

Supermodel tag is an achievement for every beauties but a very few model find it. Modelling is all about styles and fashion. Bollywood and Hollywood represents glamour and who can be a better choice than the beauties. The industry has witnessed many model and they paved their way in the competitive industry. The models have delivered great performances and proved it that talent rossed all margins. The Model who took place for themselves in hearts of many by entertaining through films like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Katrina Kaif, Sushmita Sen, Priyanka Chopra, Naomi Campbell, Janice Doreen Dickinson and Kristen Steward. Now when we are thing about supermodel the name will come first Italio-Ukrainian Model Nataliya Kozhenova who has changed the perception about modelling Industry. This supermodel turned actress has won the hearts of million across the world through her flawless body and acting skill. The actress will be seen flaunting her sexy supermodel body in her upcoming movie The City That Never Sleeps which is produced by Satish Reddy.

Nataliya Kozhenova said, “Supermodel role is like a superhero and I take myself too serious and I just go along with it. It’s great to be called self-proclaimed Supermodel and it’s good to be a part of the film Supermodel. I feel very lucky to grab an important role in the movie.”

Nataliya Kozhenova had played the controversial role in film Anjuna Beach now looking forward to become supermodel.

Media Contacts:
Scribes INC- The PR Company

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Jhalak contestants to dance to DJ Suketu’s tunes/

Party on my mind- KJO, MD and Remo

As they challenge the Jhalak contestants to dance on DJ Suketu’s Live music

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa is set for a grand party next week as it welcomes DJ Suketu to be a part of the next episode.Well this party week is not going to be an easy one for the contestants as they will be made to dance on Live music.

This season’s Jhalak Dikhla Jaa has constantly been springing surprises after surprises for its contestants with each passing week. Making sure they put their best foot forward, for the show is India’s number one dance reality show- Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa.Whether it’s making the contestants literally dance on wheels, or making them groove on complex international dance styles to Bollywood item songs, or even providing them with the most difficult props for their performances, Jhalak Dikhla Jaa has indeed raised the bar this time around.

And now, in the coming week the contestants will have to show their skills while dancing live to the music of the extremely popular DJ Suketu! The King of all DJs, Suketu has churned out some of the most successful and loved remixes of all times, and this time plans to make Jhalak’s contestants dance to his dynamic tunes!

Will the contestants be able to pull this challenge off as well? Stay tuned to Jhalak Dikhla Jaa every weekend at 9 pm only on COLORS to know!

Talking about being on Jhalak DJ Suketu said :

I have always worked with music directors and remixed songs from the point of view of someone singing but here the song selection is from a dancing standpoint. I have been closely watching the few past episodes of Jhalak to understand which remix style will suit the contestants. It is a really different experience working closely with the choreographers.

I am quite excited about this – remixing for live dancing. Dancing to live music is technically very difficult as the tempo is increased. All the songs have been paced up and it is going to be a challenge not just for the contestants and choreographers but for me too. Just how they can’t miss a step on any beat, I can’t miss any beat while remixing as it will spoil the whole act and there is no way we can stop in between and do a retake.

Though I have done shows with Shaan for instance, it’s very different to do an act with him where he will be dancing instead of singing.

My parents watch Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa regularly and are very excited about Jhalak approaching me.

The following contestants also spoke about the next week’s theme :

Shaan: I am a non-dancer and the thought of even participating in a dance show was very scary initially. Whatever I have achieved on the show over the past few weeks has been only because of Marisha’s belief in me and non-stop rehearsals. But now, dancing to live music is an altogether a different ball game. Dancing on the spot is going to be very tricky, but I have full faith in Marisha and I’m sure she’ll teach me how to pull this off as well with confidence, like she always has!

Lauren: Jhalak never fails to surprise me. Every week there is something new and challenging thrown at us. This week’s challenge is again unique. We will be dancing on the tunes of a DJ playing live music. We will have to adapt to the music he is playing and it will surely make for a power packed episode.
Usually we think of a concept and a dance form then look for songs that match. But this week is the other way around where the DJ will give us a song with his personal flavor and we will have to come up with the concept and dance style from there.

Sana Saeed: Every week we have something new in Jhalak as last time we had the dance marathon along with our own act and this time we have to dance on a live mix by DJ Suketu. I have been dancing on DJ Suketu’s remixes in my college days but this time when I will dance on his remix I will be judged on it.


Legendary South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes’ Birthday bash in Mumbai

The Consul General of South Africa Mr. Pule I Malefane and his wife Mrs Larato hosted a private birthday party for Legendry South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes at theri residence in Mumbai. Jonty was present with his dear friends from bollywood and entertainment world, his birthday party was celebrated by family and close friends with lots of pump and fun. Jonty cut two cakes one black and another white. He said, “This is the essence of south africa, a great and unique blend of Black and White Africans”.

Bollywood ace choreographer Sandip Soparrkar was one of the first few to arrive and was seen wishing Jonty. He said, “Birthday is the most special day in one’s life, and I wish you enjoy, it to the fullest. I hope today is the beginning of a great year for you.”

Singer and composer Lesli Lewis sang a special birthday song for Jonty in typical Bollywood style. Actress Suchitra Pillai, Film maker Suketu and singer Manasi Scott and few others were seen enjoying the party till the wee hours.

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Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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