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Mumbai Based designer Salima Lalani’s opens the Ramp For Champs by Smile Foundation.Her collection was inspired by Shadow Play – Understated and subdued Hues of GREY with colour blocking.

Salima believes that participating in this event is her little bit to contribute to the smiles for the underprivileged children.

The show stopper for the evening was Andy Kumar – who brought about the much needed freshness and perkiness among the kids and the audience.
Women of substance and action, the Ramp Dazzled as we watched the pretty ladies take over the stage.
Deepika Singh
Sophie Premji-
Sarita Mahadhavan
Shama Sikander
Vinisha Tulsiani
Dr Mughda Raut



Soni Razdan and Shaheen Bhatt walk for Salim Asgarally, Sush walks for Sonaakshi Raaj
In its endeavour to build bridges between creative communities and the priorities of our times, ACEE The Third Eye, presents noted fashion designerSalim Asgarally who will showcase his special creationarims for the benefit of some very special children, on Saturday, April 19th, 2014 at the ITC Grand Central, Rooftop, Parel.

In this unique event being organized by The Smile Foundation to raise funds for the education of a 1000 underprivileged children, haute couture will lend its elegant hand to the cause of children in need of health, education and social empowerment, marking a new beginning in the involvement of the creators of exquisite garments lending their support to the worthy cause of child rights. Titled RED, the line created by Salim Asgarally promises to speak volumes for those children that The Smile Foundation is holding the event for.

Soni Razdan Bhatt, Actor, Producer, Writer and Film Director; Shaheen Bhatt, Writer and Activist, better known for that which her father Mahesh Bhatt does quietly and is lesser known for – Shaheen agressively supports human rights causes along with him; Gajra Kottary, writer of Ballika Vaddhu, a socially powerful top rated series which has successfully completed more than a 1000 episodes; Veena Bakshi, Filmmaker of the award winning and critically aclaimed film Coffin Maker starring Naseeruddin Shah and Randeep Hooda and Producer and Director of over 200 adfilms and commercials; Shrishti Arya, Managing Director at Rose Movies and Producer of top rated shows like Kehtaa Hai Dil and Jee Le Zaraa; and Aroona Bhat, Producer of film Tamanchey and PR Consultant; are the Women of Substance, who having achieved success and fame in their work will now be walking the ramp in support of the cause of child rights, the fashion show organized by The Smile Foundation that aims to raise funds for the education of a 1000 underprivileged children.

“I believe if every business directed a small part of its profits towards positive social change and in uplifting the underprivileged in our society the world would be a happier and more equitable place to live in devoid of strife, stress and poverty,” said designer Asgarally when asked about what his thoughts were about his participation in the event. Adding further, Asgarally said, “ We atSalim Asgarally’s support the cause of the Smile Foundation to educate over a 1000 children in India through the Style for Smile Show. It fills me with great joy to realise that my talent and creativity can besides dressing women to look gorgeous, also bring light into the lives of children through education thereby laying the foundation of a better tomorrow for the whole world.The collection created especially for this show will be showcased by 6 very special “Women of Substance” who not only are achievers in their own spaces but are supporters of positive social change through their work in television and films. This collection is designed primarily in the colour RED which signifies love, compassion and a heart that bleeds for the needy to urge one and all to be sensitive to the plight of the children that need our help.”

Eloquent in their support of the cause, our WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE had the following to say.


Gajra Kottary – “Neither yours nor mine, all the world’s children are ours. Let us give every child what she deserves and help build her today and our tomorrow.”


Soni Razdan – “A country that cannot protect its children cannot call itself a society, let alone an evolved society. It’s shocking that fifty percent of Indian children do not go to school, and 95 of every thousand children do not see the age of five. Children in India really have it very tough. Those that have a childhood are either from affluent families or just plain lucky. As long as children suffer the way they do, any claims to us being a forward thinking, growth oriented nation are nothing but a hollow sham.”


Shrishti Arya – “It is heart breaking that today we need to draw attention to child rights. There is no one on this planet that has not been a child and no way for the continuance of society without the child. At yet we are here today, trying to make known, the importance of child rights. Is it any wonder then, the state of our nation and in fact the state of the world at large? Children are our roots and our wings. They form the inextricable link to our past and also embody the hopes of our future. And there is no future without the empowerment of the child. It’s quite simply survival for Civilisation 1.0 . Thank you Smile foundation for giving me the opportunity to do something to raise awareness for this most crucial issue and to Salim, who adds aesthetic to this endeavour to draw attention towards child rights.”


Veena Bakshi – “The saddest sight is that of a violated child. Children being easy targets are the first to suffer when it comes to the wrath of an adult primarily out of ego. Then it doesn’t matter if it is a war situation or a drought. Neglect is the next most heinous crime against children. The mute cry of a violated child is one of the saddest sounds on earth. We as responsible adults and filmmakers must work together to bring back the sounds of laughter to the lips of children. Let the kids be kids. There is nothing that lights up brighter than a child’s smile. Let us light up the world with more smiles.”


Salim Asgarally – Salim Asgarally who trained extensively at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and the University of California in Los Angeles, is one among India’s first formally trained fashion designers. His creations can be found on the racks of chic fashion houses like OGAAN Mumbai and New Delhi, ZOYA and FUEL in Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad, IRIS and SADE in Pune, FFOLIO Bangalore, and SAUCE Dubai, besides his own studio in Mumbai.


Tha Salim Asgarally label has three design ranges- Couture, Pret-a-Porter and Home Accessories.

Apart from his Annual Showing in Mumbai, Salim Asgarally has created special lines for fashion events by prestigious brands, dressed celebrities from the film and television world, created costumes for eminent filmmakers like Kalpana Lajmi and Pooja Bhatt, conducted lectures, workshops and seminars, judged high profile fashion events and mentored students of design.


Smile Foundation – Smile foundation is a national level development organization reaching out to more than 2,00,000 underprivileged children and youth directly. About 160 welfare projects are operational across 25 states of India, covering subjects like education, healthcare, livelihood, women empowerment and advocacy.


ACEE – The Third Eye – is empowering the creative leadership of the media and entertainment industries of India with accurate information on key health, legal, gender and social issues through expert advice, tracking change and measuring impact of content across all media platforms.



Internet queen Poonam Pandey takes on model Jen Selter

Internet Starlet Poonam Pandey has taken on international model and fitness freak Jen Selter big time. The actress openly challenged Selter who takes great pride in her booty. On a social networking site Poonam said, “You just don’t need the lower body in good shape, even the upper one counts,” and has a picture of Poonam showcasing her prime assets.
A source revealed, “Poonam has a huge fan following on social network. When she learnt of Jen Selter was doing something similar, posting pics of her booty, to up her fan following, Poonam challenged her to it with a Video she will be uploading soon.”


Lavasa, India’s planned hill city today announced the tie up with well known martial arts trainer, Chitah Yajnesh Shetty to launch ‘Chitah JKD Lavasa- Advance Module Academy’.

The Martial Arts Academy has been launched in keeping with its endeavor to promote Lavasa as destination for sports. Lavasa is already working with leading experts for academies catering to sports like hockey, tennis, rowing, golf and badminton.

Please find below and attached the press release and photographs along with caption for your reference.

Pic 1: Martial Arts Experts Samir Ali Khan from Afghanistan, Shimayun Ningshen from Burma, Cosmo Zimik from US, Chitah Warrior Chandresh Shetty and Saru Virji from Nepal at the Indian Martial Arts Fest (IMAF) at Lavasa.

Pic 2: Martial Arts Experts Shimayun Ningshen from Burma, Samir Ali Khan from Afghanistan, Cosmo Zimik from US, Chitah Warrior Chandresh Shetty and Saru Virji from Nepal at the Indian Martial Arts Fest (IMAF) at Lavasa.

Lavasa ties up with Martial Arts expert, Chitah Yajnesh Shetty for a Martial Arts Academy
Academy kick starts operations with 3 day Martial Arts Fest with international master trainers

Inline image 1

Lavasa, April 19, 2014: Lavasa, India’s planned hill city today announced the tie up with well known martial arts trainer, Chitah Yajnesh Shetty to launch ‘Chitah JKD Lavasa- Advance Module Academy’. The Martial Arts Academy has been launched in keeping with its endeavor to promote Lavasa as destination for sports. Lavasa is already working with leading experts for academies catering to sports like hockey, tennis, rowing, golf and badminton.
Commenting on the launch of the academy Nathan Andrews, President, Lavasa Corporation Limited said, ‘We are delighted to be associated with Chitah Yajnesh Shetty and to welcome the Chitah JKD Advance Module Academy to Lavasa. We believe that this will provide invaluable martial art training to many aspiring learners, while complementing the sport academies already under development within Lavasa, which today include the Sir Steve Redgrave Rowing Academy and a hockey academy with Hockey Australia.
To mark the start of the ‘Chitah JKD Lavasa- Advance Module Academy’, a 3 day India Martial Arts Fest was organized at Lavasa from 18th to 20th April 2014. Leading exponents of various martial arts forms belonging to 6 countries and 14 Indian states showcased their expertise and shared their skills with over 100 enthusiasts in the age group of 7 to 61 years.
The experts who trained students in various martial art forms including ancient art forms like WUSHU and SHAOLIN sessions were:

· Sifu Cosmo Zimik ((Director of Empty Hand Warrior – Juveniles Mentor Program, USA and Coach For Olympic Games, renowned trainer of Law Enforcement agencies, Military personnel etc)

· Daniel Chris Docto- Myua Thai specialist from Thailand

· Sameer Ali Khan- mixed martial art master from Afghanistan

· Saru Veerji- Shaolin Kung fu scholar from Nepal

To promote the sport among enthusiasts an exhibition of martial art forms and its rich history was organized in addition to the seminars and workshops by leading experts. The festival aptly offered a platform to Martial art practitioners for talent showcasing. The workshops and seminars held for the beginners and enthusiasts were engaging and action oriented. Participants were given certificates on successful completion of workshops and seminars.

About Lavasa

Lavasa is India’s first planned hill city where people can live, work, learn and play in harmony with nature. Lavasa, is an inclusive city being developed by Lavasa Corporation Limited. Spread over 10,000 hectares, is based on the principles of New Urbanism. It takes three hours from Mumbai and one hour from Pune to reach Lavasa by road. Lavasa will host a multitude of global leaders in hospitality, tourism, education, health care, business research and industry. The hill city provides a combination of contemporary and timeless architectural designs, with multiple options for housing including rental housing, apartments and villas. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and amenities, the city enables people to live life in full.


About Chitah Yajnesh Shetty


Chitah Yajnesh Shetty is the President of Chitah JKD Global Sports Federation & Empty Hand Combat India. and ambassador to South East Asia. Affiliated to ‘International Jeet Kune Do Federation’ and ‘International Martial Art & Boxing Academy Torrance, USA. He has trained more than 180 Indian film stars including Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Ajay Devgan, Farhan Akhtar, Priyanka Chopra and others. He worked with International stars like Ben Kingsley (Oscar awardee ‘Gandhi’), Roger Moore (Octopussy), Jacky Chan (The Myth), Suraj Sharma and Ayush Tondon (Oscar awardee ‘Life of Pie’) etc. He has been promoting Martial Art under his organization Chitah JKD Global Sports Federation ( and operational in 31 centers across 22 states in India.
Unplugged version of the romantic PURANI JEANS song, DIL AAJ KAL, revealed


Mumbai, 19th April 2014: An exclusive unplugged version of the romantic song from Purani Jeans, Dil Aaj Kal, was unveiled at an event today. Sung by and featuring Sona Mohapatra, the video of the song can be viewed at
Songstress Sona Mohapatra said, “I am in love with the Purani Jeans soundtrack which is an ode to the 90’s era of Desi pop-rock music. My version of ‘Dil Aaj Kal’ is especially close to my heart as it showcases my favourite flamenco guitar stylings & tells a story of Spring-Summer love with a dash of hormones!!”
The Black and White video showcases the talented Sona singing the song passionately. Her beautiful voice and mesmerizing eyes are sure to get the listener hooked on to it. The visuals also portray the sizzling onscreen chemistry shared by the lead characters against the breathtaking backdrop of nature. It shows young love, a phase that everyone is familiar with, and aims to take the viewer on a memorable journey.
The soulful track brings back the flavour of top hits like ‘Pehla Nasha’ from the 90s. Its beautiful unplugged version has been composed by Ram Sampath and lyrics penned by Prashant Ingole. The dynamic husband-wife duo of Ram Sampath and Sona Mohapatra have lent their magic to the track. Sona Mohapatra sang ‘Ambarsariya’ last year, among other songs, which went on to be a super hit.
Purani Jeans is produced by Eros International and NextGen Films, and is directed by Tanushri Chattrji Bassu. The movie stars Tanuj Virwani, Aditya Seal and Izabelle Leite. Purani Jeans revolves around the rekindling of old bonds between a young boy and his hometown folks.

It is slated to release on 2nd May 2014.


Asha Bhosle proves lucky for Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut had been appreciated for her role in ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai’, which had featured a remix of the hit song ‘Duniya mein logon ko’ by Asha Bhosle. In her last film Queen too, Kangana, who walked away with all accolades, was seen grooving to a remixed song ‘Maine hothon se lagayi toh’, which had been originally sung by Asha Bhosle.
Now, in Revolver Rani, the legendary singer will be lending her voice to a song named ‘Kaafi nahi chand’ and considering the fact that Kangana has always struck gold whenever her film featured a song by Asha Bhosle, the film team is confident that Revolver Rani will be a hit too.


Florida Travel Agent Akarsh Kolaprath Sues Bollywood’s IIFA/Wizcraft for $7+ Million in Damages


Travel professional Akarsh Kolaprath of 7M Tours has filed a lawsuit against Wizcraft International Entertainment, organizers of the 15th International Indian Film Awards (IIFA), for failing to pay more than $7 million in agreed-upon expenses and fees.


Plaintiff Kolaprath is represented by attorney Megha Bhouraskar of New York City, and the summons was filed before the state of New York’s Supreme Court Mar. 21, 2014.


The stress of dealing with the issue has taken its toll on Kolaparth’s family as well: his father-in-law recently suffered a cardiac arrest, and his wife, who works with Kolaparth on hotel reservations and was in the midst of intense negotiations over the cancellation fees, went into premature labor April 11 and suffered a miscarriage of the couple’s first child.
Kolaprath has devoted more than three years to consulting and making travel arrangements for the entertainment organization, and was promised an amount worth three percent of the anticipated $17.5 million in revenue that the organization expected to earn hosting the 15th IIFA Weekend, in addition to other revenues and expenses.


The IIFA Weekend is a Bollywood-themed series of events including the IIFA Awards, a live musical show with top Bollywood (Indian) movie stars; panel discussions on the Indian entertainment industry; and an acting master class with Hollywood star Kevin Spacey. This year’s IIFA Weekend is scheduled to be held April 24-27, 2014, in Tampa Bay, Florida.


A series of documents filed in New York Supreme Court Mar. 21, 2014, outlines Kolaparth’s grievances against IIFA and Wizcraft. Among the claims are:


Wizcraft/IIFA promised to pay him 3% of the anticipated $17.5 million in revenue that the organization expected to earn hosting the 15th IIFA Awards;
Wizcraft/IIFA further promised to pay Kolaprath all revenues earned in excess of $17.5 million;
Kolaprath and 7M Tours are facing more than $400,000 in hotel cancellation fees after bookings were not fulfilled due to a change of date;
Kolaprath is seeking reimbursement of his own travel expenses at $265,000, incurred over the past three years while helping Wizcraft/IIFA scout international locations for the IIFA Awards.


To view the summons in PDF format, visit

Under “Quick Links,” click on “Case Information (SCROLL)” and on the following page, click on “Supreme Court Records Online Library.” The index number is 650931-2014.
Yeh hai Bakrapur’ songs now available for FREE DOWNLOAD

Agnee, the music producers and composers for ‘Yeh Hai Bakrapur’, have made the music of the film available for free. The first song, ‘Pair Anaadi’ can be downloaded at Agnee has composed and recorded two more songs for the film, both of which shall also be available for free download on the day of their release.

Speaking about this initiative, Mohan and Koco from Agnee said, “All the songs on the album have been super fun to record, and the collaborations we’ve had on the album have been phenomenal. We’re super excited about the way they’ve turned out. We’ve decided to release the songs for free and try and get the listeners to act on a message we want to give out, and we’re hoping they’ll follow through.”

Each of the three songs from the album will have a message associated with it, something unprecedented for any film music release in India. A highlight of the album, ‘Pair Anaadi’ inspires the listener to go out and vote this election season, doing his bit towards making a difference. If listeners like the second song which is yet to be released, they can contribute to ‘Dharavi Rocks’, which is an educational music and dance project initiated by the Acorn Foundation, an NGO working with slum kids and rag pickers. Agnee has been associated with the project since its inception.

Director Janaki Vishwanathan commented, “We are ecstatic with the positive response being received for the trailer and first song of ‘Yeh Hai Bakrapur’. The anticipation for the film’s release is heartening and we want all music lovers to be able to enjoy the songs from the film.”

‘Yeh Hai Bakrapur’ is the story of the Qureshi family and their pet goat Shahrukh, who acquires rock star status in his village and beyond. Written and directed by Janaki Vishwanathan, known for her National Award winning film ‘Kutty’, in Tamil, and produced by Ramesh Sriivatsava Aruunachalam, ‘Yeh hai Bakrapur’ is slated to release on 9th May, 2014.


On April 11, director Mohit Suri was in for a pleasant surprise.


The unit of ‘Ek Villain’ chipped in and gifted him a fancy bicycle as his birthday gift.


First, Balaji sent him a giant bouquet, champagne and a V-shaped cake (to stand for ‘Villain’). Shortly after the cake was cut and when Mohit thought that celebrations had ended, he was in for a big smile, when he saw a fancy bicycle being gifted to him by his team.


Due to his round-the-clock shooting schedule, Mohit has had no time for a workout, which is why his team decided to get him a bicycle, which he even rode on the sets.



Heropanti’s upbeat number ‘Aa Raat Bhar’ released

Mumbai, 18th April, 2014: Following the tremendous success of their first song ‘Whistle Baja’, the makers of the upcoming movie ‘Heropanti’ have released the second song for their fans. The lively, peppy track, titled ‘Aa Raat Bhar’, features Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon in the video. It can be viewed at

Director Sabbir Khan said, “This song has been shot candidly like a scene and had no specific choreography. It has more to do with the characters of Babloo and Dimpy and the chemistry they share. It is all impromptu.”

Set at a party in Delhi, the video beautifully captures the sizzling chemistry between Bablu, played by Tiger Shroff, and Dimpy, by Kriti Sanon, as they match steps to the peppy number. The track with its foot tapping music is sure to have the listeners hooked.

The upbeat song has been sung by brilliant singers Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal and composed by the immensely talented musical duo Sajid Wajid. The lyrics have been penned by well known lyricist Kausar Munir.

‘Heropanti’ is a coming of age love story of two young conflicting protagonists and their battles with society. Presented by UTV Motion Pictures & Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment, produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and directed by Sabbir Khan, the movie is slated to release on 23rd May, 2014



Mumbai’s Al. Barkat Malik M. I. English School in Semi-final even after losing the last match


Mumbai 18 April 2014: Man of the match winner, Joy Kenny’s brilliant knock of 92 runs in 80 balls with 13 boundaries helped his team Don Bosco M Higher Secondary School, Tamil Nadu to defeat Al. Barkat Malik M. I. English School, Mumbai by 8 wickets at the Boys u-16 Coca-Cola Cricket Cup, Inter State Challenge, played at the Karnataka Ground, Mumbai on Friday.


Winning the toss, Mumbai Champion Al. Barkat Malik M. I. English School elected to bat first. But Al. Barkat Malik M. I. English School’s batting line up was all out in 41.5 overs, managing to get 162 runs on board. Shoaib Khan was the highest scorer with 39 runs in 70 balls with hardly any support from the other team members. Karthik Shanmugan and Rahul Misra from Don Bosco M Higher Secondary School, Tamil Nadu took 3 wickets for 29 runs and 2 wickets for 30 runs.


While chasing, Don Bosco M Higher Secondary School, Tamil Nadu scored 165 runs with the loss of 2 wickets in just 26 overs. Joy Kenny was the highest scorer with 92 runs in 80 balls and was well supported by his team mate Taryn Ferrario who scored 48 Runs in 48 Balls and helped the team win the match comfortably. Al. Barkat Malik M. I. English School’s Arsalan Khan, Shoaib Khan and Jahangir Ansari took one wicket each.


Though Al. Barkat Malik M.I. English School (Mumbai) lost this match but its three consecutive wins have made them book their place in the Semi-finals of the tournament. Al. Barkat Malik M.. I. English School to play against Kiddys Corner Higher Sec. School, Gwalior, MP in Semi-Final at Air India Ground (Kalina), Mumbai.


In another match, St. Jones Jr. College, Hyderabad won the match by just 7 runs against Shreyas Samarpan Vidyalay, Baroda.. While, Kiddys Corner Higher Sec. School, Gwalior, MP won the match by 88 runs against Debinagar K.C.R. Vidyapith, Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal.


In the final match of the day, DAV Sr.Secondary School, Punjab defeated AVR E-Techno School, Vijayawada by 39 runs in the Coca-Cola Cricket Cup, Inter State leg..
Brief Score :
Al. Barkat Malik M.I. English School (Mumbai): 162 All Out in 41.5 overs (Mohd. Monis 40 Runs in 38 Balls 4X4, Shoaib Khan 39 Runs in 70 Balls 4X4; Karthik 3 for 29 in 8.5 overs, Rahul Misra 2 for 30 runs in 8 overs. Lost to Don Bosco M Higher Secondary School (Tamil Nadu): 165 for 2 in 26 overs (Joy Kenny 92 Runs in 80 Balls 13X4, Taryn Ferrario 48 Runs in 48 Balls 7X4, Jhangir Ansari 1 for 39 in 6 overs, Arsalan Khan 1 for 31 runs in 4 overs .

St. Jones Jr. College – Hyderabad: 177 for 7 in 45 Over’s (Mikhil Jaiswal 36 Runs (37b, 3X4), Girish Gour 47 runs (70b, 3X4), Sireesh Gour 43 Runs (40b, 1X6, 5X4); Hemant Punde 2 for 26 in 9 Over’s, Vijay Chauhan 2 for 31 in 7 Over’s beat Shreyas Samarpan Vidyalay- Baroda: 170 All Out in 41.3 Over’s,Abhimanyu Singh Rajput 80runs (101b, 12X4), Karan Pawar 24 Runs (47b, 4X4); Abhishek Singh 2 for 19 in 4 Over’s, Raj Mani 2 for 32 in 5.3 Over’s

Kiddys Corner Higher Sec. School, Gwalior, MP: 200 All out in 44.2 overs (Sanket Shrivastva 62 runs (65b, 3X6,7X4), Nikhil Shikarwar 27runs (42b, 4 X 4), Abhishiek Varma 26runs (43b, 2X4), Neerak Gour 26 runs (51b, 1X4); Tanmay Aditya 4 for 39 runs in 9 overs, Nobin Dey 2 for 33 in 9 overs, Narayan Rana 1 for 45 beat Debinagar K.C.R. Vidyapith, Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal : 112 All out in 41.3 overs (Rahul Saha 22runs (50b, 3X4), Arindam Podar – 21runs (53b, 2 X 4), Bishal Das- 15runs (25b, 2X4); Prankesh Rai 2 for 8 in 9 overs, Atul kushwaha 2 for 1 in 1.3 overs, Himachal Mishra 1 for 13.

DAV Sr. Secondary School, Chandigarh: 253 for 8 in 45 overs (Shivam Sharma 104 runs (96b 11X4), Amrit Luhana 53 runs (49b 4X4 1X6); S.Noor.Basha 4 for 45 in 9 overs, M.Rafi 2 for 32 in 5 overs) beat AVR E-Techno School, Vijayawada: 214 for 8 in 45 overs (U.M.S.Girinath 53 runs (81b 3X4), M.Rafi 50 runs (49b 5X4); Amrit Lubana 3 for 39 in 9 overs, Vikas 2 for 41 in 9 overs)
For Today’s Sports:
Semi-Final Schedule 19 April 2014 from 9.00am onwards, Coca-Cola Cricket Cup

Match No.1: Al. Barkat Malik M.I. English School, Mumbai VS Kiddys Corner Higher Sec. School, Gwalior, MP at Air India Ground, Kalina (Mumbai)
Match No.2: Sports Campus College, Lucknow (UP) VS Salwan Boys Senior Sec. School, Delhi at HPCL Ground, Chembur (Mumbai)


MIGHTY RAJU RIO CALLING trailer released
Mumbai, 18th April 2014: Green Gold Pictures has released the trailer for the upcoming animation film Mighty Raju Rio Calling. The trailer showcases the challenges faced by the fearless Mighty Raju as he travels through Brazil. It can be viewed at
In the video, Raju narrates details of his adventurous vacation to the viewers, giving us a glimpse of him playing a power packed game of football, dancing with Brazilian girls, fighting off crooks and getting chased by the bad guys on the streets of Rio De Janeiro.
Mighty Raju is an Indian animated series of films aimed at young children, focusing on the adventures of Raju, a 4 year old boy in the city of Aryanagar. The film comes from the makers of Chhota Bheem, Green Gold Pictures.
Green Gold Pictures is well known for their original Indian Animated Content and it is also the only Indian company to diversify itself into L&M, Digital Media, Theatrical movie production, Branded stores and so on. It has been a pioneer in creating wholesome entertainment for kids of all ages and is known for its hugely popular & path breaking original content.



~Strategic alliance to maximize Sony Music’s digital market share~

~ Sony Music doubles its Bollywood releases for 2014-15~

Global music giant, Sony Music Entertainment India and Zee Music Company today announced a strategic world-wide digital deal where in Sony Music will manage all digital assets for Zee Music’s upcoming Bollywood releases. The tie up further extends to exploring Publishing for Zee Music’s assets for the rest of the world through Sony/ATV. Apart from the Zee Music releases, Sony Music will also be working on also other tent pole films with leading production houses including Vishesh Films, Dharma Production and Fox Star Studios. This deal will cumulatively grow Sony Music’s digital market share by 15%.

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited had recently announced its foray into the music label space with its venture, ‘Zee Music Company’ and acquired the music rights of over 20 major motion pictures. With this announcement Sony Music will have access to all of Zee Music’s releases including Holiday, Bang Bang, Bombay Velvet, Humshakal, Hawa Hawaii to name few.

Commenting on the same, Sanujeet Bhujabal, Marketing Director Sony Music India said, “In the past we have worked with leading content creators like YRF and Disney. This strategic association will provide a global foot print to all the prestigious releases. This is a huge opportunity and together we believe we will be able to provide the best of music entertainment to fans.”

Further adding on Anurag Bedi , Head Zee Music Company said, “We’ve had a great relationship with Sony Music in the past, and are excited to have them as the digital partner for some of our forthcoming films. Partnering with Sony Music will be mutually beneficial as we have a robust slate for this year which includes about 20-25 films, all of which are produced by leading production houses.”
The soundtrack of Holiday featuring Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha will see Pritam collaborate for the first time with A. R. Murugadoss ad the songs are already creating ripples! Humshakals with Saif Ali Khan, Ram Kapoor and Riteish Deshmukh who will be seen in a triple role Sajid Khan promises to be a laugh riot with some crazy music by the effervescent Himesh Reshammiya. While Bang Bang the action thriller film directed by Siddharth Raj Anand and featuring nations heartthrob Hritik Roshan and Katrina Kaif will have music by the magical duo Vishal –Shekhar. The much talked about Bombay Velvet feature Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma in lead roles while Karan Johar plays the primary antagonist features Music director Amit Trivedi who began working on the soundtrack after the release of Dev D and adds that the music of the film reflects the age of 1960s Jazz era of Bollywood. The lyrics are being written by Amitabh Bhattacharya.

“Desh hoga tab Mahan…Naari ka hoga jab Samman” says Rakhi Sawant, announced the ideal manifesto of her Rashtriya Aam Party and launched her logo



Manifesto talks about -Education,health,save the girl child ,SRA Project ,legal cell,employement ,Drug rehabiltaion,old aged homes and specially abled,road transport ,police and traffic ,public toilets ,farmers ,army men,local stations et also displayed green chillies with Rashtriya Aam aadmi party logo in black chilly and eggs embossed with logo of the party as samples to gone to 2.5 household to convey the message of the party


Rakhi Sawant who has created quite a stir after officially announcing her candidature contesting the Lok Sabha elections battling for the position through Rashtriya Aam Party unveiled the symbol of her party also revealing the party symbol ‘Green Chilli’


Much hype around the public figure Rakhi Sawant on joining politics saw the straight forward & blunt Rakhi officially announcing her political party ‘Rashtriya Aam Party’ being the Vice President at a press conference recently & today unveiled her party symbol as ‘Green Chilli’ also discussing the party manifesto.


The Bollywood actor & philanthropist Rakhi Sawant will be contesting the Lok Sabha election battling for the position through Rashtriya Aam Party from the Mumbai North-West constituency on the plank of restoring women’s safety in the metropolis.


The Rashtriya Aam Party with candidates like Krishnalal Hans (President), Rakhi Sawant (Vice President, Lok Sabha Nominee), Sunil Gupta (General Secretary), Rishi Raj (Spokesperson), Rajesh Seth (Treasurer) discussed their manifesto pertaining to topics like Education, Health, Save the Girl Child, Legal Sale, Rehabilitation Centers, Handicapped & Underprivileged, Development of Roads, Public Lavatories, Cancer Patients, Farmers & other issues of concern.

“I don’t know how to play politics. I am here to solve the problems of common man. My aim is to do good work for the society. I am not striving to become a politician. People want me to fight the election and hence I am here,” expressed Rakhi Sawant who has had the problems of a common man that she courageously faced & reached where she is today which is no secret from the world

“I have been doing a lot of social work for the last seven years. My aim is to bring back women’s safety. I don’t want Mumbai to become like Delhi. I want to arrange self-defense and karate classes for women so that they can protect themselves,” she said.




Rajendra Ganotra is the Editor of Spicy Stars Mumbai

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